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  1. They weren't just 'OP' weapons, they weren't functioning as intended. They were broken and in severe need of reworking. Boltor P doesn't even come close to how broken they were. Maybe if it dealt damage in a 5m cylinder with no travel time and half the reload it could reach the amount of 'not as intended' that those weapons had. As to the OP; like with all games, start with the quests and junctions -they will ease you into it. Give you time to adjust and acclimate to everything new around (least of which Parkour 2.0, man do I remember the times I played Excal just because of Super Jump). Weapons-wise a lot has changed, but mostly with new weapons rather than old ones being completely reworked (except for a few recent ones). If you had a decent setup, you'll be able to adjust easily to the gunplay. Also, get a clan, a lot of very good weapons and equipment are now in their labs, so pick'em up for a headstart. EDIT: If you can, get the Vaykor Hek (shotgun) and Akstiletto Prime (secondary). They are very powerful and applicable to most situations.
  2. I like the idea and think it has a merit of truth. People evolve and adapt to match their circumstances and children have been known to be exceedingly quick and good at it. Maybe being exposed to a state of 'existence' that would drive all of the rest of 'humanity' insane at such a young age affected the Tenno much like accidents have endowed people with weird capabilities in our world. From people who learned to compose and play beautiful sonatas after being hit with lightning to others who remembered things they saw decades ago and could replicate them with photograph-like realism despite having never touched a painting brush in their lives. It would stand to reason then that the power of the Void would 'penetrate' the physical bodies of the children, break something in there (which is why despite being children Tenno had no moral issue blasting people in the face or how they actually can survive with their sanity intact despite being separated from their bodies for hundreds of years). While this 'breaking' damaged the adults the childrens' brains were still in development -with thousands of neurodes more than an adult has, created and discarded in the blink of an eye. This could be the reason why the children maintained -at least a semblance of- sanity.
  3. AAaand we have a Canopic Helmet for Inaros at the same time the Servers seem to be taking a break...
  4. I still have huge fonts on my icons... EDIT: Also, network issues strike again!
  5. Thanks for the info, but might I say, it would be a good idea to roll back this change until you've fixed this? Not being aggressive here, but the event and quest are kind of time-sensitive for a lot of people and it might be a good idea to just let them be done with them before moving to the more 'technical' parts of the update. EDIT: Also, despite the update, everything STILL looks huge and blurry. Ergo my suggestion of rolling this back, if possible.
  6. Every single icon is HUGE. Like 4-5 font sizes bigger. It's actually hurting my eyes.
  7. Problem is, everyone WITHOUT 4K is having issues; buttons are darn huge.
  8. I have a question on this; how will it affect weapon research?
  9. In my case, most people laughed at me when I insisted on using the Miter, not understanding how cool it is to rip off a circular saw's sawblade spin it so fast it glows red-hot with air friction and then launch it on someone's face. And it was always underpowered. No crit chance, slow charge rate, useless gimmick (randomly-bouncing a single projectile isn't a 'useful' gimmick by a longshot). It was worse than my bows! But now... oooooh hohoho... oooh, now we're talking. Me, my Miter and my Miter Riven are out for VENGEANCE!
  10. Lots of people have said the same (myself included). It would definitely help people learn to use the augments that are available instead of remaining with cookie-cutter builds. Heck, it might even teach people to use Nova's Antimatter Drop as well as her Molecular Prime!
  11. No, not really. Simulor, Tonkor and Boltace have been functioning not as intended. Tonkor was meant as a low-MR easy introduction into launchers with the gimmick of letting you jump a bit higher. It ended up being used in melee range and dealing more damage than the higher-MR (and therefore theoretically more powerful) launchers. Simulor was meant more for CC and detonating ever-bigger vortexes, but instead it's being used with the most unbrained manner possible -ironic since it was also said to be a more 'brainy' and 'tactical' weapon. Telos Boltace's damage was meant to be a way to deal damage to enemies who aren't hugging you, a contrast to its' normal attacks being so short-ranged. It ended up being used only for spin attacks and never attacking normally. More than that, didn't you notice that all the other weapons were buffed? They are buffing but at the same time changing weapons that aren't functioning as intended. Personally, I'm over the moon looking at the reworks. I literally spent about half an hour yesterday screaming "Yes! YES! YEEESSS!" when I saw just the Miter buff.
  12. I am extremely pleased with almost all of the changes, barring the Tonkor self-damage. And not because 'it will now kill you hurr-durr'. It's because my other favorite launcher (penta) has a distinct trigger for detonating -so if you blow yourself up, it's because you weren't paying any gorram attention, not because a pixel of the round collided with a random pixel in front of you and you ended being at ground-zero of a nuclear detonation. Other than that, myself, I'm very pleased with all the balances.
  13. They'll come when DE wants to release them. Usually, they drop on the 22nd to 4th. But the exact dates can vary, so no one can say when with 100% accuracy, unless they have an 'in' with DE. Considering that the Consoles have an event at the moment however, my guess would be right after that event ends.
  14. PSA

    That... is actually a good point. KInd of what happened to the Nidus farm mission, isn't it?
  15. I never said you did. I was just stating an opinion; it's good to have scaling, but also good to have alternative options. It's bad when weapons are so damn broken they don't even function as they're meant to anymore (Simulor, Tonkor etc). No one would want such a nerf because the playerbase would ragequit. Though, as an April 1st...