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  1. And that still doesn't change it. There's a bug with it. Right, circumstances might be different, but again, that doesn't change it. I certainly know I've had it with sentinels.
  2. Yet that still doesn't change the original point.
  3. Can't believe this bug still exists, after all this time and the times you've kept repeating your post. Wake up DE.
  4. Just wish we could get some of the graphic options for Captura as default options too. It'd change the shabby colour correction and the visuals of WF so much.
  5. The second I read this sentence I knew the rest of the arguments were going to be exceptionally off. As people have said, this was one of the main complaints, minus the initial issues with being stuck in a rift as a non-Limbo player. Could you please add the following option to the poll, 'The OP does not know what he is talking about'?
  6. Well considering it was initially said we couldn't have Prime parts on TG skins and no toggle whereby it was either one or the other, I would say anything is possible. Just a matter of when.
  7. Good thing then that Power Rangers came long, long before Waframe then, huh?
  8. Then this is yet another informative topic we now have in GD.
  9. Fairly sure people could think of how those categories actually fall under mass effect too... Know I could.
  10. Sounds like a kind of 'its not my problem or an issue until it affects me' thing for you. As in, you not really caring until it starts affecting your gameplay. Fortunately De saw sense because the count of threads requesting balance clearly outweighed those coming up with nonsense reasons not to.
  11. Know what? I don't really care if it's delayed or not. Can't say I'm hyped for the update either. Thankfully there are now other games present to fill time and distract. Stopped doing sorties for a bit now too. Actually feels refreshing. Most interesting thing the next update could bring me would be melee rivens. Need mah Skana riven.
  12. Can't really see deathsnacks atm or access a Pc but what is actually new? Don't think I bought anything on his last two visits as nothing actually seemed worth the ducats.
  13. Ehh dunno, not a fan of Limbo anyways but I wouldn't have said your skin is drastically different (in terms of TG level) to vanilla Limbo, minus the star patterns. Think it needs something more here I'm afraid, but that's just me.