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  1. Hunting Eidolons is just to hard.

    Oh my, it takes effort? So, you can't get everything for free? Egad, your suffering fills me with horror and agony. #Prayforquillarcanes. Here's a piece of advice; stop whining. Open the wikia, ask for some help on how to farm and start helping teams (i.e. by going as the Support). Also on your claims of being an 'average' player; if you have trouble with Eidolons, you're not average -you're the lowest. An 'average' player has the ability to memorize half-a-dozen predictable attack patterns and find out that by jumping you can avoid most of them (the rest you just go into Operator and Void Mode out of them). Much as I loathe the saying; git better. Not necessarily 'gud', but at least improve a bit to the point that you can understand the concept of 'if it's glowing and coming my way, it's a good idea to move'. Good lord, sometimes I want to force people to play Contra (or Metal Slug or any Touhou game) for a few hours to learn not to jump in front of Kaijuus.
  2. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2

    Wut? What are you even referring to?
  3. Because we can't possibly have a middle road, can we? I mean, it's not like they can remove the things that completely break the game (I'm looking at you pre-rework Saryn and pre-rework Mag, I remember you clearing out enemies 3 rooms away at the push of a button) while still letting us feel like the super-powered space ninja we are. Nooo, that would be impossible! Have to wonder, why is it that every single time, the community goes completely mental whenever the words 'buff' or 'nerf' are mentioned -this is not the first nor last time they're doing it. And as to the incoming changes; Ash will be less nauseating to play, full-speed ahead for changing Banshee from her current 'stand-still-and-afk' state and 'meh, it's something' for Atlas.
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Will Excalibur Umbra (as well as other Umbra warframes) be different in terms of abilities than their base form? Next Prime hint? Zephyr Rework?
  5. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Chroma reworked would be fun -and an Umbra variant of it would also be fun. Unfortunately, we have rather limited pull with DE. All I can say is that I hope Umbra is more than a reskin or rework. Warframe has the potential for a LOT of flexibility with what the developers do. At best we can hope to give the spark that lights up a brainstorming session. Some synergy between frames is always appreciated -however lately DE has gone way past 'suggesting' synergy and into 'enforcing' synergy. I point to Saryn's rework. A rework that I actually DO enjoy as she's far more enjoyable than her old 'press 4 everything melts' state, but at times her abilities feel... incomplete... when standalone. So; while I would enjoy some synergy, the realist in me is crossing his fingers hoping they don't go overboard with it.
  6. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Please don't turn this into a 'please rework Chroma' event. My intention for Umbras isn't to rework a frame so that it becomes usable. It's to give a different spin to what the frame already IS. Not a 'rework', but a 'coexistence'. If what I suggested as possible 'Excalibur Umbra' abilities came to be, that wouldn't replace or remove or render the REGULAR Excalibur useless. They would simply both be there, different spins to the same idea. You'd use one, I'd use another.
  7. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    As I said; I don't expect this to be reality. I would love it to, personally, but I doubt it. Reason being, well, I'm either a pessimist, a realist or a sceptic, take your pick.Thing is, if Excal Umbra is the same as Excal, everyone's going to be disappointed; the Founders who loser their unqueness, those expecting new abilities, everyone who had hoped for something. The only ones NOT disappointed would be those with absolutely NO HYPE at all. Not the kind of people you seek to impress really. And, even such a group of people, wouldn't be enthused, just not disappointed. Which is a big distance from going 'HELL YES'. I just hate wasting resources, as a person. I consider every idea that has been thrown in a half-drunk, late-night brainstorming session about something new to be a resource. So, to me, this could be their way to use those resources, the new ideas, the strange or hard ideas, the ideas that were never made real. The ideas gathered from the Forums, from Reddit, from Twitter, from the employees who just don't work at the right position to put them forth. Maybe someone out there from DE listens and obliges. Maybe not. At least I won't spend hours of my day thinking "should I write this or not" anymore.
  8. Khora should have stealth

    Action-oriented and Stealth don't really go together. Also; please don't make it about 'cuz kitty' or 'cuz female'. I mean, we already have Octavia who can go stealthy as all hell if she wants -and doesn't have to deal witth no walking or time limits.
  9. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    I am not writing this in some form of demented belief that DE will read it and go "AH-HA! THIS! This is the greatest idea EVER! Dispose of all we've done so far, THIS IS WHAT WE'RE GOING FOR!". Nor am I writing this in search of acolades and 'good jobs' etc. I write this because, well, I wanna take this off my head -ideas feel lonely in there. So, the thing is, we've heard about Excal Umbra for so long, we've all pined after him going goo-goo-ga-ga every time any sign of existence is given. Which is cool -I love the aesthetics and poor Excal needs a bit of appearence reworking. Also a new quest, and LORE! YAY! LORE! But, the realist in me says (after watching a youtuber), wha would a series of Umbra frames MEAN? Are they going to be equal to normal frames? Then why get them? Are they going to be equal to Primes? But that gets rid of the whole point of Primes and vaulting. Are they going to be SUPERIOR to Primes? Then why would you even go get a prime in the first place? So the answer would be... they have to be different. And I'm not talking 'this is a sidegrade' where, for example Primes have more energy while Umbras have more Health. No. That's a TERRIBLE idea. Because some frames will always be better if they have more energy and others will always be better if they have more Health. Another youtuber had it right; they must have different abilities. Umbra Excalibur must still be an Excalibur, and identified as such, but have a different kit. I mean, did any of you think that all the Warframes we've gotten so far, there has never been discussion about what abilities they should have? How their kit COULD have been? Abilities that they had ideas for but didn't implement because they'd either be too powerful, too weak, or at the time didn't have the programming for (or did you think it accidental that it's only now that we get frames with abilities that switch their effects, switch the frame or have powers that feed off equipment? DE might have had the idea of Exalted Blade for YEARS before they got the tech to actually create that power, leaving us with Radiant Javelin and Super Jump for those of us old enough to remember those days). An Umbra Ember should still be an EMBER first and foremost. That is; setting things on FIRE. But, how she goes about that? Ah, now THIS can change. Maybe she has a channeled flamethrower or instead of covering enemies with accelerant she wraps herself in helfire and goes in melee. Who knows? DE must have had ideas for powers they never implemented. Ideas locked up away for whatever reason. Ideas that they can now bring out. Hell, I'll even give an example using our good old boy Excalibur. Excal has Slash Dash, Radial Blind, Radial Javelin and Exalted Blade. So, how can we change them? Well, Slash Dash can remain mostly the same. Imagine Excal dashing forward in a straight line, seemingly teleporting. Then all the enemies behind them get dealt damage. Seen, oh, just about ANY anime with swordfighting? The whole 'blink and he's behind you and OMAE WA MO SHINDEIRU'? This. Same principle, different execution. Radial Blind -turn it around, instead of blinding the enemy, give Umbra Excal a bit of an 'oh HELL NO' button and let him go invisible for 5 seconds -enough to get the hell out of dodge, but not run an entire Spy mission. Radial Javelin. It stabs everything, staggering them. Alright -so why not make swords rain from above, pinning enemies to the ground for some nice Ground Finishers? Finally Exalted Blade. The skill that made Excal into a freaking turret. Remove the sword beam, increase the base reach of the sword (Galatine or maybe even longer) and let Charge Attacks move you in whatever direction you're aiming to deal your damage there -if you've ever used Valkyr's Hysterical Assault or the Rift Strike mod for the Twin Basolk, you know what I'm talking about. Anyone seeing it would still go "yeah, it's an Excal alright, still obsessed with swords", but at the same time, it would be a different VERSION of Excal. A road not taken, I suppose. Anyway, I got this off my brain, do with it as you will.
  10. Frankly, I would like to see Ballas try to keep us from the Lotus. *Cracks knuckles* He's one of the characters I REALLY dislike in the game. Which is good design, but it's going to be quite the catharsis if I get to beat him to the ground for what he did to everyone.
  11. I have to agree with this. I absolutely LOVE my Codex and the Lore... and this is just... HURTING me. There's more things I want to do than farm just one specific bounty for a chance to get a Lore part. At least with Plague Star, I was trying to get the statues for my clan, this is just agony times 20.
  12. Here's the thing; exploits get patched. When you use an exploit to get around an issue, one thing you should always know; there's ALWAYS the chance it's going to get fixed next patch and you have absolutely no right to complain about it. It's about equivalent to people going to the forums of a game they pirated and then complaining that their pirated copy doesn't work properly. Does it mean I enjoy the riven challenge? Oh, about as much as the one that has me scan a Simaris target, solo, no abilities used, with a Hobbled key on just to make sure I'll have all the issues at actually catching up to it. In other words; no, not at all. It is just completely wrong to expect an exploit to work forever. Find another way to get it done (as I've said; Vauban works, Harrow works, Zephyr Works, take your pick).
  13. Your strategy is an exploit. It's not subjective, it's objectively an exploit. And I DO choose to do it in another way.
  14. It should get patched out -mostly because it's an exploit (reason I'm saying it's an exploit is because people use ZA WARUDO, fill some bullets, bullet jump and end ZA WARUDO, not really doing anything even remotely connected to the challenge itself). That said, I DO dislike this challenge immensely, even though I can do it with other methods (i.e. Vauban or Zephyr).
  15. Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    Questions; 1)Are we going to get a fading option for some of the larger cosmetics (i.e. Frost Deluxe's dangly earrings or Chroma Deluxe's spikey bits?). There's plenty of cosmetics I don't use because they keep getting in the way of my aiming. 2) An animation rework on some old stances? Many of them feel painful just to watch. Very unnatural movements. Barring that, do we have an ETA on new, more fluid stances? Best Memory of 2017 Warframe: That one time I bullet-jumped on an Eidolon to melee its head for the kill.