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  1. There are some frames that are 'essential'. Not that you can't play without them, but they DO trivialize some of the higher content, making it easy for someone new to enjoy the game without being heckled by the 'pro' or 'hardcore' community overmuch. For example, while you CAN do defences, even high-level ones, without a Frost in the team, some people will react rather badly to a 'sub-optimal' choice of frame. So, to avoid that unpleasantness, some of these 'essential' frames are; Rhino (great boss-killer), Frost (excellent for defences of all kinds) and Loki (Spy, Capture and Rescue specialist, pretty much the go-to if you want to avoid fighting). While there are many, other, amazing frames (Wukong for example or my favorite girl Nova), these three are so good at their specialties (if not that good at anything else) that, even the saltiest of salty players won't mind them on their team. Since Warframe is pretty much a 'gotta catch 'em all' game, though, I do strongly suggest lookinig up ways to increase your warframe slots (foor example, trading for plat). Still, take your time and enjoy the game :D
  2. Since the latest patch, I've noticed that Zenith's mode switching does not work properly. Not only does it switch back to Auto after random amounts of time (in one case it switched after 2 minutes, in another it switched after 4 seconds), but often it doesn't switch at all. In a few missions I've used it, even though the disc launched, it didn't activate the ability to see enemies nor did it switch to semi-auto. If I may make a suggestion; make it a player choice to switch back to full automatic, not a timer-based decision. Might help with this and other issues. Checked again a couple days later (it might have been on my end), but the bug still remains. The first time I use semi-auto, the clip goes by just fine, but after reloading it starts glitching out. Sometimes it'll revert after just a shot, sometimes after a minute (provided I just stay somewhere near and don't empty my clip). I can revert it to some form of regularity by cycling through the modes a few times, but it's never exactly 'dependable' once it's glitched.
  3. I got a bit of a question/request. Considering how some of us used some weapons to craft their Ak version (i.e. Lex Prime to Aklex Prime), would it be possible so that a 'halved' (so to speak) version of an 'Ak' secondary be used with the melee? To phrase it simpler, if I have my Aklex Prime and Broken War, would it be possible to 'multi-wield' one half of the Aklex Prime (i.e. by reducing clip size and fire rates to half) with my Broken War? It would of make sense, considering that Aklex is a pair of Lex, but I don't know how you've encoded everything so I feel the need to ask.
  4. You DO know that's 200 days AFTER the Zenith, right? As in login reward number 700. That's just shy of two years of getting logins. So... we got a couple months to go :P
  5. I agree with most, but I'd really just like to see the base damage buffed a bit -at least to Braton Prime levels. It doesn't have to be 'uber', but it should be competent.
  6. Pretty much this. It doesn't have to be 'the ultimate' weapon (heck, I wouldn't want it to), but it should at least be capable of competing with Braton Prime.
  7. I just received it myself and I am VASTLY disappointed in it. The 'full auto' stats are outpeformed by Braton Prime -not exactly a 'shining endorsement' of the stopping power. The alternate fire is kinda useful, but we have no timer for how long the disk will stay out and its range isn't exactly stellar either -which I don't have that much of a problem with. The enforced semi-auto mode is halfway decent -low fire rate and infinite punchthrough balance each other out, but the damage is WAY low. It's the bane of Snipers in the game. While I could see it as a decent fun weapon if bought from the Market (or researched), needing to wait damn near TWO YEARS to get it? Aw hell naw. Not even close to being in my loadout.
  8. Saw a few lag issues, fps drops (down to 11fps!!!), the pads in LoR bugged out in the second stage and there's a lag-time when scrolling down (or up) in the weapons/frames menu to select one. Same thing in the consumables wheel (you just see the numbers and the icons load in MUCH later, sometimes not loading at all).
  9. I don't find her casting times to be that much of an issue. Sure, they are long and annoying, but otherwise her abilities are REALLY good. Think of it as a counter-weight to her abilities; she needs to have a weakspot. Her Razorwing is absolutely brilliant, she has pretty good CC (even if enemies float away, they're still not shooting you) and her Tribute is excellent for team support (provided you can aim at the right type of enemy).
  10. How about... NO. In fact: Stamina was, is and will forever be CRINGE INDUCING. We are not playing a 'tactical shooter'. We are not playing 'survival horror'. We are playing WARFRAME *cue techno-metal-punk-whatever track*. We are playing space ninja-spellcaster-commando-children. If you can't deal with bullet-jumps or invis abilities, find another game. It took us a LONG while to get rid of that cancerous growth called 'Stamina Bar'. And no one of us who actually played back then wants it back. If you're looking for 'balance' in the Conclave, give up. It ain't happening. It was never meant to be balanced -or did you not notice how most abilities are changed when you go from PvE to Conclave? or how there's different mods? Did that not notify you that Conclave is something 'extra', something 'different', something 'not as important' as the main game (where most of the population is, to be honest).
  11. So, I went on a trip, came back, expected at least the HUGE FONTS TO BE GONE. Come on DE, you dun goofed, you accepted that, why are the huge fonts still there?!
  12. They weren't just 'OP' weapons, they weren't functioning as intended. They were broken and in severe need of reworking. Boltor P doesn't even come close to how broken they were. Maybe if it dealt damage in a 5m cylinder with no travel time and half the reload it could reach the amount of 'not as intended' that those weapons had. As to the OP; like with all games, start with the quests and junctions -they will ease you into it. Give you time to adjust and acclimate to everything new around (least of which Parkour 2.0, man do I remember the times I played Excal just because of Super Jump). Weapons-wise a lot has changed, but mostly with new weapons rather than old ones being completely reworked (except for a few recent ones). If you had a decent setup, you'll be able to adjust easily to the gunplay. Also, get a clan, a lot of very good weapons and equipment are now in their labs, so pick'em up for a headstart. EDIT: If you can, get the Vaykor Hek (shotgun) and Akstiletto Prime (secondary). They are very powerful and applicable to most situations.
  13. I like the idea and think it has a merit of truth. People evolve and adapt to match their circumstances and children have been known to be exceedingly quick and good at it. Maybe being exposed to a state of 'existence' that would drive all of the rest of 'humanity' insane at such a young age affected the Tenno much like accidents have endowed people with weird capabilities in our world. From people who learned to compose and play beautiful sonatas after being hit with lightning to others who remembered things they saw decades ago and could replicate them with photograph-like realism despite having never touched a painting brush in their lives. It would stand to reason then that the power of the Void would 'penetrate' the physical bodies of the children, break something in there (which is why despite being children Tenno had no moral issue blasting people in the face or how they actually can survive with their sanity intact despite being separated from their bodies for hundreds of years). While this 'breaking' damaged the adults the childrens' brains were still in development -with thousands of neurodes more than an adult has, created and discarded in the blink of an eye. This could be the reason why the children maintained -at least a semblance of- sanity.
  14. AAaand we have a Canopic Helmet for Inaros at the same time the Servers seem to be taking a break...
  15. I still have huge fonts on my icons... EDIT: Also, network issues strike again!