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  1. Does the companion mod Shelter (Kavat and Kubrow) stack with their shield like Sanctuary does for Sentinels? Will the Corpus, with the upcoming rework of the design, get some cool spy mission target rooms? The grineer already have cool different rooms for different tilesets but the corpus are a little dull. Can we get more poop hunting? Will there be more animal life on the PoE? We can see different animals in the casual earth missions but PoE still has only little Bunny-Things(Can't remember a name \o/) and Condrocs. We want more living things to ki- love! Will there be Dancebattles? What do you think about Kavat/Kubrow trading? I've seen some ridiculous prices. Do you take Player made Warframe ideas? Give us a rough approximation of how much there is already planned for upcoming operator stuff. Will there be a rework on the Mutagene/Fieldron/Detonite Injectors? As for right now, noone uses the BPs for those. We all wait for the next Invasion like starving wardogs. I wouldn't mind paying more resources for them if they would be brought to us in packages like the ciphers. Or at least take less time to craft. 12 hours for a component I get 3 times as many for just approximately 15 minutes of playing just sounds useless to me. Will you ever bring back raids? I loved them back in my time. But most importantly: Is Soylent Grineer made of people? And what the Heck is melted B**bie Butter? Nearly every vendor in Cetus sells that stuff....
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