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  1. Sorry, but no. Feedback is to report when something isn't as it should be or to offer criticism. What you're looking for is 'General'. Frankly, though, if 'new people quit when they have a bad experience in a game', no one would play Dark Souls clones. In fact, unless you've noticed, most people claim that Warframe's a bit on the 'too easy' side. Besides, human trolling is human trolling and there's nothing DE can do about that -accept it, put people in your ignore list and move on.
  2. I fail to understand how this is in any way 'feedback'. 'Cause this sounds to me like you're just reciting your experiences in the game, not providing feedback, as in 'this is good/bad, this could change, this is weird', just plain old human behaviour.
  3. I know it's old, however it still helps to know what you're looking for in weapons, as well as how to build according to a weapon's strength, not just generic 'bigger numbers'.
  4. And yet most people seem to ignore the subtle power of a properly-forma'd Braton Prime... Cheap, easy to build and it will tear through enemies with a bit of formas invested in it. Of course I could also have said classics like Boltor Prime and Soma Prime but considering they are vaulted (and therefore more expensive than they're worth at the time)... Frankly, against the enemies you should be dealing with at MR 6 (by which I mean nothing at the Kuva Fortress and above) pretty much every mid-tier weapon can deal with it. At any case, here's a wiki guide ( with some 'top tier weapons'. It's a bit old, but still perfectly serviceable -as you shouldn't be looking into cheese tactics or min-maxing just yet.
  5. Thing is, without grind, warframe wouldn't be where it is. People not bothering with grind is how they make the money they need to pay their wages. So... I doubt that'll change. After all, Argon is one of the resources that need to be constantly farmed. It's a reason to 'go to the Void' if nothing else. That said, something more 'cool' to do in the void would be appreciated, I just doubt it's going to be Argon drop rates.
  6. Mirage is fine as is. She's not broken or OP. In fact, considering most things, she has an ability that's used because it breaks the rules on one weapon, an ability no one ever uses, an ability that might help you live-or it might not and an ability that was absurd levels of CC that now is only 'pretty darn good CC, if you can pay the Energy Cost'. It's the whole Simulor interaction that is the biggest issue because otherwise, her 1st is pretty much one of the most inventive and useful abilities in the game. Would be passed by her ability to turn the environment into a death trap... but that doesn't work. So... yeah. If you want to 'rework' or 'balance' her, it wouldn't be about a 'nerf' or 'buff', but about a complete rework of at least two of her abilities.
  7. This, just.. this. Sometimes, I think just making a new weapon type's animations is why we're not getting any more new weapon types. I'd much rather they spend that time to rework some old stances looking so... horrible (I'm looking at you Nikana, Machete, Great Blade stances!).
  8. Thanks for the stream, but you did not adress the invulnerability gimmick on Eximus units. It would be a good idea to let us know what you plan to do on this front.
  9. Can we get something similar for Nekros Prime's flappy hand-wings?
  10. We might not need a new Ayatan, but fashion-ship says otherwise :D
  11. I'd like to submit a bug report; in a couple missions I played, my fps dropped from 60 to 30 and it took way more ram, from about 700-800ish to 1037MB. I still had low ping though (about 134ms). These statistics are taken from the in-game 'show fps' toggle. Also, can we please have a toggle between the current and previous hit notification? I don't have much of an issue with it yet but it might be best if we have a choice on the matter.
  12. Personally, I don't mind the hit markers, but I do agree on the ability to simply disable them for the people who don't want them.
  13. This. If you're going 2 hours in a survival, then by all means do expect everything to hit like a truck. Enemies will be of absurd levels and will mess you up something fierce. It's not the game's fault and, besides, going there for an hour is your fault. Not DE's. You chose to go there for that long, knowing full well the kind of enemies that you'll have to fight. It's like playing Dark Souls and deciding to only block and never roll, but saying the game's unfair because enemies will break your block. The easiest solution therefore becomes; don't stay an hour inside Survivals.
  14. I've never had an invasion last 'days'. Might be my own personal anecdotal evidence, but the most I've had an invasion last was about 12 hours and that was way back when I still needed Salad V nav coords. For weapons, I'm lucky if I barely catch it, let alone wait for it.
  15. In which case, stop reviving, turn around and run away screaming your head off because they will mess you up. Try to revive when possible, but if the teammate you're reviving doesn't bother shooting a Nullie's shields down at the very least, then leave them and survive. This way, just one of you dies.