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  1. Yeah it's not really that friendly.
  2. Latching onto this... Single swords and pistols when?
  3. My concern. I don't care about plat sales, minus when I've bought them, but I do care about this potential imbalance. Especially when weapons aren't used that often or won't be used often, like properly used opposed to the usual new prime access spike we see which tends to affect Riven deposition reviews, get hit a bit harder.
  4. Reminds me of two occasions and it was down to not the game but me. Firstly, command and conquer on ps1. I had played the game so much and it was that scratched when I played it one time the sprites started changing into weird shapes. I was that young I thought I had found a secret. Second time was on my pc. Eventually blue lines would appear on my game following sprites/units as they went around. Again it was command and conquer but firestorm 🤣 on JKA/JKO stuff would start to turn blue with glue lines and eventually it would cover the whole screen. On both games I could refresh the blue lines by looking or going elsewhere but eventually they'd stay everywhere. Changed the gfx card and issue went away. Was fun times where I'd just play anyways because I liked the games that much... I don't appreciate how fortunate I am now. Either way in agreement with others. Likely your gfx card or something opposed to the game itself.
  5. I'll start off by saying I have yet to properly play her to even cast a substantial opinion so don't feel as if I'm trying to be coy or something offensive as this is a genuine question. If you've played her in a different way to others and made it work, surely if most are saying she's got a buff you can adapt and make it work for you and maybe even better/take advantage of the benefits the rework have brought?
  6. Yeah definitely. I've got a range Riven myself as well so I've been a bit concerned too. I don't use this weapon all the time but I do take it out for certain objectives sometimes.
  7. @MonsieuRoberts never realised how poor the base range was without mods. Ouch.
  8. Mag's quite awesome once you get going with her so not sure about that, apart from just more buffs for the fun of it. Unfortunately, I'd say Nyx needs some addressing. Her chaos is nice but everything else is a bit lacking.
  9. What are you doing with accessory channeling energy effects? Are they going to be tied to rage? 😕
  10. I remember doing e gate for the rare core hoarding with a mag/banshee etc set up, I think. Unless I'm thinking of another node. Might've been a resource benefit too. Good times though.
  11. Ehhh not quite in my opinion. Depends on how hard the deposition has been hit and variants stat boosts, sometimes I think the benefits of the original riven may have been better overall than on the improved variant. Of course you can still use the riven, just crap it can be affected by a temporary rise in popularity.
  12. That's good and well, until a new variant comes along and usually ends up destroying the nice benefits you enjoyed when having a riven as there's a sudden rise in popularity, which is only tempory. I accepted this long ago but doesn't mean I have to be a fan. Lato Vandal and Tiberon Prime are examples of where Rivens have taken a hit. I had Rivens for these before they suddenly got popular due to variants 😶
  13. I am kinda tired of interesting stuff generally being saved for tennocon and that mostly being it for the big updates of the year. That and DE are going to run out of 'amazing' reveals rather soon... I've always been in favour of fixing past content and qol changes for the time being, provided there's actually significant progress in this area. Doesn't seem like there has been. Melee and scaling and all this stuff seems like it's just been dragged around for far too long.
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