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  1. Trying for a new lich today. It went flux rifle, tetra, flux rifle, spirex, flux rifle, spirex, flux rifle. So i just turned off Warframe. I have very limited time to play so i guess no new lich for me.
  2. Or you could down the hound first. All you need is a little patience.
  3. I dont know if we need a whole new planet to justify infested liches. I could see the new war being the justification worm or parvos needs to try and create lich and sister hybrids. I could also see Alad V kidnapping sisters and liches to make amalgam versions as well, Also the grey strain seems to have a singular intelligence. I could also see Eris being the base of operations for infested liches. They could originate from a stockpile of kuva the infested got into. I could see us harvesting parts instead of weapons and using helmenth to make the weapons. You have some good ideas though. I would like to see some of them in game.
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