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  1. Essentially you have plenty of "Variation" of weapons that can deal with the current content. Always adding more and more powercreep weapon just to make more diversity is a bad idea. Level 70 sentinels are still not worth getting Chaotic level weaponry. You can still two-three shoot them with our current weapon, the only difference is that they will kill you. Not much Endgame content if you want my opinion. Ultimately, I have nothing against the addition of higher level/harder enemy content. However it doesn't mean that we must get chaotic casual weapon that are locked behind a mastery fodder grind just because they appear a little harder to kill. __________________________ Here's an idea for your thought : An ultimate weapon with a cooldown, modding its function to your liking in your arsenal, but only being able to summon it after a certain large amount of exp/kill earned through the mission. ( Charging the core with some sort of Focus energy ) You basically get to choose a core mechanic from every existing weapon we have in the game and use mods and other weapon as the balance for it after that you're granted one magazine of pure power ( Which balances its amount of ammunition and damage depending on your choice of side-core mechanic ). That way, you get yourself an absolutely Chaotic Weapon of your choice that won't affect any level of content for too long.
  2. Being rewarded with Chaotic weapon just for farming levels on Akkad doesn't really seem fun to me. From Mastery rank 1-15 it's pretty smooth, you get the level for trying to get a favourite weapon and you need it for the Maximum standing on almost everything, but after 16 there really isn't much worth into pushing the mastery further, the entire game becomes a "Trash mastery fodder" simulation and we always expect for more powerful/better weapon when we can already annihilate any content thrown at us. ( Is there really a point in tying the Mastery ranks to levelling up all the weapons in the game? ) Then there's the game content to keep in mind, powerful is all fun and good, but what happens when you give out powerful free buffs on a Mastery 23-24 weapon? You make more powerful weapon for a content that you don't need to fight. The weapon being so powerful, you never change to anything else. With nothing harder to fight, you bring it to lower level and simply blow away the entire map with no effort. Well the gist of it is : Don't make it restricted to Mastery rank until you actually give us a decent reason to level up other than free Power Creep. and Don't add it until you really need it.
  3. With both those example in mind, I feel that unless I fight level 150 enemies with no teammates I won't actually find myself needing such a safety net. I even went as far as to remove my Primed flow to further improve my modding and I'm running along just fine on energy until I go head-on against a Parasi... What's the name? You know, the energy leech guys. That's 2 free mod slot to increase my potential, plus the Exilus slot that I haven't opened yet because Oberon Prime is coming soon. I also put on Thief wit for some reason, I hadn't forma'd my Oberon... Another slot that I can use. I'm 3-4 slots below the convenient energy/safety usage and I still manage on my own with his set.
  4. Haven't really played a lot of Bow conclave, but wouldn't the fire rate play a big part in out-performing the Daikyu?
  5. Doesn't having quick thinking on reduce the utility of Rage?
  6. Remind me what's the maximum effect on those?
  7. That's a pretty dead giveaway in the name though...
  8. I know exactly how Limbo works and that's why I decide to go melee instead of wasting my time trying to read a limbo's thought. While it may be 5-10 shots, it may also be 50-60 Corrosive/viral status shot to take down one enemy. Not every weapon is a walk in the park. It's not viable to just take random guess and switch enemy because once Stasis ends you won't actually know how many enemies still pose a threat. Stasis has a weird interaction with a lot of weapon. I don't want to mess up my Limbo teammate but his ability being active ends up messing my Opticor or the bullet count on my akmagnus just as much. I go melee because Limbo's stasis makes me unable to contribute with my weapon, not because of how it slows time for the bullet but because it messes up the way my weapon interact with the enemy and prevents me from seeing how much damage I deal overall. So instead of wasting 10 seconds shooting bullet, god know won't interact properly, I chose to melee. Plus it's easier and we actually know when the enemy is dead. ( But apparently that's working against you and being greedy? ) A good support warframe won't prevent you from shooting enemies, it'll give you buff so that you can deal with them more efficiently. I'll remind you : We are not you, we don't know if you're going to be playing one way or another and we shouldn't have to take a guess every time a Limbo enters the mission. What you describe yourself to be is an exception, Limbo players aren't restricted to your playstyle, if they can put 40 seconds of Stasis, they will and the power interaction will mess us up very harshly. Don't you see that a power that forces you into using your DPS power for the next 40 second to deal damage is a poorly designed mechanic? Yes I could very well unleash a 70k peacemaker bullet rain on 3 butcher, or I could potentially just shoot once with an Ogris and keep playing the game without my bullet coming straight into my back because Limbo decided he un-casted Stasis at that very moment. I could also be smarter than that and decide not to waste my energy on 3 grunts or shoot something dangerous on which I'll lose the control and just use my melee. You're telling me that you can keep an eye on three different teammates on 3 different sides of the map at around 30-40 meters in range through walls and know when to turn off stasis for it to be beneficiary for all three team member at the same time WHILE dealing most of the damage shooting enemies? I'm sorry I don't buy it. I also don't buy your argument about people telling you how great and awesome you are almost every time you play Limbo. Granted that could be an overstatement, but that shows just about how bad an argument it is in the first place. Limbo is not "Complex", he's a press and forget type of warframe for most of its player-base, that combined with his overall reach makes him one of the worst teammate to play with no matter what the situation.
  9. While there doesn't seem to be anything that would prevent the acceptance process, it does look a little weird. As Sketch said, A square emblem doesn't really look good on your shoulder or on the Clan flag. White areas are going to be unnecessarily bright, like blinding white. The angel is mostly going to turn invisible from this effect and only the wing will remain. I'd need a magnifier to see what's written down there currently, seems like a useless addition if you meant it to be readable. (Clan emblem is going to be WAY smaller on the game) Simplistic design are usually the best for this sort of thing.
  10. Cataclysm doesn't provide you with anything else than a slight energy regen. The "Annihilate the enemies as they can't even get to them" part isn't a benefit from Cataclysm, but simply your team being good. They could very well "Annihilate" the enemy without a cataclysm. The Stasis Cataclysm mix on tons of enemies won't allow for 0 allied casualties at all time : One slight misunderstanding from your intention and your teammate will find himself meleeing the dangerous and powerful enemies that are now in a group formed by Statis right after you released the Stasis button. If there are more powerful enemies than possible bullets in the statis it'll shatter before you and your team manages to kill all enemies, said enemies will then proceed to shoot back. Granted you can re-cast stasis in a fairly short amount of time, but in the end it's just a mess. Why bother shooting 20 bullets at a heavy gunner if you don't see his health go down, you won't know if he's dead until Limbo decides to make a move. Good Limbo or not, his abilities aren't exactly what I'd call team friendly so a Limbo that share his intention in any situation will be better than one who doesn't.
  11. However Ash has 1) The ability to deal significant damage with an augment to strip enemy armors 2) The ability to go invisible, which is not only very useful for survivability it also allows you to go undetected and revive bleeding out allies, the augment allows team invisibility. 3) The ability to teleport and launch a finisher might not be useful for the team, but it certainly fits the theme of a Smoke ninja while helping in taking down priority targets. ( While your rework uses a similar process, yours empathize on spaming Finishers on every enemies automatically, not take down powerful targets. ) 4) It's been downgraded and now even Fatal Teleports works better, I'm not a big fan of Bladestorm it has many flaws. 1) Holding your ability hinders your aiming opportunities ( On controller ) And prevents most players from using the "A" directional key (on keyboard) ( Or I just have weird fingers ) That is a huge flaw. Automatic finisher are on par with old Bladestorm, it's boring, the animation can only make you sick and flying is now considered useless, why fly if it pushes you down automatically for finishers. Ash is most likely the only one who has the ability to chain finishers at any given range like it's nothing. You'll have to name the other warframes because I'm at loss. 2) Knockdowns don't last long, CC isn't useful if it's only for 3 seconds. You'll find yourself Jumping every 1 second in order to keep it steady. You haven't mentioned any increase in the way it deals damage, mediocre damage is still mediocre. 3) 30 meters was a mention of the power total range, perpetual motion in air still prevents steady head shots while being a clean overpowered copy of Ash's Fatal teleport without the need for an augment. A power that you cannot recast is also a mess, you'll be able to CC once before having to wait for the duration of the power before you can start moving somewhere else. In the situation where it is re-castable, allows you to Dash and one-shoot any enemy while providing CC, 30 meters is a off the chart. 4) Your tornadoes have a limited buffing range. In order to "Automatically" kill enemies, it'll have to move to the nearest enemy by itself. There is always going to be a close enemy which mean the tornado will most likely always be 15 meters away from you. The problem of it flinging enemies up in the air remains, you're getting a 10 second shield to chase after your own powers for a buff that is going to run out when you need it. ( Take a look at octavia's roller for example, imagine having to chase that thing around for the entire duration of the mission just so that you could stay alive, terrifying option isn't it? ) Passive : Modding passive is still not a viable idea. You'll have to describe what you meant when you use the term "Scale" because that is a dangerous term to use on a passive. The idea is not to make her passive Parkour 2.0 viable, but to further enhance the idealistic mechanic of her theme. You don't want a passive that forces you into using parkour 2.0, you want something that lets you enjoy the benefit from being up in the air.
  12. I'll give you the short and harsh version : 1) The ability to fly WHILE holding the power trigger makes for a troublesome mix. There's only so much your fingers can do. You also need to keep in mind that Flying doesn't make the ability any better by itself. The addition of the melee finisher doesn't make the ability more versatile or useful, it just incentive players to spam "E" while looking down. The premise of Tailwind is the "Blast of Energy" that it produces, but I see nothing about that in this rework. 2) While the feature that allows you to aim the ability sounds neat, the problem that it's a replica of the opposite of Tailwind remains. The damage is still mediocre, the knockdown area could be as large as a map it would still be useless unless you spent the next 20 second jumping and spamming it while looking directly at the floor. 3) It's a replica of Ash's teleport augment that requires you to cast the same power twice for it to function. Why make 1 and 2 Knockdowns abilities if the third one does it better while being a flat upgrade of her first ability? 4) Random tornadoes problem remains which mean you'll spend your time running after the power to get the buff while it throws enemies in chaos up the air. The strategy is to stay close to the tornadoes while the enemies get flung up 20 feet in the air over and over again? The turbulence explosion stuns for 1 second, that's worst than a knockdown now isn't it? The idea of the shield would be generally okay-ish, but the action needed to receive the buff is awful since it's not controlled at all by the player and the power that gives the buff hinders everyone's ability to kill nearby enemies. Overall the powers above are still meaningless to use. First ability is plain and simple, it lets you fly. Second ability lets you land faster Third ability lets you CC 30 meters worth of enemies while stunning them airborne, which prevents teammates from using melee unless they spend the next 20 second bullet-jumping while pressing E. Visual effects makes it hard to see flying enemies and the movement involved prevents clear head shots. Fourth ability forces you to follow an AI tornado to get 5 seconds of partial invincibility, which you'll lose before you even get the chance of being shot since the enemies are sent randomly flying in the air. Main problems are. -No survivability unless you own Aviator, which only provides you with 40% DR. -Terrible CC unless you want to go the Limbo route and receive hate from both melee players and gun players. -Still mediocre damage -You don't get any benefits from using the powers together, it's all just melee finisher left and right with an awful energy cost. -Your powers don't help the team anyhow. Passive opinion : -Damage on bullet jump and melee dive are already worthless unless they scale ( Which then become a spam-fest so that's not a solution ) -Passive shouldn't be affected by mods, they're passive for a reason. -4 bullet dash are insignificant when you spend your time in the air flying while using your abilities to dash through enemies. -Duration of air glide and killed enemies have no correlation whatsoever. _________________________ Conclusion : The main selling point of this rework is the 30 meters worth of CC, but it's harmful to your teammates game play, so simply not worth using. The rest is just Gimmick Finisher Spam and chasing after tornadoes.
  13. The fact that you lose capacity points for simply putting on a Forma makes it a terrible idea to keep doing what you usually do for many of us. You've equipped a Forma to increase your weapon's power in order to challenges yourself even further, but you're stuck with less capacity upon forma'ing a weapon. Why would you try to fight the same content with less power when your original intent was to fight more powerful enemies. The content does become more "Challenging" for about 20-40 minutes, but afterwards you'll find yourself with a weapon that is stronger than what you just tested, which basically makes the whole Forma process a bad joke that forces you into fighting lower level enemies than your current personal boundary until you reach level 30. I don't know many people ( Actually I know none ) who would wish to play with a less than functional 1 forma weapon against a level 150 unit while their entire set of gear/warframe are modded with the purpose of killing even gods. The better choice at this point, since most players go for 5-6 slots worth of forma, is to Cheese in the easiest Exp cave and call it a day. Then and only then will they be able to play the weapon as they first intended it to. The second smart choice to pick is : Don't use the weapon until it actually reaches level 30. Just let it get Exp ( And Dust ) in your loadout while you play with your other weapons against the enemies you actually want to kill.
  14. For you to deal 99% of the damage without getting much Weapon xp means that you used your Warframe's powers more than anything. For you to deal 99% of the damage with Banshee's power mean you cheesed Soundquake through most of the mission otherwise you wouldn't have this problem to begin with.
  15. Well they'll be damned if they got 1% of the exp because you cheesed the entire mission now, wouldn't they?