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  1. Waaaay to miss the point!!! The problem with Arbitrations isn't the perma-death. It's the god awful arbitration drones making everything immune to Warframe abilities and even exalted weapons. Their movement is also unpredictable, their hitboxes are too small, they get stuck behind enemies, doors. They make missions into a super obnoxious and frustrating experience. Everyone hates nullifiers. We've given you literally YEARS worth of feedback on that. So what do you do? You change them a bit and add them to every Arbitration missions. 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 Why aren't people using CC/squishy Warframes? Gee, maybe the fact that everything is f*cking immune to everything they have might have something to do with it. I ain't touching Arbitrations until you remove arbitration drones.
  2. Bumping this topic, since it's still not fixed. People keep dying left and right and they don't even know what's killing them. This is sick.
  3. Both the Plains of Eidolon and especially the Orb of Vallis is just simply way to huge, and k-drives are too slow, we have timed missions to get to, spiders and eidolons to reach. Plus, everyone and their mother is equipped with anti-archwing missiles. If you nerf Itzal, I'm just gonna take my max range/efficiency Nova and sh*t all over the Plains anyway, and get through it in 5 seconds flat. The issue 👏isn't 👏 Itzal
  4. What's the point of the Disable Screen Shake setting, if weapons are just going to ignore it? At first it was just a couple of guns, but nowadays all automatic rifles and a bunch of other secondary ones do this too. My Soma Prime was my favorite weapon for years, and now I literally can't use it, even for short missions, because I'm gonna puke all over my keyboard from it. The Mara Detron or the Pyrana are also heinous. They're also impossible to aim with. Never before in my entire life have I gotten motion sickness in a video game. The whole screen is shaking so much it's like I'm trying to play during an earthquake. Like, what does this even add to the gameplay? Besides nausea?
  5. Oh come on. It's not that 15% duration or 100 more energy that's going to break the camel's back. https://imgur.com/a/S4dPiU3
  6. I counted them, it's actually "just" 19. But yeah. Why is this strange? Most Primed and post 2016-ish released Warframes have just enough polarities that you don't need to forma them, and everything fits. The only ones I do forma are the ones with weird aura polarities. Not all of my mods are max rank either. The major ones with the biggest drains like Primed Continuity/Flow/Redirection and such, I keep 2-3 points from max rank. That way they fit everywhere. I don't really care about losing some minor stats, when it spares me the pain of leveling the same thing twice. Honestly, formas just need to stop resetting weapons and frames.
  7. The secondary energy colors look amazing. I love them. However. Would you consider NOT requiring a forma to enable them? I really, really, really, REALLY don't want to forma and then level ~25 frames (or whoever many) just for the sake of this feature alone. Especially since it might interfere with my current builds, and whatever I have planned for them in the future. Why force this on us? Haven't you got enough feedback from Nightwave that requiring players to Forma things, they don't want and need is just...bad? Why not have it be enabled by potatoing things instead?
  8. Reposting this from the other thread: Please, I beg of you, reduce the amount of rep required for orbiter decorations, so it more or less matches in price with those that can be gotten from Fortuna and Ticker. Like, 50.000 rep for a single nugget of Iradiate? Or 100.000 for a lone basket of spices? That is waaaaaaay too much. Make it so they're 5.000-10.000 a piece. It'd actually make me wanna farm rep for them, to decorate my orbiter.
  9. @[DE]Rebecca Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes, YES, this is amazing!!!!!!!! However, please, I beg of you, reduce the amount of rep required for orbiter decorations too, so it more or less matches in price with those that can be gotten from Fortuna and Ticker. Like, 50.000 rep for a single nugget of Iradiate? Or 100.000 for a lone basket of spices? That is waaaaaaay too much. Make it so they're 5.000-10.000 a piece. It'd actually make me wanna farm rep for them, to decorate my orbiter.
  10. I was very optimistic when we first got Nightwave, but as time passed I started to dislike it, and now I'm completely burned out. I just wanna log in and do the things I want to, and have fun. Being told what to do and especially having limited time to do those things every week is the opposite of that. Also the chores I mean challenges itself are asinine, and a complete waste of my time. I especially resent DE trying to ram content the playerbase dislikes and actively avoids due to poor rewards or tedious gameplay down on our throats. The amount of time investment required is way too high too. Like having to complete 10 syndicate missions for merely 3.000 reputation? YIKES. Also: No I don't want any fish from the Plains - definitely not until you fix the Cetus economy, which in its current state I ain't touching with a ten foot long pole No I don't want to kill the Silver Grove guardians - there's literally no rewards for it. Also I couldn't come up with a more tedious task in game if I attempted to, like scanning plants No I don't want to run 10 syndicate missions No I definitely don't want to find 3 Caches in ALL 3 separate sabotage missions No I don't wanna go 3 wagers in the Index without the enemy being able to score. And I especially don't want to scan anything for Simaris Like, did you guys even consider how much time it will take to do all these things? Going for a rough estimate, I'd say it would take literally 3-4 hours to do everything, if we include preparations, looking for groups and such. If I divide that by 7, it's still half an hour of doing nothing but chores every day. THEN I can have some fun in the game doing the things I actually enjoy. This is unacceptable.
  11. Pretty much one-shotting all frames. Tested in Simacrulum. Also the same case with Corrupted Crewmen. I noticed it a few weeks ago that they started to hit like a truck and kill everyone with a single hit, but this is absolutely insane. There's no way this damage increase is intended. According to a comment on Warframe wiki from 2016, they only used to deal 501 dmg at lvl 40 with their grenade.
  12. Let's give credit where credit is due: MOA's look great. The issue is that they're plagued with bugs and poor AI. And players seem to agree: nobody uses them. Here's the main problems: 1. MOA's are trailing way too far behind players, they constantly get stuck in different rooms, it's like you don't even have a companion. 2. Most of their precepts are either worthless, or bugged to hell. Security Override just makes them stand OUTSIDE the Spy vaults, and gaze inside longingly.They're stuck that way and there's no way to make them move. If they do manage to get themselves to a console, sometimes it takes like 6-10 seconds to actually hack things instead of the advertised 2. Tractor beam in it's current form is not worth picking, because it's unreliable. But it could be so much fun!!!! Make the levitation infinite! It would give players a reason to use it. What do you have against fun DE? Shockwave Actuators is just really bad, the effect is minuscule. Either buff the crap out of it, or just rework it like you did with that Oxylus mod Stasis field is a fantastic idea, but make it so it affects hitscan attacks. Which is like 90% of the incoming source of damage. It could also slow fire a bit more. 3. Their targeting and disengaging AI could also do with a fixing. So they seek out and attack enemies more aggressively. 4. Vulcax, Cryotra, Tazicor. These are without doubt the worst sentinel weapons in the entire game. Just do the math. They're weak even for a starter mission on Earth. All I'm asking is that they made to be on par with the rest of the sentinel weapons. Not stronger, no weaker. Just on par.
  13. Bottomless pits They look like the rest of the map. You often don't know them until you've fallen into them. What purpose do they serve besides annoying players? With Movement 2.0 we can pretty much get out all of them. Warframes resetting is one of the most frustrating things in the game, especially when you're tossed into a pit when it's not even your fault like enemy knockbacks. Would it be possible to either remove the resets and let us jump out, or simply fill the holes in? Sky ceilings Way too low on a lot of maps. There's now 3 Warframes that can actively fly, Zephyr, Titania, Hildryn. On some planets a simple bullet jump upwards causes a reset (I'm looking at you, Ceres) let alone using these frames or Nova's wormhole, or other movement abilities. Extremely frustrating. "Friendship" doors These just have to go altogether. They lost their function years ago! Do they prevent rushing through the mission? No. Do they let stragglers catch up? Yes for one second, then they'll be left in the dust again. The only thing these achieve is annoying the whole party: the one who's at the door will be pissed off by being forced to wait and will take their frustration out on the party in chat or by spamming X at the door while the one who has yet to catch up will be subjected to the "Another player is trying to open a door" text a hundred times. They even appear while playing solo! Why?! Corpus ship windows breaking This one is debatable, but I still haven't yet come up with a good reason why they're necessary. Warframe abilities can break them, environmental damage can break them, enemies can break them. They just aren't fun, neither add any real difficulty or a sense of reward, when hacking a terminal. It's just a obnoxious. Ayatan stars Why aren't these affected by Vacuum? There's literally no reason why they're the sole exception. Picking up them manually doesn't add anything positive or meaningful to the game play. They're a nuisance. Invisible walls, where clearly we used to be able to go AKA The fun police This one I personally find very underhanded. Pillars repelling Warframes. (Derelict defense), Lowered sky ceiling (Ceres defense) Lowered sky ceiling (Eris, Akkad) Tyl Regor's statue repelling Warframes (Uranus Titania)
  14. Oh my God, these are amazing! Absolutely ridonculous, even. I love them! YES to all, except the mimics. Those are mean.
  15. The same things they do now, just in bigger quantity. Compare how if you break a container in Fortuna, you get some fish parts, spores and tepa nodules, some energy or health plus maybe credits. Not too excessive, not too little. Just the right amount that when you see one, you want to break it, but if you missed it, you don't mind. Whereas if you go to a sortie and open a container you get 29 f*cking credits. If you break another you get a 200 affinity orb. It's insulting, even to a new player who just begun the game. Maybe they could rarely even drop stuff like a Forma, or a Nitain Extract but nothing more valuable. And before y'all start with the rare containers, to hell with them, I've been playing this game since like 2014, and I opened a grand total of 5. No. Screw rare containers.
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