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  1. Dammit, I got Tenno'd.
  2. Warframe anniversary is on March 24th up to the 27th this year, it's written on the ps4 event calendar.
  3. From the time it came out it's been a brainless weapon, used almost everywhere in everything, the meta shifted a bit with the apparition of synoid simulor and sancti tigris, and now the Ignis wraith makes it appearance. All those weapon have similarities : Brainless AoE damage along with high Raw damage output. With the apparition of Riven, those weapons shine somewhat even more, the trade chat is filled with "Ignis,simulor,tonkor,tigris" with high Damage/crit/critdmg %
  4. Because that's what we need? More AoE that completely overpowers any type of weapon with no restriction whatsoever? I'll pass on that and I'll gladly thanks the tonkor/telos boltace fix.
  5. You'll have to excuse me, but if you mindset prevents you from enjoying the game as it is, then it is part of the thread's point. Making warframe an open world changes most of the game without adding much to it. There's nothing interesting and fun from having to downgrade to low level in order to manage to kill something because your levelling time as been increased ten-fold. Why try new weapons when you could just keep your twenty thousand damage main without having to spend the next week intensively searching for xp so that you can play as you usually do. We already play the game, we run through different missions/alert/sorties/invasion, we kill hordes of enemies with almost no restriction. If anything, the only reason why you're repeating a mission is because you want to keep your weapons maxed so why make it even more tedious? Mapping sounds like what Kingpin is gonna be, nothing to say against that. As for seasons : I'm not sure I understand the concept, you mean you want to put up an incentive for player to start back at 0 every third months so that they may repeat the same thing over and over again ( Acquire mandatory mod, Acquire Endo, build THE Meta weapon, Fuse for higher level, achieve top score, rince and repeat ) only to receive special rewards? <--- You're gonna have to fill in the blank here because I'm really confused.
  6. You say that you hate time restricted events, but that is what an "Event" stands for... You come in the game for the event while it's organized and play the event for the rare/unique reward... There's no such thing as a non-time restricted event... You're "Forced" because you force yourself, we're given plenty of time to acquire the necessary score.
  7. Your idea, as mentionned by the player above, is basically moving the Raw damage mod above while adding a new slot, it doesn't fix the problem, it adds to it. Serration doesn't become a "Exilus" type of mod as you used in your example above because no one would dare use something else beside it.
  8. As preparation for the next updates maybe? It's an online game, you can't expect to do everything in solo, sure you'll manage most of the content alone if you're skilled, but there's limit to what one person can do.
  9. It's fresh air to me, all clan research were completed and contributed in barely one day in my clan, now we can actually do something clan-like with a clan research. We play casually and slowly fill it up day by day and I see nothing wrong with that.
  10. Every anniversary they add a "Dex variant" to the game, we've had the dex sybaris, the dex furis, the dex dakra and this week we will be getting a dex syandana. The method of acquisition this year is unclear, but I do believe that the dex sybaris, the dex furis and the dex dakra will be given to you in your mailbox ( Just like every past years ), however the new syandana might be attached to an event quest.
  11. I didn't thought of it that way. Well as long as those weapons do have a weak disposition and aren't unexpectedly overpowered it'll be alright.
  12. There is a certain amount of new weapons that could benefit from a riven upon arrival, however the same can be said about weapons that are unexpected powercreeps as soon as they appear, a fine example would be the tonkor, imagine the mess it would've been to have a coupled Riven on it as soon as it got released. On weaker weapon it'll work as an incentive to use your plat On powercreeps it'll just be almost mandatory if you don't want to fall behind the new meta since everyone who pays would get one immediately.
  13. Those platinums came from somewhere didn't they? The contribution was made and you have the paid tokens in your hand as proof, either you use them to show your support or you don't. Edit : As your example states, you can still obtain the "Bonus" for paying through free-playing by making use of the trade system at your advantage.
  14. They're rewarding you for contributing to the company by paying for their game, but they don't want you to just pay and toss aside the quest in which they put many hours of work in ense the incentive of an Unveiled pistol riven mod.
  15. Nah, it blackscreens you back onto ground sadly, that's the first thing I tried.