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  1. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    It is from my understanding that with this cursor update "Mouse and Keyboard" can be used on console. I wasn't really planning on using it, but I really wanted to see the difference on Ps4, ense I connected my keyboard to it and gave it a go. I'll skip on the feedback for the actual cursor as it's doing fairly decent for what it is, however I have encountered a large amount of omission that makes this cursor update completely useless whilst using Mouse and Keyboard on a Ps4: __________________ 1- You cannot even Login onto the game without using a controller. The update verification menu ( Or the Launcher more precisely) is stalled at "{Press x to login}" From my different attempt at "physically assaulting" my keyboard, I've figured that "[Controller Button Cross (X)]" is either [Spacebar] or [Left Mouse Click] None of these actually connect to the prompt in order to login. ( And yes I did try every single hotkey on my keyboard in order to find which button does what ) __________________ 2- It is in all ways impossible to begin a "Maro's bazaar" quest with the keyboard. Opening the menu and [Mouse Clicking] or attempting to [Confirm with Square] does not connect to the mission prompt. From my testing, I've figured that "[Controller Button Square]" is always going to be [Hotkey X] on the keyboard. All combination of [Hotkey X] on the keyboard have given no result with connecting to the "Start Mission" prompt. __________________ 3- GearWheel Menu is impossible to interact with Opening the GearWheel [Hotkey Q] is followed with no cursor. This results in an impossibility to interact with your gear item or your selected emotes. __________________ 4- There exist no "Keyboard Binding" option in the setting menu. It's impossible to change any of the Keybinding for keyboard It's actually also impossible to figure out which button does what on the keyboard unless you Bash on every single key, which is mildly infuriating. __________________ 5- The action [Mouse Scrolling] is delayed and amplified in every actions. Scrolling on things such as your inventory, warframe arsenal is delayed in actions and then amplified to fix itself This results in the motion of 2 scroll not moving your "Inventory Selection Camera". A third scroll will then forcefully amplify the two previous uncounted scrolls and send your inventory all the way to the bottom or all the way up depending on your last action. __________________ 6- Chat is impossible to use with keyboard. There is no button prompt to "Open" the chat and begin talking. I've tried every single button I could find on my keyboard, and just like issue #2 "[Controller Button Square]" is left unaffected or unattached to any other keyboard hotkey. This makes it impossible to use the Chat in order to so something as basic as socializing or using the Unstuck command. For precision : [Hotkey T] does open the "Chat", however it does not open the ability to textually engage. __________________ I believe this is everything I've found. As a reminder : This is the interaction of Mouse and Keyboard on a Ps4. Good luck.
  2. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Map nuking. Is it really necessary? (minor rant inc)

    Warframe has the most casual grind factor of all the games I've ever played so far... It's so casual that the Dev have been trying to forcefully sink our resources into impossibly costly items. Our inventories are so over-saturated with parts that Baro had to be created. The game literally throws everything to you with minimal effort. Exp zones? Check Credit Zones? Check Resource zones? Check Free boosters? Check Overload of ways to acquire new relics/prime parts? Check Potatoes that used to be hard to get? 1-3 given out every week along with invasions and devstreams at level 0-10. Endo? Here's a weekly ayatan + enemy drop + Mod melter The only resource I'm inclined to say is "Grindy" is Kuva. And that's a resource that affects a singular item that is already not needed. ( Sacrifice was literally level 30 and sortie enemies get melted by 4 corrosive projection, if anyone here justify needing a riven because he "Needs" to be more powerful to fight the content, he can kindly walk away. ) I'm personally inclined to say you've been spending WAY too much time nuking the map and getting bored of it if you think that warframe of all game is "endlessly grindy". Emphasis on "Endlessly" because that's a word you'd use for something you think negatively of. That is, unless you're just being really sarcastic and decided to use "Endless grind" on a "Grind game", in which case : Bad choice of word.
  3. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    How does this site link to PSN?

    To link your ps4 account to the forum, simply login with your playstation infos ( As you already did since you're asking us questions ) To link your twitch to your ps4/forum account : https://www.warframe.com/twitch/link That should be it unless I made a dumb mistake. Edit 1 : Don't forget that rewards are only given out if you have filled the condition that are listed with the reward. "Watch for 1 hour" "Watch for 2 hour" "Watch a Partner Stream for 1 hour" are all example of this.
  4. The vulnerable Umbra passive is definitely a downside. It's cool and all to have your warframe follow you and fight while in operator mode, "Chapeau" to that I'd take that on every warframe anytime (With a set of command of course), however the fact that your AI controlled warframe is taking damage and getting you killed outside of your manipulation is a dangerous trade for something that's "Passive"
  5. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Something that might suit warframe

    Hack n slash game -> Rage -> [...] That's odd, the power bonus description aside, this seems a lot like the Combo Counter on Melee that is being removed for being extremely unbalanced. I wonder why... That aside, there's kind of a huge flaw with that system by itself considering that Warframe powers are already over-abused because of how destructive they are. Giving powers another stat bonus over simply "Hitting" enemies or "Soaking" damage only means that a new Meta with Fire-rate or Aggro is gonna be made in order to go above and beyond the limit of what we're already breaking. Put simply -> Equip Nuker -> Get Ignis with max range and punchthrough -> Bonus 60% str/ran/eff/dur in less than 3 seconds -> 60% more nuke than before + survivability -> Spam. Please leave us with enemies to "Hack N Slash" before giving more power to our already God-like warframes.
  6. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Excal Umbra Damaging Limbo

    Who would've thought, the one feature that Limbo have been applying to his teammates since he came out can now be used against you by the very same logic. It's intentional, warframe powers affect Rifted enemies, that includes you.
  7. You're good, there won't be any issue with that. Vaulting only means that the current relics in the game that have "Nekros" in them will no longer be acquirable through farming/grinding. Vaulting will not interact with your inventory/foundry anyhow. It only affects Relic Drops in the game for the Vaulted items. To be noted, if you own Nekros Relics already, you will keep them and they can be used even after the vault.
  8. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    OUTDATED: The Sacrifice - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    After 2 and a half hour, only glyph was dropped, most likely an issue with the two other drops then.
  9. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Map nuking. Is it really necessary? (minor rant inc)

    Actually they're just sharing their experience with an issue that has an impact on the game. I don't think anyone would agree to have Nukers completely removed, those who do obviously aren't thinking globally, however we can all understand that Nuke indeed have a pretty significant and slightly negative impact on the game as they are used right now. The example you gave out kinda avoids the main issue. This isn't a white/black situation, but rather a situation in which one of the color that I "Don't like" is being wrongly managed by the manufacturer and thus created an inequality. If the manufacturer in your situation is over-saturating his shelves with yellow of all sorts and brand while completely ignoring other colours then I could feel dissatisfied as a customer. As a proud customer of this manufacturer's past product, I am inclined to offer my suggestion/criticism about his business managing issue. In all fairness, to another customer who absolutely love the colour yellow it may seem like my suggestion are trying to destroy the "Yellow T-shirt" market, but in my eyes I am only suggesting for all markets to shine in a more proportional and meaningful way. You can keep the nukes (Yellow T-shirt), but the excessive power spam(Over-saturation) has to go. This goes not only for nukers, but all other "colored t-shirt" as well. Side note : You don't ask that, you're just begging for salt and excessive nuking. Edit : T-shirt analogy, what have you made me do.
  10. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    To Nuke, or Not to Nuke?

    And how exactly does that fix the issue? The issue has really nothing to do with Drop Rate, it's not RNG neither, it's play style ; Players want to do things quickly and without any effort, they'll get rewarded none the less and even if they DO get what they want, they'll still go for more because it's a source of platinum income. ( As you've said yourself ) ( And as other players below you post proved ) I'm tempted to say you've read the cycle of prime wrong if you feel threatened by the "Time Limit" on Prime item. And at that point, it's also necessary to say that if those are your arguments, then your solution falls short of nothing because we're back to zero. ->Improving drop rate and re-arranging RNG in order for it to practically give you all the goodies if you perform better is literally spelling "Please nuke for reward" unless you somehow manage to compare Nezha with "Insert Any Nuker Here". This means that no matter what you do there's hardly going to be a middle-ground in contribution because Nuke spam out-perform in every single category. Nukers are gonna nuke and other frames are gonna sit back and wait with nothing to do. -- What does increased loot/reward change for this situation? -> It ironically also spells out "There’s nothing to do, and what there is to do, the rewards are too common at best". Which is almost the same as what you've said above in the opening post. We're drowning in resources, drowning in mods, drowning in endo and now with Elite Onslaught we're drowning in Traces and upgraded relics. Asking to get those more easily only makes it easier to drown in grind. -- What does increased loot/reward change for this situation other than make it worst? -- Put simply, as DiabolusUrsus said, the real problem here is Abuse of Nuking and that is the result of a badly managed energy system. The energy freedom allows for Perma-nuking, it allows for Perma-CC of the entire map, it allows invulnerability at all time and the maximum amount of damage based off of Powers at all time. ->It makes players play the game without playing.
  11. You asked for an estimate, you got an estimate with a Maximum lapse of 7 days. And now you're asking for an even lower estimate? How greedy can one get? It's much better for DE to keep the release date vague and not rush things if a problem arise the very minute you've promised a million players you were gonna give them goodies. It's happening this week. Suck it up.
  12. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Limbo Exalted dual swords idea.

    DE : We have created a doll that harbours the capacity to work with a vastly intelligent operator, gave him the chance to exploit space and manipulate time in order to overcome the boundaries of existence and best his enemies. Random player : Give him Dual swords. --Don't care about his power, just give him swords.
  13. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Honestly speaking, even after a solid hour of meddling in the arsenal and getting used to the cursor change I'm still completely mind-bugged by the controls. I've yet to find a SINGLE actual use to this cursor everything that this aimed at is now made twice as tedious as when it was just passing through D-pad/Button Prompt. And all of the things that worked greatly with Controller are now void and forced into a tedious Cursor. -Arsenal takes three time as long to browse, the removal of button prompt makes it awful to navigate and is prone to a lot of mistaken clicking. -Mod/Market Browsing is a complete mess, the removal of the Camera following your selection just completely removes the flow of browsing. Now I'm forced to manually change the position of the camera inside those two in order to see what I am currently selecting. -Having to manually drag the mod to it's slot is a chore. It's a small 2 second difference, but so far I've accidentally released the mod a solid 10 time. Dunno why Select Slot/Select Mod was removed. IMO, the only thing that improved is "Press Square to join a Team invite" and "Press Circle to Refuse a Team invite", the rest is an awful unneeded mess. This says A LOT about the cursor update when the only thing that has improved is something that doesn't use the cursor.
  14. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Do not use Banshee for Onslaughts

    It's somewhat subtle, there's many ways to figure it out but they're all kinda hidden. Things such as pickups not working anymore until you melee an enemy or your energy abilities not functioning. It's not a big text saying "You ain't playing", but rather a "I'm purging all of your survivability and all of your loot so that you may die and not abuse the system" A simple counter is usually : Get one weapon kill every 2-3 minutes or so and don't hesitate to collect pick ups while moderately spamming your things. Edit : Movement attached to the animation as your exemplified above do not count as an active input. So you're technically not moving in the system.
  15. (PS4)XxDarkyanxX

    Useless Khora in Eidolon Hunt ?

    Your operator is not "Khora". We can all have a 9000 void damage operator, it doesn't make Khora any more useful against Eidolons. Two cats don't make the limbs break any faster. You do not own, at least not to my knowledge, a single warframe ability that will save the Lures or increase damage dealt by teammates. And yes, I did just check the entire ability list, couldn't find a single entry about Kavat buffing your weapon other than the basic modded abilities such as Charm and the other one. Those are not abilities locked behind Khora and are highly unreliable due to being proc'd by the AI over time. If I were the simplify what was said above, just because your team pushed through a night cycle doesn't mean that you personally were using an adequate setup for your team. You might have done a few thousand damage or more, but a different character could've allowed your entire team to deal 5-10 times more damage over a single shot. ( Octavia or Chroma and maybe even Volt's shields stacking giving 6x~+ more damage to the entire team as an example )