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  1. His other remark when first playing it yesterday was: "oh god it's archwing all over again" What more proof does one need that railjack in its current state is not fine? I think railjack could be legit fun. Personally I kinda enjoy it. But the grind ought to be reduced massively. Intrinstics mainly. I also don't get why it takes 12 hours to repair parts we find. Their costs are absolutely outrageous. Not to mention the UI is very counter-intuitive to use. Especially the whole avionics part. It's a massive pain to use. I don't much like how mods are split into 3 houses either Feels a bit too RNG to me. As for the gameplay. My ship is fitted with almost everything MK 2 in Saturn, (haven't reached veil yet) and its performance is mediocre at best. It feels weak and ineffective. Also difficult to drive as a pilot. Very clunky, not graceful and mobile at all, like playing as a warframe. Also the range of vacuum is ridiculously low and ought to be map wide. Going out of your way to collect loot is NOT fun.
  2. Me and my friend who hasn't played in ages queued up for a thermia fractures mission. Holy hell, is getting from one side of the map to the other a giant pain. Straight up noped out of there after just one mission. Not touching open world missions until they fix this. Also tried using my archwing in railjack. It was an awful experience. So much space, yet it takes ages to get anywhere with blink being no help. Also archwing weapons in railjack are bad, being unable to hit anything. Why?
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