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  1. Wasnt the Earth open world realeased at Thuesday? So they worked heavly on Friday for fixes etc?
  2. For EU Correct but they published their Updates at their Timezone so :x
  3. They barely/never done it, It can happen that is going next week becouse of an issue etc
  4. Hah Mask missing for the mission to start :D?
  5. Its already there REdtext done it. Well was a nice thread to read doe. Have a nice day everyone and good Hunting =D
  6. Saw a few vids from Steve damn that looks awesome..
  7. Damn those peps crying about an update. Sure its shaty if its delay`d but just keep in mind, at least they say if its not coming. Do something else while they do their work! =D Is not that hard isnt it?
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