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  1. My primary issues with this rework are; Will the clone be aggressive and effective enough in combat to be worth bringing out? Will it hold aggro at all? More importantly; since how long it stays around will be dependant on its health,will it gain the now-customary '3 seconds of invulnerability' Rhino's Iron Skin and Frost's Bubble have? Just as importantly, there is the question of Wukong's passive. From what you show, it'll have 3 charges per mission, and that's it. However, Nidus' passive, which does pretty much the same thing, has potentially infinite charges. So long as you can recharge his stacks, you can keep reviving yourself without issue. Yet Wukong only gets 3 shots at this? Ther should definitely be a way to restore the passive's charges. Is it going to be a timed thing (each charge recovers after minutes?), is it going to be an achievement thing (deal X amount of damage/gain Y amount of Affinity?), I don't know. But the way it's shown right now, it seems really, really underwhelming. Oberon's old passive level of underwhelming.
  2. I want to ask about the following; Any news on the Kingpin system? It was really interesting. Melee weapon animation rework? A lot of them look deeply uncomfortable and unnatural. Can you mo-cap a trained professional to make them more 'natural-looking'? 1-handed secondary and melee combo? We got it for Glaives. Can we hope for it during the Melee 3.0? Are we going to get more Umbral frames? The Umbral Excal quest had a pretty decent-sized lore-drop with it too. Speaking of lore; more lore? Please? With chocolate cream and strawberries on top? More archwing stuff? In Jordas we transition from ground to archwing, which is cool, but it could get more involved? How about a 'Boarding Action' mission? More archguns/archmelees? Can we even pray for a 'Ground Archmelee'? I look at MonHun World and the Greatsword is... well, pretty much most Archmelees. Except Knux, but that can be worked around. Ground-smashes, spinning, body-throwing moves. Would be cool! More Helminth stuff? Infested Kavat is one thing, how about Infested Moas/Sentinels? Or at least have some knowledge as to the use of that med-bay bed in there? These are my most pressing questions, mostly because I'd rather be patient with the releases of the upcoming updates (and everyone's asking about them already), so I've tried to steer clear of that! Thanks for your time!
  3. I'd rather you guys take a couple days to stress-test and bugfix than us getting the kind of mess PoE's launch was -or that time we lost hundreds of keys when we got our Relic system.
  4. While I enjoyed most of it, I have to say, I'm somewhat disappointed in Garuda's abilities. Well, mostly her 4th -it's so BORING. It's pretty much a Revenant ult -which by itself is also quite boring. Dunno about others, but I'm a HUGE fan of the 'Exalted Weapon' type abilities because they let you be a lot more adaptable. Or channel abilities that still let you use weapons or movement (i.e. Ember's WoF). Please, PLEASE reconsider. At worst, how about her plopping down her claws, turning into a stationary target that can use different attacks depending on input; i.e. normal fire launches a spear to an unfortunate soul, alternate fire pulls them to you and melee deals damage in a close area in front. If you can also use the rest of her abilities, you could pull enemies to turn them into healing trees or shields. Speaking of the healing tree; does it heal allies? At that small a range (it IS small for a mobile game like Warframe), it better be. Also her self-damage-for-energy-etc can be easily exploited with Quick Thinking + Rage. Like, STUPID EASY. At least TRY to not make such absurdly obvious combos so... well, absurdly obvious (there's always going to be SOME meta way to cheese, but at least TRY, yeah?). Rest of the stream, I enjoyed, thumbs up from me!
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