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  1. No whirlpools since last patch

    Since the latest patch (well, 2 since one was a tiny hotfix), whilrpools don't spawn for me any more. I don't know whether that affects bait or not, but there are none in any of the Sea areas or the Ponds. I saw a grand total of 2 in the Lake in the middle, but that's about it. Other friends have different reports; some still see them, others can't see them. It REALLY makes fishing annoying when you don't know where to chuck your bait -especially the higher-level bait.
  2. Armored Vault does not open [Investigating]

    Same here. Lost a big bounty because of that. Normally vaults open, but when you have to do the defence, it gets a conflict.
  3. Mastery Cooldown

    The point of this is to 'time gate' the game. It's how the company manages to pay the wages of all the people working in it; by giving incentives to players to spend their own money. Incentives of course that aren't 'necessity', thus not becoming 'pay-to-win'. But at the same time, if there was no 'failure', no 'impact' when you didn't manage to get something done, the what would the point of testing be? So, of course, there has to be a penalty- said penalty being having to wait. The Void Trader appears where he appears, again, to 'nudge' people to get to those places. In fact, if you'd been a bit more experienced, you'd know that which Relay he is going to be when he shows up -he has a steady cycle. And, thanks to the game being what it is, you need 8 days to reach the last Relay -while the Void Trader needs 14. You have ample time to get there. At the same time; losing the trader once or twice (or a dozen times) is unimportant; since his 'rework' he routinely cycles through his wares, so unlike when I and many others started, you won't have to wait a year (or more in some cases) for a specific item or mod to become available. In some cases, there had been such a long time since he had brought specific items that many of his wares were considered 'unique'. Be very very glad this is not the case anymore. If the timer pissed you off to the point of giving up the game, well, that's on you. I can't imagine what you'll go through when you come to certain quests that enforce 'wait unless you rush with plat to get to the next level of the quest'. Or have to build Chroma. Relax, enjoy the game, level some weapons, practice the test, come back stronger.
  4. Auction House!!

    As has been said before; it would require a rework of the entire inventory system so... no.
  5. Movement is Currently Annoying

    Pretty much that. Unless it's a Sortie or anything over 60, I don't even equip survivability mods -what's the point if they never hit me? Bullet jump around, grab a wall, jump somewhere else, dodge in their midst and run away. I don't need no Naramon Shadow Step to make enemies lose hours trying to find me. I have my parkour. The mission itself is my playground. Now, that is not to say that some things couldn't be improved- some different dodge/bullet jump animations would be appreciated (I remember seeing something like that in an old Prime Time and DE said they were thinking about it) or a better Sprint. But the movement is NOT annoying. It's fun, freeing and exciting.
  6. Movement is Currently Annoying

    There's plenty of reasons for me to disagree, but I'll think I'll just start with 'Hell. No. Stay away from my Parkour 2.0 you monster'. And before you go all 'muh feelings', let me explain. Warframe is a game about EMPOWERMENT. Unlike other games, they don't limit us. This isn't Battlefield, Dark Souls or even Destiny. We are given a HECK of a lot of tools to do what we do. And that's the COOL THING about Warframe. Movement is one of our many tools for dealing with threats -just as much an integral part of our arsenal as our guns or swords. Bullet Jumps might be overpowered to you, but to me, they are just right. They allow me quick and efficient traversal towards any direction I so choose, at any moment in time, whether I'm clinging to a wall, floating through the air or running on the ground. It's awesome and makes me feel like a goddamn NINJA. 'Cause you know, that's what we're supposed to be. And what's Ninjas without their MOBILITY. Do you know how I differentiate 'good' players from 'new' players in Warframe? No, it's not their weapons -anyone with some cash can splurge and get the new 'shiny'. Just a few days of farming can get you pretty much whatever. No, what differentiates a decent Tenno from a starting Tenno is the way they move. In combat or in traversing space, new Tenno usually just run or bullet-jump. Older players like me? We jump to a wall, cling to shoot, jump again raining fire as we float, double jumpt to delay our descent and, once we're on the ground amongst our enemies, we take to the sky again, using our mobility to give us a tactical advantage unmatched by anyone else. It is that moment when your movement is a seamless procedure of 'cool' that you become an actual Tenno -until then, you're a footsoldier in an expensive combat suit. As for your Sliding; well, what's so bad about it? There HAS to be a penalty to some things. You just fell off a mountain -you didn't even take any damage (because you're a ninja), but there should be a penalty. And that penalty is 'enemies get to shoot you for free for a second'. Deal with it, learn not to repeat that mistake and move on. I do agree with buffing Sprinting however. So far it's mostly useless (with specific exceptions).
  7. September: A month of solidarity.

    My uncle died of leukeumia a few years ago. In a matter of less than a week, he went from an upbeat, fun-loving man, the soul of any party, to a comatose withering, barely breathing corpse -until my aunt finally let him go. On behalf of my family, and likely anyone who has lost a family member to leukeumia, thank you.
  8. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    You DO know that the tentacles don't randomly swing anymore, hoping to get a catch, right? Like they USED to? And no, I'm not going to go watch someone else -I play for myself. I was quoting DeathGold. Sorry for the mixup.
  9. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    Mag is actually MUCH better post-rework. Frankly, she was the single most BORING frame ever. Sit in once place and spam one ability to win. Kinda like Saryn -in fact, EXACTLY like Saryn. She was only usable against Corpus and even then... meh, unless it was excavation farming, she was ignored. Now, she's a much more active and involved frame, her polarize is useful, Magnetize has some cool interactions with different weapons (beams for example supercharge the detonation while not dealing that much instant damage, while projectiles do the opposite, which is really cool). She strips armor, CCs like a boss, creates areas of safety for her team and can hold down the entire map for an extended period of time if she so desires. Mag is cool now.
  10. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    He literally has the exact same powers, with the exact same effects. The only exception being; you can now charge some up for a marginally better result and a little bit of QoL changes. He lost NOTHING, gained a bit. There's NO ability he lost or any effect. Matter of fact, you can still play him EXACTLY like before the re-touch (I refuse to call that a rework). My disagreement isn't whether or not Hydrod's a 'Top Tier' frame or if he's enjoyable. My annoyance comes from people saying 'old Hydroid was better than new Hydroid' despite the fact that they removed NOTHING. Also, for gods' sakes; would it KILL you to separate sentences or use at least a bit of punctuation? You gave me a headache!
  11. Corrupted Bane Mod

    Despite my time, I've NEVER managed to dodge a Corrupted Bombard's rocket (mostly because I only see it when it pops out from behind a Butcher at melee range) or shoot it without using an AoE weapon (ever tried using an Ignis against high-level Bombards? Excercise in futility). Heavy Gunners LOVE to spam their instant AoE knockdown. And Nullies are easy kills if you know what you're doing (either take out the emitter or slide-attack-bullet jump out). Napalms are annoying, but with the amount of CC in the game... not really threatening. Hyeka Masters; their AoE is obvious, dodgeable and it's all they have going for them. Railgun chickens are easy to kill -they fire once every blue moon and cover isn't all that terribly important if you constantly move. Commanders... I agree. Ancient Disruptors; they either do nothing on me, or just slam a magnetic proc of doom. Level 300 Bombard without abilties? Only by cheesing the hell out of him (Corrosive+Blast spam). Which works for every, single, enemy in the game.
  12. Corrupted Bane Mod

    ... If it has Bombards and Heavy Gunners, I wouldn't call it 'fair'. In fact, I NEVER liked them. I HATE going into the void. I did it because I had to. Now, it's MUCH more enjoyable.
  13. Corrupted Bane Mod

    Well, the Void didn't have much going for it anyway before. I mean, except for amounts of gold to remind you of Holy Terra, it had nothing save it being the only place you could get Primes. It never really had anything interesting in it to begin with -just necessary things.
  14. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    Because Hydroid NEEDED a rework? Most of the community didn't touch him, but there are people who genuinely liked him. And they deserve an update on a frame they like. Besides, they did this with Ash's rework, and all the complains were because he stopped auto-killing everything. What about the 'new one' do you NOT like? It's LITERALLY what he did before, EXACTLY, only now there's more synergy. They removed NOTHING and added a bit of quality of life. So, what, precisely, is there about the new Hydroid that you don't like, that wasn't an issue with the old hydroid? It's literally the same with the Limbo players complaining about how the 'old Limbo' was better than 'new Limbo' despite the Limbo rework removing absolutely NOTHING, and only adding benefits.
  15. Corrupted Bane Mod

    There's also the Fissures. So, we don't NEED to go to the Void to get use out of it.