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  1. Or you could, for example, trade some plat to a friend that you trust and have them gift you something you would otherwise buy for yourself. Or you could give gifts to your clan-members.
  2. War Red Crit Build

    Switch Blood Rush for Heavy Trauma. You'll see red crits after you've hit enemies some. Blood Rush's bonus to crit chance increases with your Combo Multiplier, so you'll have to hit them a bit to get it going.
  3. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

    If the steering was better and let us stop when we want to, I'm all for the increased speed. But as it is, you just keep going and gliding and sliding worse than a max-speed, Speed-affected Nezha on a well-oiled slide.
  4. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

    Thanks for fixes. However, bit of a bug/question; since 22.6.1 (not sure if it was in 22.6.0 as I was asleep then), skywing speed has become absurd. Just with normal 'shift', I break past what I used to go on with my afterburner and afterburner is just plain stupid. Combat on skywing is all but impossible, any sort of precision maneuvring is aggravating and you can barely turn around to gather a Wisp without flinging yourself 300-400m away from target. Is this a feature, or a bug?
  5. Gara Mass Vitrify feedback

    My feedback to Mass Vitrify would be to buff its health a little bit (about 1/3 to 1/2 of a Snowglobe's health) and give it a few seconds of damage invulnerability and absorption. It's the exact same issue we had with Frost and Rhino way back when. A few seconds of invulnerability would bring it up to snuff as an 'alternative' to Frost.
  6. DE's balancing is so ridiculous

    Has the update even dropped yet? If not, why are you judging? Alright, Frost's bubble covers the top. Which is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT anywhere but in the plains. Oh, but wait, you can BULLETJUMP and get a higher wall. Frost's globe breaks completely if it gets damaged enough, Gara's wall breaks off in segments -wait until we see just how big said segments are, THEN judge. Gara essentially made a specific area COMPLETELY impassable terrain for enemy units. It rendered EVERYTHING moot as you could shoot through, safe in your little bubble of nothing-enters. Nothing would EVER get you. I played with people who just maxed out duration, dropped a wall and did NOTHING until it was ready for recast. Please don't try to justify something as broken as that. Good gods, every time DE tries to fix obvious mistakes, people come out of the woodwork complaining how their favorite frame/weapon/whatever is now completely useless. Happened with Mirage, happened with Simulor, will happen with Gara.
  7. DE's balancing is so ridiculous

    Mass Vitrify was just too powerful. Sure, it was on a timer, but that's not really an issue, now is it? After all, Chroma's abilities are on timer, but are you going to call Chroma 'weak'? As for Nullifiers; we all have ways of countering them, so they're NOT a valid defence any more. No, Mass Vitrify was TOO damn powerful -it had INFINITE health AND prevented entry from enemies. How 'balanced' do you think, say Frost's Globe, would be if it also kept enemies from EVER entering the bubble (which you can sort-of do with an augment, but even that's not perfect as they eventually will enter after a few seconds). Vitrify is about as broken as Mirage's 'Blind through walls' and Trinity's 'invulnerable without range limit' gimmicks. Atterax; has a lot of crit chance, falls REALLY hard in higher levels -Mass Vitrify NEVER falls. Scoliac is the same (and it's only good if you have a Riven which, btw, DE has a right to nerf any moment they so choose). Orthos P and Lesion; meh, my Sigma & Octantis outdps' them both but that doesn't mean my S&O are broken, are they? DE might make some mistakes with balancing, but they've rarely been as drastic as you like to make them seem. In fact, the moment they decide enough players are using Scoliac, the Riven Disposition will drop down to 1 or 2. Which will get everyone whining about how hard their fav weapon was nerfed. Meh. Atterax... again; falls REALLY hard later on -if your judge on enemy power is anywhere below 90, you haven't really gone anywhere that's really hardcore (to all those of you who did the April's Fool survival for a Broken Ammo Drum, hello). Saryn is actually BETTER than before -so long as you actually learn to use her combos. Go whine elsewhere, now she can actually go to higher-tier missions whereas before if it was anywhere higher than T3 in the first few minutes, she couldn't do anything. Now she can survive and DPS like a boss. Not DE's fault if you can't go more complex than 'hit a button for everything to die'. Same story for Mag; if you think she's weak, you never really learned to play her and only used her to mass-slaughter Corpus enemies of a specific level range. Me, I find her amazing in anything that involves defences against ANY level and ANY faction. Ash's problem wasn't the 'massacre', it was (and still is) the cinematic semi-afk style of play. He still is absolutely brutal on the playing field. Since you love bringing up weapons though; ever tried a Covert Lethality Inaros? Yeah, he 1-shots ANYTHING in the game. Let's nerf him and daggers. Frankly, I see more Mags now than before her rework. And Gara is an absolute terror in Sorties even if her Vitrify gets occasionally busted (hello, Pop-rock armor? ever tried using this little baby?). If anything else fails to get through to you; if you only liked Gara for her unpassable wall of cheese, you NEVER really played her, did you? It's a defensive measure, not a method to afk and ignore the game. And here I thought people would have learned their lesson from Mesa's rework.
  8. Founder pack will NEVER be re-released, no matter how much we complain. In fact, it if DID release, it would do more harm than good as it is meant to be the 'special' thing that ONLY founders (you know, the people that shelled out a LOT of cash back when Warframe's future was bleak and no one believed the game could possibly work) would have. If they ever released the Founder pack, it would irrevocably hurt the trust we have that DE will keep their word; they promised something and, though breaking it would net them a lot of cash, NOT breaking their promise is part of why people are supporting them still. As to the rest; I sincerely doubt they'll release ALL Prime Accesses again (after all, they do release some every year, so at most you'd have to wait a year for everything to become farmable again). Some sort of event however would be appreciated. I don't know about you but, Plague Star or not, I REALLY miss our Halloween event and Vampire Lotus... A little event to give us an old (or new) Vandal/Wraith/whatever weapon would be appreciated. Mmmm... Opticor Vandal... Oh, or maybe a Dragon melee... ooooh, I'd take that :D
  9. Thing is... the experience isn't subpar. It's great. You just complain because you like complaining. You've been whining and whining and we've just been calling you out. The game is improving, week by week, just not in the specific way that you (and VERY few others) seem to demand. To reiterate; No. It's not a miserable experience, it's fun. They gave them a couple gimmicks to survive our, frankly stupid, power levels and you complain about that as well. Warframe is a Power Fantasy game -but it needs a bit of balance. In this case it's invulnerability. Unless, I guess, you want enemies on the same level that Phorid is for bosses -a bullet sponge that dies in 1 hit (maybe 2-3 if you're in Sortie).
  10. I could be sassy and say 'proof or it didn't happen' on anything about you praising the game -sure as heck didn't find it in the forums- but I don't think you're worth the effort. Feedback doesn't mean what you think it means -it also means attaboy when they do something right. Good gods above and below, no one ever told you 'good job' on anything you did, did they? Counterplay; don't be there. Another counterplay; move before you HAVE to. Yet another counterplay; use your abilities to protect yourself. As for what it encourages it's more along the lines of 'hear spawn, rear up for a harder-than-average-for-this-level-bracket-firefight, obliterate everything via superior firepower, move to next spawn. Heck; I never use Zenurik -I run almost exclusively Vazarin for those OP instant revives. Frankly, I don't know how you play the game but I constantly take advantage of the mobility I have -if an enemy manages to hit me, it's because I messed up. Hell, sometimes I do Sorties on my no-survival-mods Nova just for the funzies. So, for me, the feeling of narrowly dodging even aimbot enemies IS fun. Outwitting them, outmaneuvring and outgunning them IS fun. So again; no, it's not miserable, it's fun. Everything else you have to say is just, well, your opinion, man.
  11. Frankly BlackCoMerc, I've done a bit of digging, I've seen the threads and posts you make... So I have a question; if every mechanic in Warframe sucks (and you have complained about pretty much EVERYTHING)... why do you play? No, honestly, you've NEVER said a good thing about the game, you've never praised something. All you do is complain, condemn, dislike, disagree and incite flaming wars. So... why are you here? As to the thread itself; No. No change is needed. This is fine as is, I like it, never had an issue. Sometimes they spawn on me, sometimes there's a bunch of ancients pulling me into three different nullifier bubbles. So what? Can't handle a bit of challenge? So; no, it's not miserable and not everyone has issues. Don't speak for the entire playerbase when you are not the entire playerbase.
  12. Fishing STILL bugged

    I was content to wait until Plague Star was done, but guess what, it's done and fishing is STILL bugged. If you wonder what I'm referring to; when throwing my spear, after it's pulled I can't move, use it again or do anything really unless I change spear. More annoyingly; hotspots don't react at all. I can throw half a dozen baits in what appears to be a hotspot to me, NOTHING will come out of it. Considering not just how 'expensive' some bait are but how they're NECESSARY for various items, this is quite the roadblock. I've tried with friends hosting, I tried hosting myself, I tried Solo. It's bugged EVERY. DAMN. TIME.
  13. Chroma: Best self damage weapon

    Another choice is any Zaw with Exodia Contagion. Just make sure to have Toxin damage in your Zaw (not Viral/Gas/Corrosive). Bullet-jump up, do a slam, profit.
  14. In step: 1) Load into Cetus and move away from the gates (about as far as Konzu is a safe bet). This allows the game to consider you 'cleared' for re-entry. 2) The Host (and ONLY the Host) goes towards the gate and enters the Plains 3) After the Host has loaded in (or at the very least while loading if you are on some sort of external VoIP), the rest of the team goes through the gate. 4) Hunt down that Eidolon and get ALL THE LOOT.
  15. Look into Rakta Cernos, Cernos Prime (not everyone's bread-and-butter, but I like it) and Lenz. Rakta Cernos fires STUPID fast (and has a nifty AoE), Cernos Prime fires several arrows in a horizontal spread (kinda like a shotgun) and Lenz creates an AoE explosion at the point of impact (make sure to be OUT of said point or you'll die). If you liked Torid, there's also Mutalist Cernos -though I never liked it.