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  1. Seems DE has made end game content pointless

    Leaving the group because matchmaking allowed something that doesn't make sense is not an option. It's not about minding, it's about not even having the ability to play that content and still getting rewarded for it. Eidolons have been created and "sold" to the player-base with the idea of being "Higher-Tier" content. So again, no it's not made for lowbies, even less straight up Mastery rank 1 players. This isn't a world boss. Fomorian threat and Razorback are world boss, eidolon is supposed to be high-tier challenge.
  2. Cant slide. New player

    As iQuedas said, I suggest you go into the option and change/check your controller button mapping. If I remember correctly, the entirety of it is changeable.
  3. The Foundry Tries to Trick You Out of Your Plat!!!

    Title, Argument, Phrasing. Title is, as you admitted, worded specifically to tick off people. It's misleading of whatever intention it is that you have. You're not simply suggesting a QoL change, you're blaming your mistake upon the dev. Not only that, in another argument you've technically thrown conspiracy theories about how DE are actively trying to rip off the community because of something that's easily avoidable by just paying attention. You've worded the whole thing as if your experience with the foundry was the same as everyone else, technically putting words into everyone's mouth on this very thread from the very first opening line. The system is not like the old days, so whether or not your muscle memory is still remembering to double press the confirmation button or not is not an argument that can be further pushed down the road. This is your habit, and it's your issue to fix. Side note : Try not to use "We" and "Just admit" in a near future, give your personal opinion and let other people have their own opinion. You'll face less useless opposition from people who hate having words put in their mouth and there will be more talk about the actual subject. -Because of the argument you gave, You haven't actually given a reason that really has an impact on this whole ordeal other than "I make mistakes because I don't pay attention" -Because it's not inconsequential and doesn't take a minute, Hotfix don't happen at the snap of a finger. There's compilation and verification to be made before they are good to be launched. Changing one thing might affect another one by accident. Sure it's their job and it can be done, but you make it seem like it's a thing that can be done between two sips of coffee when it's not. -Because it's a non-issue.

    I find normal missions that I personally select to be much more entertaining, rather than hopping into a bounty and being forced to use either an archwing segment or a 140 meter wormhole nova to make it bearable to travel in-between missions to begin with. That's not counting the time wasted parkour'ing 1500-1900 meters from the end of the map back to Cetus's gate and waiting for a loading screen/Cetus door opening only to speak to Konzu again. ( Can I leave the mission and spawn directly in Cetus? Yes certainly, but being the host kinda makes this a horrible move for my fellow Teammates ) Plus not having a single idea of which relics you're getting in bounties due to the codex being in your ship and not on Cetus is kind of a hassle sometime. ( Sure, I could memorize it, but hey, codex is here for that ain't it? ) What's Axi S1 you might ask yourself, well only way to find out is to leave Cetus ( Another loading screen ), check the codex, go back into Cetus to confirm your selection, which may have changed in-between the time you were loading because you didn't pay attention to the time. Cetus bounties being random and highly distanced across the map, you can never be too sure of which frame to bring, which is by itself kind of an issue. It's much less efficient if RNG screws you over and give you multiple 3-5 "Standing still on a container and shooting ships from 100 meters away" mission. There's also a small lag/bug issue with bounties. Objectives not showing, Enemies not spawning despite the clock ticking down, players with Ok-ish computers simply not being able to log in to profit from this "Grand yearly event". Over-all the idea of having those relic only "Drop" from bounties is a bad one. It would've been much better if they included it in general everywhere, but bounties were "Guarantee" to only drop unvaulted relics and not the general pool of relics. That way, playing casually would've stayed rewarding, playing alerts would've been rewarding, playing for xp/resource farming would've been rewarding. But instead there's only a somewhat large "minority" of players hunting those relics due to how many problems POE has. And, that would be why bounties are worse than standing in a mission that I selected. At least I know what I'm getting into when I pick myself.
  5. Warframe Rivens

    We're having bare balancing issues with 9 mods and 100-300% power stats. Pretty sure Riven would just destroy any attempt at balancing even further below the carpet.
  6. Did arcane guardian get nerfed?

    Wouldn't you have to start with 1000 base armor to reach 600 with the 60% of the old arcane guardian? Sounds like a buff either way to me.
  7. Atlas, generating Rubble, and Petrify's Dev Workshop change.

    Rubble mechanic argument aside, the very first example about reviving your teammate has to be the most far-fetched one I've read in a while. The only time you'll find yourself incapable of tanking damage and just reviving your teammate with your companion abilities/your own armor is in high level, and we just so happen to have a mechanic that allows you to be invincible for 10-20 seconds nonetheless at medium/high level ranks. Channeling petrify is horrible to use and only pushes player into holding the ability active for the entire duration of an Atlas play. You said it yourself, 1 second is all it took to CC enemies in a 360 angles at a range of 25-30 meters with no cost whatsoever in energy. There's QoL addition to be made with the Rubbles mechanic, but channeling petrify is the last boring thing I'd want to "see" coming back again. Ah puns, can't go without them.
  8. Vaur's Feedback concerning the eidolons fight.

    That line kind of tickles my gears if you know what I mean. In my opinion, there's hardly challenge or difficulty to it, it fells more like "Meta fighting the RNG". As the eidolon has to personally deal with the meta, he basically removes all of the option that Warframes in general have to give. By having a specific weakness ( Rad+ Crit ), the whole arsenal of weapon is limited to a very few. In order to fight against Riven+power stacking, he has to be a giant bullet-sponge with incoherent hit-boxes. Which again, lower the option of warframe+weapon that we're supposed to have and only makes the fight tedious. By being a singular targets, he lowers the amount of engagement possible to : 1- Operator spamming the shield. 2- Warframe spamming the weakpoints with abilities active whilst jumping around. Though, as a side note, Vombalyst exist and I'm aware, however they die in 2 Wide-spread AoE hits. You legit don't even have to aim for them, just shooting the eidolons accidentally gets rid of them. By being slow and very predictable the fight becomes a walk in the park for most of the duration of the encounter. The only thing that'll turn that walk in the park into a ride-way to hell is the RNG of attacks that are literally invisible to the eye as you're forced to zoom into his limbs with bright beams of light blinding you from left to right in the middle of the night. The only answer to this is blinding yourself by spazzing your screen left and right to see everywhere around you or become deaf by over-maximizing the volume just so that you can hear every specific little sound that these orbs make upon spawning. Or you can keep using the Meta and just block every type of damage and not worry about the fight to begin with. One may argue this is "Preparation" and "Strategy", but no amount of preparation should nullifies every type of damage that an enemy hits you with. Dying as usual means nothing. You'll either be revived in the next 5-10 seconds or you'll use a revive. But the worst part to me really is that most of the knowledge you've acquired over time by playing the game is useless against the eidolon. -Head-shots are basically useless for 90% of the encounter. -Accuracy is blocked by invisible walls and bad hitboxes as well as random invincibility over-lap. -Armor reduction goes against you if used efficiently. -Shield reduction is not even a thing. -Status stacking is useless. -Mobility is used in moderation, you spend more time playing jumping ropes than you are worrying about your position on the field and against the beast. -Crowd control is useless -And the list goes on and on. To me, the eidolons feel like they were specifically designed to be bullet and energy pad sponges with no challenge whatsoever, and the only difficulty is fighting against attacks created with the intent to kill Meta player. -No shame if you personally enjoy the fight with your friends, I just wish they were much more enjoyable and less oriented towards a joke.
  9. Making Prime Warframe crafting more challenging.

    The only value this adds to common frames is so meaningless that it's almost invisible, it actually only de-value the whole system. You're making a process that's already grind intensive even more grindy and tedious than it already is by also adding a pay-wall of 6 days minimum to only begin playing with a frame. Content is there, and is being used by new players, however just as in any other game, there's progression to be had. Just like mods, there's damaged mods, normal mods, primed mods and riven mods. Side note : We play with the original version of a warframe for years until the prime version appear. I'd say they've held their fair share of value. If I were to alternate the meaning of your argument a bit to fit an example, this is like saying "Damaged mods exist, content is here, but you should have to find the damaged mod version in level 0-10 on venus to unlock the normal version, and then level it up to max rank with a million credits to unlock the primed version, which you'll then have to level up for 2 millions credits before you can finally go and play the game for real as you should've done in the first place. However, replace credits in the example above by RNG and a pay-wall of 3 days, alongside the levelling time, which requires you to farm 10-20 minutes as a higher level player in a exp farming map. And that's the whole process to only unlock the "Ability" to build a prime. Redo the whole process with twice as much hassle (Relic RNG, forma stacking and waiting for the original to be built )in order to build and enjoy the prime version. I can say with certainty that locking prime behind their original counterpart would be tedious enough to make me never seriously spend time trying to build a prime again. ( And by seriously I mean not wasting my time in fissures, which is also content that would lose its potential because of the over-excessive wall you'll be facing )
  10. What's the most op Melee?

    As Marine said, most of the melee weapons are good on their own. At least 65+% ( In my opinion ) of the melee weapons are viable to kill enemies in the entire star-chart. The number lessen very slightly for end-game purposes if modded properly. You'll get bored of melee very quickly if you don't choose a weapon that you enjoy playing and only focus on dealing 75k damage on every spin attack ( That's a thing, and it's frickin' boring ) I suggest you take a look in the codex for a melee that looks fancy ( Fashion frame is true end-game ) and that will satisfy your need for damage/efficiency. That said, don't hesitate to carry multiple melee in your arsenal, I often find myself switching to different things and it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. As for Argon : Void, I suggest you join a survival or a defence. Killing enemies in a defence with loot efficient frames will be helpful. Opening crates in a survival ( While killing enemies on the side ) with any frame will be beneficial.
  11. The Unseen Danger

    You've acknowledged that is was badly worded and that it brought in a controversial talk due to a fair misunderstanding. All the sarcasm was directed towards you, yet sarcastic intent was derailed and thrown towards the organizer, which is clearly not the original intent as Peter himself confirmed by tagging your name with an explanation attached to it. Nobody accused the charity event organizer, yet you both threw allegation into the bunch upon reading a sarcastic reply that was made directly to mock your specific argument that you acknowledged could be read as "a weapon against raids removal". It's not about how many people saw it and discussed about how wrong it is, it's about a simple misunderstanding of intention that you are aware of that can still be fixed through correction.
  12. The Unseen Danger

    I'm sure this phrase was used under a sarcastic pretense as the Tenno quoted further above used it in an argument. As zopney mentioned above, charity event are not to be used in an argument, as such, a sarcastic approach seems more likely to hit where it should. I often find myself in a disagreement with Peter, but this time it's a well used form of sarcasm to convey a message. Peter has not accused TBW18 of doing anything. SideNote : Charity events that are not hosted by DE themselves shouldn't have an impact on the company's development. Sure it was a mean move to not warn the organizer, but whether the charity was organized before or after the notice is not an argument to be used unless it was changed under a contract agreement ( Which is unlikely to be the case ).
  13. The Most Adorable Bug

    And once she matures she's gonna be a giant combat fricking wolf I bet ya. wishful thinking.
  14. (Un)Popular opinion

    The problem is over-performance and the scale of balance shifting on one side rather than another. For example's sake : If I give you, let say a water pistol for instance and then give your two friends a spam-able button to a nuclear warhead system and an assault rifle, the balance in which the game stand is broken on two sides. On your side, a water pistol is completely meaningless against enemies. On the other extreme side, your friend is holding a weapon that is literally game-breaking. And the more neutral side is left astonished by your other teammate since he can't do anything against a Nuke of all thing. You are friends, you all want to play together, but your weapons are all unfairly balanced as compared to each other. Here are your choices : A- All agree to play with water pistol. ( That's not happening ) B- All agree to use the same generic assault rifle. ( Lack of choice, forced to play with a singular item ) C- All agree to break the game and fight of against who can spam Nuke the fastest. ( That's gonna be fun for 5 minutes, after-ward you'll get bored of the game ) D- Buff the Water Pistol, make the assault rifle more versatile and nerf the nuke to a reasonable level so that you may all play together with different weapons that hold different effects. E- "Not play together because you don't want to play with a broken weapon" ( That is what you suggests in my opinion ) I hope that you understand that hiding broken content instead of making it more fair and balanced isn't a good idea because, as I said, you're only hiding a bigger problem under another one. It's not about "Getting strong after a forma", it's about holding something that has a negative impact on the over-all experience of the game.
  15. (Un)Popular opinion

    They're called problems for a reason. You don't fix an apparent issue by hiding it below another bigger problem.