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  1. Octavia or ivara for stealth

    Ivara would be a better choice. Octavia's prerequisite to activate invisibility is a complete mess and the rest of her abilities won't help you if you're trying to be stealthy and secretive. Ivara's entire set is Stealth-friendly.
  2. PoE Idea For Extraction

    Sounds like a good idea, but I bring few problems while passing by : This becomes somewhat of a "Mandatory" gear for PoE. PoE Itself "requires" three gearwheel items if you add Extraction : Fishing, Archwing and air support. Things are starting to get clustered in there. When you think "Extraction" you usually think of something that's easy to access and free of cost, but will take some type of "Difficulty" to reach. The idea that I have of consumable is that they're helpful when you use them, but not necessary in order to play the game. I can live in PoE without fishing or using archwings, it's preferential to my activities, but extracting itself is a pretty BIG deal if you need to walk all the way back to the very beginning, passing through the Slow-movement relay to reach your ship from simply forgetting to put the item, or not having enough charges.
  3. [SPOILER] WHAT is this?

    Entity called "The man in the wall" which appears as a physical/spiritual being after you complete "Chain of Harrow".
  4. Properly Testing Abilities - Why Immortality, why?!

    As Baterial said, Simulacrum isn't only used to test "Real game scenarios". Ever since the feature was released, I've seen countless of people using it, from live-streams to casual informative videos. It's a feature that is used and has its place in the simulation.
  5. Platinum

    After reaching Mastery rank 2, you'll be given Trade privilege, an equivalent amount of trade to your Mastery Rank, which refresh everyday. From there : Platinum that are Bought/traded with players can be generally traded. Platinum earned from the PSN free bundle and platinum earned through Warframe's Twitch Giveaways are considered "Promo platinum" which mean they can be used, but not traded. When trading in Maro bazar/Dojo you can select "Platinum" if you go down by... 6 or 7 choice if I recall correctly, and here you have it.
  6. Chains of Harrow related question

    In his defence, he's seen the obviously Red Palladino as a White "Thing". There's chance that the rendering of the image on his side of the screen was quite different due to lightning settings and other variable. It sounds like a honest mistake to me.
  7. Chains of Harrow related question

    That's definitely Palladino. You see her like 3 or 4 times face to face in the quest.
  8. Finished

    I'm waiting for a third Overlord617 to join into this conversation and tell the other two how wrong they are, otherwise this joke isn't complete.
  9. How to get good

    Is that an actual word ahah?
  10. Does this happen to other people?

    His name is "The Man in the Wall" a void entity which is mentioned multiple time in Chain of Harrow. So the answer is quite simple. Chain of Harrow.
  11. Community of "geniuses"

    Yes, an example of what could have happened. I could've sworn that was obvious enough when I said POSSIBILITY and We do not have the whole story.
  12. Community of "geniuses"

    You're just twisting my words now. To begin with, OP is the one who seems to have the worst behavior. There's plenty of reasons as to why the teammates could've possibly missed him, but OP himself decides to Stop playing as soon as he dies and accuses other player of not being cooperative. At least that's what I read above.
  13. Community of "geniuses"

    My point being that he is trying to incentive cooperation through not cooperating. That's like trying to fix a problem by creating another one. We quite don't have the whole story yet, there's a possibly that OP is dying ever so often that he puts value into those revives? If so, maybe he's not quite ready to play those levels and his teammates are simply tired of running after a moving dead weight. Maybe OP's teammate are simply toxic, but what is acting like that gonna solve against a toxic player? All I did say was that OP's reason and thought of action is simply going against what he's trying to do and that makes utterly no sense.
  14. Community of "geniuses"

    That makes absolutely no sense to me. You've gotten yourself killed and since the other players couldn't revive you in time or simply didn't want to bother, you decided to auto-punish yourself by not playing the game as a way to incentive player to Assist and play cooperatively? You've done something that is anti-cooperative by not playing with the group due to something as meaningless as a missed revive. ( Which, by the way, you can do alone 4-6 time with your mission revives alone, and even more with Sacrifice and Primed Regen. ) So yeah... What the hell...
  15. Telos Boltlace

    How dare you show that the weapon can be used strategically and deal magnificent damage without the need to Spam a Macro. Is this where I put the Sarcasm mark?