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  1. 14 hours ago, taiiat said:

    Lv200? any random Weapon can perform up to that Level now since Enemies have 5-7x less Health.
    congrats, all of the Enemies have massively reduced Health and make you feel like you're doing better than you actually are.

    if you relied on either of the two for Damage, you'd struggle a bit in Damage - only a bit though since Enemies were nerfed so much that most of the time it doesn't matter what Damage Types you use.
    except in the case of Eximus, which both Gas and Electricity used as a primary source of Damage would be horridly ineffective.

    You keep assuming and embarassing yourself, I been around since BETA (on and off), I've seen it all.

    When you have the time to live and survive over 200 minutes in survive alone, you may join my ranks.

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  2. On 2020-03-29 at 12:26 AM, taiiat said:

    i'll use Electric vs Gas when fighting Infested all day, every day.
    it's more effective.

    don't make me laugh and say "but, the lowest EHP Enemies in the Faction are weak to Gas!" - nobody cares what Chargers and Runners are weak to, we care about the Damage and/or CC we deal to the Heavies.

    (also necro much)

    Goodluck using electric against infested, I sure wouldn't want you in my party.

    Doubt you would last past level 200, you would be doing 0 damage way before that for sure.

    On 2020-03-29 at 4:06 AM, DatDarkOne said:

    I just tested all of this today.  I was being told the same thing about Electric having the same AoE area.  So I decided to test exactly that.  The proc area of Electric is practically 0.  Meaning no AoE.  I do know that it didn't use to be like this before the change/rework.  

    These are subject to change, but this is how both electric and Gas are behaving as of today. 

    So far these are the Gas advantages:  

    • Seems to be the only element to have AoE now
    • Cloud doesn't alert enemies on contact.  Because of this it's proc also inherits Stealth bonuses
    • the cloud also seems to linger in the AoE space effecting enemies that move into it.  This one I'm not exactly sure of as I only saw it happen once. 

    I also did notice the stealth bonuses while using Gas.

  3. On 2020-03-07 at 7:06 AM, VhwatGoes said:

    Everything you say is true. However, all DoTs scale and always have scaled with all damage bonuses: +Damage, +Multishot, +Critical, Headshot, +Faction. The weakness of Gas as it is now (U 27.2.2) is that it no longer scales with elemental bonuses. The first tick of gas procs previously were also true gas, instead of toxin and had a different calculation.

    Gas as it currently stands is directly inferior to Electric:

    • More neutral damage type
    • Same proc area
    • Same base damage per tick
    • Same duration
    • Actually scales damage with modded electric bonus
    • Also stuns enemies
    • Less mod slots to make element.

    Are you going to use electric damage against Infected? Ridiculous.

  4. 7 hours ago, helioth137 said:

    if you are going to accuse the developers of being extremely rude and defensive, do you have any evidence?

    The rudeness is due to the stress, and the defensive is due to loving Warframe as is.

    Over the years we've had lots of great feedback in order to make rewards fair, (like each 20 times you complete a mission you get a rare Reward or something) all they've done is add RNG on top of RNG with drop rates for rare items around 1%.

    That makes END GAME boring, frustrating and unfair. In the END players like me get stressed as well and we all end up in a fight with the developers, in my case I quit the game until they make it more rewarding, fun and fair.


  5. I used to buy platinum myself then I reached end game and got disappointed:

    - The way rewards work in this game are beyond unfair even with years of feedback the developers continued down the grind and unfair path;

    - Simple features and changes are also ignored, https://forums.warframe.com/topic/580701-field-of-view/

    - The developers are extremely rude and defensive;

    - Repetitive maps.

    This among other stuff I can't remember right now made me not waste anymore money on this. Ever since the Galaxy map was changed I stopped playing due to how complicated it got to navigate the Galaxy (compared to the old map), it's more beautiful but way harder to navigate.


  6. 2 hours ago, VanLyrr said:

    Bad RNG sucks. Blaming a company or game mode won't help. Archwing is not broken, seriously, sick of people saying it needs fixing.

    We can blame DE for bloating loot tables and using drop rates below 10%, lots of games use RNG but Warframe beats them all in frustration.

    The reward system itself is flawed, we get the same useless rewards over and over again, we don't progress no matter how much time we spend on it.

    Warframe is a frustrating mess, that doesn't reward us for our time and dedication at all.

  7. Way to make an event, restrict it to end game players that have all the planets.


    Warframe is going downhill the more time it passes.


    Also the focus changes are ridiculous, and go against everything the players asked, is it that hard to make Warframe work and be fun? Instead DE keeps making Warframe a frustrating and boring experience.

  8. This is the 5th time I get stuck on login, cause I don't get any code on my mail to confirm my identity!


    If you guys can't maintain a simple system to send e-mails with codes, don't bother to add it in the first place.

  9. I don't know if there will be an app on Windows Phone but if i remember well, DE has never mentionned they will develop the app on this OS, they always talked about iOS & Android. Plus Windows Phone devs are quite rare, then difficult to hire compared to iOS/Android


    I think you will get the app, but not for now sorry :/


    BTW you don't miss many thing, the app is quite overbugged and doesn't allow you to administrate many things of your liset for the moment


    Clearly you're not a developer, considering how easy it is to make programs for Windows Phone.

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