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  1. I'm thinking the same. It was literally the riven's primary description; "Disposition is subject to change with popularity" The only change I find to be bad is the removal of sentinel weapon in the pool, my sweeper prime is doing god's work and I feel like I'm some sort of special kid with a toy I shouldn't have while others are forced to buy them at high prices.
  2. It is from my understanding that with this cursor update "Mouse and Keyboard" can be used on console. I wasn't really planning on using it, but I really wanted to see the difference on Ps4, ense I connected my keyboard to it and gave it a go. I'll skip on the feedback for the actual cursor as it's doing fairly decent for what it is, however I have encountered a large amount of omission that makes this cursor update completely useless whilst using Mouse and Keyboard on a Ps4: __________________ 1- You cannot even Login onto the game without using a controller. The update verification menu ( Or the Launcher more precisely) is stalled at "{Press x to login}" From my different attempt at "physically assaulting" my keyboard, I've figured that "[Controller Button Cross (X)]" is either [Spacebar] or [Left Mouse Click] None of these actually connect to the prompt in order to login. ( And yes I did try every single hotkey on my keyboard in order to find which button does what ) __________________ 2- It is in all ways impossible to begin a "Maro's bazaar" quest with the keyboard. Opening the menu and [Mouse Clicking] or attempting to [Confirm with Square] does not connect to the mission prompt. From my testing, I've figured that "[Controller Button Square]" is always going to be [Hotkey X] on the keyboard. All combination of [Hotkey X] on the keyboard have given no result with connecting to the "Start Mission" prompt. __________________ 3- GearWheel Menu is impossible to interact with Opening the GearWheel [Hotkey Q] is followed with no cursor. This results in an impossibility to interact with your gear item or your selected emotes. __________________ 4- There exist no "Keyboard Binding" option in the setting menu. It's impossible to change any of the Keybinding for keyboard It's actually also impossible to figure out which button does what on the keyboard unless you Bash on every single key, which is mildly infuriating. __________________ 5- The action [Mouse Scrolling] is delayed and amplified in every actions. Scrolling on things such as your inventory, warframe arsenal is delayed in actions and then amplified to fix itself This results in the motion of 2 scroll not moving your "Inventory Selection Camera". A third scroll will then forcefully amplify the two previous uncounted scrolls and send your inventory all the way to the bottom or all the way up depending on your last action. __________________ 6- Chat is impossible to use with keyboard. There is no button prompt to "Open" the chat and begin talking. I've tried every single button I could find on my keyboard, and just like issue #2 "[Controller Button Square]" is left unaffected or unattached to any other keyboard hotkey. This makes it impossible to use the Chat in order to so something as basic as socializing or using the Unstuck command. For precision : [Hotkey T] does open the "Chat", however it does not open the ability to textually engage. __________________ I believe this is everything I've found. As a reminder : This is the interaction of Mouse and Keyboard on a Ps4. Good luck.
  3. After 2 and a half hour, only glyph was dropped, most likely an issue with the two other drops then.
  4. Honestly speaking, even after a solid hour of meddling in the arsenal and getting used to the cursor change I'm still completely mind-bugged by the controls. I've yet to find a SINGLE actual use to this cursor everything that this aimed at is now made twice as tedious as when it was just passing through D-pad/Button Prompt. And all of the things that worked greatly with Controller are now void and forced into a tedious Cursor. -Arsenal takes three time as long to browse, the removal of button prompt makes it awful to navigate and is prone to a lot of mistaken clicking. -Mod/Market Browsing is a complete mess, the removal of the Camera following your selection just completely removes the flow of browsing. Now I'm forced to manually change the position of the camera inside those two in order to see what I am currently selecting. -Having to manually drag the mod to it's slot is a chore. It's a small 2 second difference, but so far I've accidentally released the mod a solid 10 time. Dunno why Select Slot/Select Mod was removed. IMO, the only thing that improved is "Press Square to join a Team invite" and "Press Circle to Refuse a Team invite", the rest is an awful unneeded mess. This says A LOT about the cursor update when the only thing that has improved is something that doesn't use the cursor.
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