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  1. How are 'leechers' an issue?

    You just gave my definition of leech; the people who afk and just move only to gather the rewards everyone else worked to get. Someone who tries to contribute is not a leech; they're just not 'carries'.
  2. How are 'leechers' an issue?

    Let's begin; Depending on mission difficulty, yes, it can be an issue. A leech in a low-level mission... meh, not an issue. A Leech in a mission that goes in high levels and/or you intend to go into high level? Yeah, he can be an issue. ANother problem is spawn rates; as an example if one afks a LONG way away from everyone else (such as the point of entering), yes it can be an issue because it reduces spawn rates for everyone else -and with it Focus. But the most important reason is; they haven't EARNED IT. They do NOTHING but stand around, afk'ing and leeching off the hard work of others. Don't even try to give me some 'they're not levelled enough to contribute', that's just insulting to our intellect; there's PLENTY of ways to contribute to a team even at low MRs and with few mods. They earn nothting, they contrbute nothing, they gain all the rewards. Often they delay the entire group. So, there; that's why most of us hate leachers, even if I don't mind low-level players or those with little experience if tehy're actually trying to contribute.
  3. Coming Soon: Devstream #109!

    Here are my questions; 1) Are we going to get a rework on some of the older animations for melee weapons? There's quite a few (the Nikana, Sparring/Fist and Sword&Board stances for example) that look painfully horrible. As a suggestion; hire (or ask) a professional to mo-cap for you. Should be done fast and give you a great set of movements. 2) A Spear melee weapon? Please? 3) Primed Chamber release? Seriously, it's worse than a meme at this point. Along this, other 'unique' mods such as Affinity Amp. 4) Rework for login tributes incoming? 5) Rework for Sortie Rewards incoming? 6) Any more info on Void Onslaught and its rewards? Looks interesting, but there's few rewards most of us would care for; Endo, Focus and little else.
  4. clan destroy

    The reason doesn't matter. As has been said; no you will get back no resources spent, be they normal resources, Formas or Ayatans. You kind of are warned about that.
  5. Am I good enough for sorties?

    Even if you can't quote-unquote 'carry the mission', there's plenty of ways to contribute in a fight. Ember and Frost can CC, Limbo has a ton of uses (but do read a few guides so you know when to do certain things so as to not hinder the team) while Octavia is pretty much a jack-of-all-trades that can be thrown in most missions and at least help. Pay attention, be the support and you'll be fine.
  6. The empire was called the 'Orokin Empire', likely carrying the name of its highest 'caste' of members, the 'Real Orokin', so to speak. From what little we know, the Orokin were human (though considering how far into the future that part of the game takes place, they were likely mutated to the current genome since the entire empire seemed to consider genetic editing pretty much the same as changing shirts) that were either born or 'elevated' to their status. The 'elevation' not only granted them more power in the empire but it also seemed to heavily consist of mutating/altering the individual into a 'superior state'. So, my answer would be; both. Becoming part of the Orokin-caste 'species' was a process that also awarded you a leadership position.
  7. Next primes

    As have most stated; early June. Likely going to be Limbo or Chroma (of course it might be Chroma THEN Limbo). If it's Limbo, I'm kinda hoping for Destreza Prime to go with him, maybe with an Archwing (i.e. Itzal or Elytron) Prime (as we lack Odonata Prime at the moment). If it's Chroma... I want Corinth Prime >.>
  8. Limbo QoL. The Anti Troll Changes

    It's not bait if it's gonna be true soon enough. Next frames for priming are Chroma and Limbo.
  9. Warframe Genders

    Eh, no, not for the amount of time and effort spent? If the game was as simple as, say Closers, introducing a splash screen of the other gender would be easy (as it's doing right now) but even they don't go so far as to change the gender of the sprite -and we're talking a vastly 'simpler' (it most terms anyway) game. For Warframe, this would be a goddamn nightmare to do. And even if they did, it wouldn't rack up as much money as you think (it'd most likely be the purchasing of the female versions, if that, statistically speaking). I... kinda doubt that, to be honest. I mean, they still haven't primed a TON of frames and weapons, not to mention they are not in any way obliged to make new frames every year (let alone as many as they actually do). At some point it's going to stop anyway -and mere genderbending of a frame does not a new frame make. It's just rehashing the same thing, just with an alternate (like Market-bought) skin. The only one that could realistically be released with little waste of resources would be Ember as she already has a male mesh (from way back when) but even that would require a lot of work to update. Eh, you post something in the forums and ask for feedback, you're going to get feedback. While I'm okay with asking not to be trolled, why should we leave 'positive' comments on a topic if we don't agree? We state our disagreement and the reasons for such disagreement -that is criticism, the start point of progress.
  10. Spotted possible April Fools.

    I'm bummed it's not like the survival one we did a couple years ago... Or at least something more interesting than a mod I barely use anymore.
  11. Which Mastery 5 Weapons should i get?

    Tonkor can give you a bit of experience in using explosive weapons (plus it's a mortar, despite its nerfs it's still a ton of fun) so come MR12 you'll have an easier time using the Secura Penta like a boss. The Ignis is also a good weapon for clearing out masses of enemies if you're williing to invest the forma for it -otherwise, wait and get Ignis Wraith at 9. A great secondary is the Atomos as it can clear enemy groups pretty quickly -and can deal a surprising amount of damage even in higher-level missions. From melee, go get the Jat Kittag and equip the Vulcan Blitz mod if you can get it. Even without it though, it's a great weapon. I'd say get the Dread as well, but it's a Stalker weapon and those are drops that can't easily be arranged, while the Atomos, Jat Kittag and Tonkor can be acquired from the Market or Grineer Lab easily enough.
  12. Deflation is needed due to rivens

    And before Rivens, there were some Prime parts. As someone who's been around for about 3 years, this is, without a doubt, the healthiest the market has ever been. I am kind of astounded by the prices you say however. I've never paid more than 50p for a Riven, though that might be because I do my own rolls and rerolls. The main problem though seems to be your lack of understanding of what kind of market this is; it's a free market. As demand for specific things rises, so do the prices. There's only that price because someone out there is willing (or the seller believes there is someone willing) to pay that price. The moment people stop paying stupid amounts of platinum for what essentially is marginal benefits, this becomes irrelevant. I would also like to point how irredeemably STUPID (apologies for my strong language) it would be to force DE to police prices. The reason we have an economy as healthy as it is, is SPECIFICALLY because they let us develop it on our own over time. And if you think the platinum economy isn't healthy, you have likely not played that many other MMOs around (ahem, WoW, GW2, Neverwinter...). At the end of it all, Rivens are wholly optional. I use my Sigma & Octantis and my Supra Vandal because I love them as weapons -not because I have rivens for them (though I do, I never traded for them). It's not like Warframe is a competitive game any way (what do you compete into anyway? who gets to 100 kills the fastest?) so Rivens, at least to those of us who are at end-game are more something to giggle at when we look at the margin by which we overkilled an enemy. Not kill - OVERKILL. Most of the so-called 'god rivens' actually waste a good deal of their damage, which is why I prefer Rivens that provide supplemental stats (reload, accuracy, clip size) as opposed to rivens with +Damage. In summary; I disagree with your points. Rivens are an extravagance that isn't really needed to enjoy the game (we made do without for several years) -they are not needed to have fun or to obliterate hordes of enemies (hell, sometimes I bring my Braton Prime to sorties because, why not).
  13. Limbo Banish RIP Joy

    Eh, I've never had issues with Limbo players. You can actually damage enemies in Stasis; both with melee weapons and any and all kind of Warframe powers. Limbo is 'WeakAsF' only if he gets hit -a good Limbo player simply doesn't get hit. Methinks you've just played either with toxic Limbo players (as toxic as people get in Warfame) or you don't know how to use his kit (which is alright, I'm no Limbo master either). Besides, it's not just Limbo who can permanently disable enemies -May I introduce you to our Lord and Savior Loki? Disarm turns most enemies into weak little pushovers. If you want to deal damage regardless of everything, take Mesa and go High-Noon everything within 50m. So, I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.
  14. Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    *Insert THANK YOU gif* Used to program a looooooong time ago (think... Pascal was considered an effective language, yes, I'm that old). About 99% of the effort is in how the code is written and the language used. Some things are easy, some things are hard. Sometimes, you think you solved a problem but something else pops up (C++ parsing anyone?). When you have thousands upon thousands of lines of code and the mere existence of a semicolon in the wrong place or a random coincidence of matching variable names can throw the entire thing off. In short; it can be more a pain the behind to extend boosters than give everyone a 24-hour booster. So sit down, chill out, let the people work it out. DE doesn't let us down when things like that happen.
  15. 'Host Not Found' Issues

    I can join a public squad or invite people to mine -sometimes. But I can't be invited to one -which is rather annoying.