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  1. One of the reasons I keep and will continue to keep them enabled. Definitely makes me laugh. Especially when they say something and have a completely random facial animation which really doesn't match. Spices up the sometimes tedious and silent gameplay.
  2. Off topic but your glyph. I wants it lol. Guess it's a YouTubers? If so, which one? On topic. Scaling abilities certainly sounds like a buff to me. This rework might just encourage me to use him again. Loved him when he was released but I wasn't a big fan of the whole 'jack of all trades' thing that became apparent and, like most frames, was put on the backburner due to my one love, Frost.
  3. Something tells me if it was discounted there would be a few hate posts or threads in disgust anyways. Apart from that the bundle is reasonably decent anyways due to the frame itself and the syandana.
  4. Funnily enough it would, simply due to the point(s) you yourself have raised. Irrespective of what his description is or what part of his role is as a Paladin. There's clearly still ties to Earth and nature, as such, again it would make some sense opposed to 'little'. Edit: However, on the flipside as a matter of balance, they could just add the Hallowed Ground as a feature when using the Feyarch deluxe instead. I just think that ever since someone has mentioned the visuals with HG it's reminded me of how I've always felt that the visuals for that ability and Smite were sort of lacking. I'd certainly never seen the HG effect as flames at all. It also looks slightly dated/opaque. So maybe it just needs to be improved upon. I'd also say the same for Ember/fire effects too, some appear rather pixelated and/or poor in quality now.
  5. Yet that still doesn't mean it can't be flowers either or something to that degree. Purifying flames or something as nightmare said? Maybe, but I agree that vegetation would be a nice addition and show off some of the work from the new remaster.
  6. Soooo? Besides that, he isn't just a simple and straight forward paladin with his design either. Reasonable druid theme going on too, I might add.
  7. Op has said he needed a minimum of 10 entries otherwise the gifting won't happen.
  8. Screw it. Don't have many fancy kubrows. Game seems to like giving brown and greens. Plus it adds to the post count requirement. Long live pupper.
  9. Someone on the forums suggested Hallowed Ground sprouting earth's new flowers and vegetation etc. for its graphics effect. Much like Nidus. Sounds really neat and would show off one of the nice aspects of the earth rework. Is that something that could potentially be added?
  10. Still wish zephyr looked more like the original design. Much prefered that. And while the deluxe is gonna offer an alternative, unfortunately it's still not the original.
  11. Most likely supra but I'd love a glaxion Vandal or opticor I guess, so I could finally catalyst and Forma it.
  12. Uh huh but as I said, they seem to be mainly focused on weapons.
  13. They seem to be focused on weapons with Pbr updates, and i believe there aren't many of those left to be pbr'd. Due to that i've been hoping they'll now be moving onto normal warframes as the primes are also done (minus ash and trinity to an extent). Some, or all actually, are horrid shine fests. I'd say Hydroid might be the worst offender due to how lacking his textures are and his design. He's like a big glossy jelly fish.