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  1. Let's Talk about the Hydroid "rework"

    Mag is actually MUCH better post-rework. Frankly, she was the single most BORING frame ever. Sit in once place and spam one ability to win. Kinda like Saryn -in fact, EXACTLY like Saryn. She was only usable against Corpus and even then... meh, unless it was excavation farming, she was ignored. Now, she's a much more active and involved frame, her polarize is useful, Magnetize has some cool interactions with different weapons (beams for example supercharge the detonation while not dealing that much instant damage, while projectiles do the opposite, which is really cool). She strips armor, CCs like a boss, creates areas of safety for her team and can hold down the entire map for an extended period of time if she so desires. Mag is cool now.
  2. Let's Talk about the Hydroid "rework"

    He literally has the exact same powers, with the exact same effects. The only exception being; you can now charge some up for a marginally better result and a little bit of QoL changes. He lost NOTHING, gained a bit. There's NO ability he lost or any effect. Matter of fact, you can still play him EXACTLY like before the re-touch (I refuse to call that a rework). My disagreement isn't whether or not Hydrod's a 'Top Tier' frame or if he's enjoyable. My annoyance comes from people saying 'old Hydroid was better than new Hydroid' despite the fact that they removed NOTHING. Also, for gods' sakes; would it KILL you to separate sentences or use at least a bit of punctuation? You gave me a headache!
  3. Corrupted Bane Mod

    Despite my time, I've NEVER managed to dodge a Corrupted Bombard's rocket (mostly because I only see it when it pops out from behind a Butcher at melee range) or shoot it without using an AoE weapon (ever tried using an Ignis against high-level Bombards? Excercise in futility). Heavy Gunners LOVE to spam their instant AoE knockdown. And Nullies are easy kills if you know what you're doing (either take out the emitter or slide-attack-bullet jump out). Napalms are annoying, but with the amount of CC in the game... not really threatening. Hyeka Masters; their AoE is obvious, dodgeable and it's all they have going for them. Railgun chickens are easy to kill -they fire once every blue moon and cover isn't all that terribly important if you constantly move. Commanders... I agree. Ancient Disruptors; they either do nothing on me, or just slam a magnetic proc of doom. Level 300 Bombard without abilties? Only by cheesing the hell out of him (Corrosive+Blast spam). Which works for every, single, enemy in the game.
  4. Corrupted Bane Mod

    ... If it has Bombards and Heavy Gunners, I wouldn't call it 'fair'. In fact, I NEVER liked them. I HATE going into the void. I did it because I had to. Now, it's MUCH more enjoyable.
  5. Corrupted Bane Mod

    Well, the Void didn't have much going for it anyway before. I mean, except for amounts of gold to remind you of Holy Terra, it had nothing save it being the only place you could get Primes. It never really had anything interesting in it to begin with -just necessary things.
  6. Let's Talk about the Hydroid "rework"

    Because Hydroid NEEDED a rework? Most of the community didn't touch him, but there are people who genuinely liked him. And they deserve an update on a frame they like. Besides, they did this with Ash's rework, and all the complains were because he stopped auto-killing everything. What about the 'new one' do you NOT like? It's LITERALLY what he did before, EXACTLY, only now there's more synergy. They removed NOTHING and added a bit of quality of life. So, what, precisely, is there about the new Hydroid that you don't like, that wasn't an issue with the old hydroid? It's literally the same with the Limbo players complaining about how the 'old Limbo' was better than 'new Limbo' despite the Limbo rework removing absolutely NOTHING, and only adding benefits.
  7. Corrupted Bane Mod

    There's also the Fissures. So, we don't NEED to go to the Void to get use out of it.
  8. Let's Talk about the Hydroid "rework"

    In the words of Rob (who I don't always agree with, but I agree with on this): If old Hydrod was chocolate, they made him into a chocolate cake. If you like chocolate, you'll like the rework. If you don't like chocolate, you were never going to like Hydroid period.
  9. Corrupted Bane Mod

    So, instead of being happy that we have Bane mods for all factions now (meaning you can switch on the fly for whatever you feel necessary without affecting your build), you are sad because we DON'T have to stay in the Void to get literally ANYTHING out of the game? Yeah, no. After a few thousand hours in the Void, glad to not have to be there any more.
  10. Tried reviving myself (via X button) after going down, but a team-mate revived me a second or so before I would revive myself. I got up, but my health was still stuck in the 'Reviving' part, had the 'Reviving in 1 second' note in the bottom of my screen, my Carrier was invincible, the map was broken (showing team mates in the places they were when I was revived) and my weapons dealt no damage -not even a 0, it didn't even register. My powers (was playing Rhino Prime) could still affect via CC, but not damage (my stomp would lift them in the air, but deal no damage).
  11. Ice Chroma and Lenz = Oh my

    Probably not at that ease of 1-shot-everything-dead, but my Rhino's +150% Roar still makes it HURT.
  12. Login rewards, what should be next?

    Eh, I was just giving an example. There are obvious differences, but even without training, people wouldn't have been too angry at missing the acolytes the first time because we knew, from the get-go, we'd see them again. Besides, Vets always have an edge -I think that's what makes them tryhard so much :P As I stated though; I don't care about the sheer power levels of a weapon, I care about it having a cool new 'thing'. If it has enough stopping power to outdps a Braton P (of course, my Braton P has about 6 forma and can tackle most Sorties with ease, but hey, that's just my OCD forma-ing everything) then I don't really care about WHAT that stopping power is. Mostly because, unless you go 1-hour-survival-on-Axi... it hardly really matters.
  13. Login rewards, what should be next?

    Frankly, I don't see the issue with a so-called 'OP' weapon. Before we get the pitchforks, let me explain; it's seven HUNDRED days. That's a LONG time to be playing the game, a LONG time getting on, every day, meeting with friends, farming resources, killing Corpus and purging Infestation. Having played for so long, it would stand to reason to have something 'special', something quote-unquote 'no one else has'. Yes, I understand how some people might be put off by some OP weapon being available to the veterans but... isn't that what ALWAYS happens? I have mods that turn almost any melee weapon into a spinning whirlwind of destruction (Maiming strike) or every primary into crit-spamming death-machines (Argon Scope). Would you argue that they are 'OP'? Yes, they are. But no one is complaining (too much) despite them being available only for a short time during a grand total of two times. Because people KNOW that they will get them eventually. Similarly with a weapon from Daily Tribute; stick with the game, you will get it. On the other hand, I care more about alternative modes to weapons than sheer stopping power, really. So long as it isn't a peashooter (i.e. at LEAST Braton Prime level of killing power) I care more about special gimmicks it has, than the dps counter going high.
  14. Devstream #96 Overview

    I think it's DE trying new and interesting things. Warframe has evolved a lot since it launched and most of the game's success is specifically because DE is constantly experimenting with new things. For example, Vauban's and Ivara's '4-powers-in-one' as well as Harrow's 'charge up power' tricks are parts of other games I've seen (Champions Online, for instance and Guild Wars 2). So... does it mean they 'stole' or 'try to imitate'? I think it means they get inspired and then push their own limits. Unlike other games that don't evolve and change, Warframe CONSTANTLY evolves. They push their boundaries and aren't afraid to try something new. Granted, sometimes, they mess up, but at least they learn and progress. Which is MUCH better than what a lot of other companies seem to do.
  15. Login rewards, what should be next?

    Having done a quick skim on most replies, I guess I'll be the one to go against the current of most people and request another weapon. I know, I know it's "unfair" to give something to someone who's logged in for 2 years, that someone else can't get. But I have to say; is it REALLY? Just logging in for 700 days takes commitement and that should be rewarded. Someone who's played the game for 700 days has devoted a lot of time, effort and likely as not money (even if you just trade for plat, you're still moving money around, which necessitates more people to buy plat, which benefits DE). All those SHOULD be rewarded. So I say this; give us more weapons. Maybe not 'sundial', maybe something inspired by the moon? Hopefully, following the footsteps of the sundial weapons, with alternate tricks to them. They wouldn't even be 'exclusive event' items (like, say, Braton and Lato Vandal, anyone remember those? How many actually HAVE them? That's what I thought) as everyone could conceivably get them, IF they log in. So, if they put in the minimum modicum of effort to spend all of 30 seconds of their lives to log in every day, they would get it guaranteed. So it's NOT a big deal.