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  1. 14 hours ago, taiiat said:

    Lv200? any random Weapon can perform up to that Level now since Enemies have 5-7x less Health.
    congrats, all of the Enemies have massively reduced Health and make you feel like you're doing better than you actually are.

    if you relied on either of the two for Damage, you'd struggle a bit in Damage - only a bit though since Enemies were nerfed so much that most of the time it doesn't matter what Damage Types you use.
    except in the case of Eximus, which both Gas and Electricity used as a primary source of Damage would be horridly ineffective.

    You keep assuming and embarassing yourself, I been around since BETA (on and off), I've seen it all.

    When you have the time to live and survive over 200 minutes in survive alone, you may join my ranks.

  2. On 2020-03-29 at 12:26 AM, taiiat said:

    i'll use Electric vs Gas when fighting Infested all day, every day.
    it's more effective.

    don't make me laugh and say "but, the lowest EHP Enemies in the Faction are weak to Gas!" - nobody cares what Chargers and Runners are weak to, we care about the Damage and/or CC we deal to the Heavies.

    (also necro much)

    Goodluck using electric against infested, I sure wouldn't want you in my party.

    Doubt you would last past level 200, you would be doing 0 damage way before that for sure.

    On 2020-03-29 at 4:06 AM, DatDarkOne said:

    I just tested all of this today.  I was being told the same thing about Electric having the same AoE area.  So I decided to test exactly that.  The proc area of Electric is practically 0.  Meaning no AoE.  I do know that it didn't use to be like this before the change/rework.  

    These are subject to change, but this is how both electric and Gas are behaving as of today. 

    So far these are the Gas advantages:  

    • Seems to be the only element to have AoE now
    • Cloud doesn't alert enemies on contact.  Because of this it's proc also inherits Stealth bonuses
    • the cloud also seems to linger in the AoE space effecting enemies that move into it.  This one I'm not exactly sure of as I only saw it happen once. 

    I also did notice the stealth bonuses while using Gas.

  3. On 2020-03-07 at 7:06 AM, VhwatGoes said:

    Everything you say is true. However, all DoTs scale and always have scaled with all damage bonuses: +Damage, +Multishot, +Critical, Headshot, +Faction. The weakness of Gas as it is now (U 27.2.2) is that it no longer scales with elemental bonuses. The first tick of gas procs previously were also true gas, instead of toxin and had a different calculation.

    Gas as it currently stands is directly inferior to Electric:

    • More neutral damage type
    • Same proc area
    • Same base damage per tick
    • Same duration
    • Actually scales damage with modded electric bonus
    • Also stuns enemies
    • Less mod slots to make element.

    Are you going to use electric damage against Infected? Ridiculous.

  4. Way to make an event, restrict it to end game players that have all the planets.


    Warframe is going downhill the more time it passes.


    Also the focus changes are ridiculous, and go against everything the players asked, is it that hard to make Warframe work and be fun? Instead DE keeps making Warframe a frustrating and boring experience.

  5. So Phobos Excavation enemies are still the wrong kind and still dealing way more damage than other missions on Phobos.


    It's not just in Phobos but around a level range, and only affects Grineer, https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/573151-grineer-excavation-missions-lv-2030-damage-values/


    Anyone who tried to get Limbo recently can confirm.


    And yes you're right, they haven't fixed a thing.

  6. 101 successful runs and not a single rare mod from Stalker's fan club.  lol, I think I'm done with this nonsense.


    Again, DE, stop relying on your twisted RNG system for limited time events.  Only sadists approve of it...


    I agree, I got over 20 common mods from each Acolyte, and not a single 1 rare.


    This is not rewarding at all, as always, Warframe is a frustrating mess when it comes to rewarding players.

  7. as far as on DE's end yes it was fixed, so try resetting your router etc. you could also open a support ticket they are quite good at troubleshooting with you to try and solve the problem though there maybe be a wait as i would imagine their staff is reduced for the holidays 


    It wasn't fixed, this isn't a connection problem happens on both single-player and multiplayer.


    I used to play the game at maxed settings and get stable 60FPS, since U17~18 no matter the settings I get drops to as low as 30 and my CPU (25%) and GPU (40%) usage are extremely low.

  8. Ok. I did some testing and found out that STRONGEST stuttering I get in T3 Sabotage. (didn't happened before u18) In void map it's 60 fps but when you go through the portal you get 15-30 FPS and horrible stuttering. I presume it might have to do with something that second map is not loading properly or something. Because textures look like ps1 graphics for few seconds and then become normal. I hope this will help a little


    Doesn't happen here though.

  9. Ping =/= FPS ?


    Although the one may affect the other, ping is technically completely seperate from fps ... 


    dont want to bore with deatils, and doesn't belong here so wont go into it. 


    I also don't want to go offtopic and bore you with the details behind the symbol =/=


    Ping doesn't affect FPS whatsoever.

  10. More importantly, and this is something I have been trying to get through to people,, it's not a FPS problem, its a lag problem. 

    Your lag is near to 100ms, THIS is bringing the fps down.


    On that note, what ever was changed, fixed my problems. 

    The "workaround" with turning the voice chat off worked, and this morning, I turned it back on and everything is fine for me now.


    If there is more stuttering and lagging, no idea where its coming from and wish DE the best of luck finding it ... top guys !!



    Ping =/= FPS

  11. After lowering the GPU/CPU usage by disabling some demanding effects on third party apps, I managed to get 60FPS back, Auto V-Sync could probably not be working right.


    I expected auto v-sync, to disable v-sync when it detects FPS below the refresh rate, instead it lock my FPS to 30, like normal V-Sync does.

  12. Hi everyone,


    Can you make sure that you have no background applications running the next time you play Warframe? This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Netflix, iTunes, Skype, Fraps, or anything else that you may normally run while playing games. This is by no means a permanent solution, we are just trying to rule out the possibility of this issue being caused by other software.


    Also, check to make sure that you are running the latest versions of Nvidia or AMD GPU drivers. This is crucial as there have been quite a few driver updates recently and we would like to rule those out as well.


    And finally, can you please let us know if you are running in Fullscreen, Windowed, or Borderless Fullscreen mode? Has changing display modes had any impact on your performance?


    Thanks a lot.


    I play at fullscreen only, as for the rest above, doesn't apply to me (besides the steam overlay).

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