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  1. IGN: IrrationalLogic MR: 13 Region: Asia Type of Player: Casual Returning member from a long time ago
  2. IGN: IrrationalLogic former member returning from hiatus 😄
  3. IGN: IrrationalLogic MR: 13 Region: Singapore Casual Returning player from hiatus 🙂
  4. IGN: IrrationalLogic MR:13 Type of Player : Casual Accidentally declined the invitation from this clan,please reinvite as i made a mistake D:
  5. Returning player after 6 months of leaving this clan.Hope to be reinvited :D IGN:IrrationalLogic MR: 13 Region:Singapore Type of Player:Casual
  6. IGN: IrrationalLogic Rank: 13 Region: Singapore Type of Player: Casual
  7. IGN:IrrationalLogic. Reason for wanting to join:My clan's leader is quite dictorial in the way of controlling the clan and I can withstand him no longer.
  8. IrrationalLogic

    Hardest Boss So Far?

    Vay hek was the toughest boss."Was".But now i just give up because i already have my hydroid! yayyyy