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  1. Naramon's Executing Dash

    I'm asking for a friend right there, has anyone actually found any use to this Operator power in the Naramon tree, because I cannot, for the love of me, figure out a single use to this. As a matter of Trivia for those that haven't had the chance to be awfully confused by this power : -Executing Dash opens enemy up to finisher through the use of a Void Dash, forcing you to go back into your warframe to use your melee weapon and execute a finisher on a singular enemy amongst a group of dangerous pew-pew guns and running enemies. Lets start with the more basic issues I've come across : -No Visual Effect whatsoever to indicate that an enemy is now open to Finisher. You know, when I first read the description of the power I just figured that it would "Stun" or "Put to sleep" enemies so that they would become open to finisher. Which would in turn actually be useful for Stealth runs and giving the 45% exp melee boost an extraordinary meaning. One misinformed decision later, I go into my operator, all pumped up for my new Finisher Attack, spot a group of enemy and Void Dash through their gross Grineer carcass only to turn back and... Nothing? "Surely you Jest, I must've missed, let me try again" : *Dash*... *Dash*... *Dash*?... "Maybe I misread", *Void Blast*... Still nothing. The Grineers are happy, the birds are singing, bullets are dropping down my face because I'm out of Operator Energy. It took me an entire week to figure out that "Open to Finisher" only meant "You can now press quick melee on them and it'll activate that Finisher animation" However, there is 0 sign of a visual effect to tell you who is affected or not. They're just normal enemies with maybe a prompt at close range ( I couldn't even figure that one out ) And just now, to verify that I wasn't tripping when I first started testing it, I went back to the simulacrum and loaded 20 high level enemies of all kind, with no invulnerability to protect me, just for the sake of testing with a bit of an active situation at hand. I couldn't figure out which were affected and which weren't, so naturally there was nothing more to do, I couldn't even begin testing the ability under fire. -Finishers are singular targets, powerful, but still singular target. The only use of this ability puts you at huge risk unless you're either Invisible, Invincible or using any other warframe ability as countermeasure. Why would anyone want to unleash a finisher amongst a group of enemies that can shoot you down in one shot, or even worst, melee you to Oblivion? It's all cool and fun to allow Finishers on enemies, but you can't even use them anyway because they slow you down and put you more at risk than anything else. A single Slide attack would be enough to put an end to all this, but instead you'll find yourself Finishing 10 enemies one by one as your objective is taking a beating behind you. -Executing Dash and Surging Dash may be the only abilities amongst all the schools that are essentially useless for both the operator and most of the warframes. An entire Branch of the tree is dedicated to forcing you back into your warframe, in close quarter, with enemies that are now well aware of your presence, with no powers, only to singularly hit enemies that are bunched up in a close group one after the other. So yeah, if anyone can enlighten me on an actual use for this Active,"Operator" Ability I'd be filled with joy, because currently it's just a waste of standing.
  2. Fishing problems

    Unless DE Nerfed PC fishing to the core without me noticing, then yes it is OK to compare. If the earlier mentioned is different from PC to console then you may consider that a "Bug" not "Feedback".
  3. Fishing problems

    1. The range's plenty enough, christ are you fishing into the ocean from the mountain or what? I can literally hit a fish that's so far it can't even be seen on the horizon, any more than that would take forever to reel in if you miss. 2. That could be adjusted ever so slightly, but you can totally work out 200 fish and more a day without a single worry as it is currently, unless you're Jilao and fishing from 20 meters away. 3. It is indeed quite inconvenient to not have a timer on your buff list for either baits and dye, sometime I'm not even sure if the bait is still active or not since it's shining 10 meters underwater. 4. Haven't noticed that one. 5. I'll pass on the melee weapon spam everytime I try to quick-close the "You caught a fish" tab. You also do not want abilities hindering your view of fish right below your feets.
  4. Change focus system back

    Your Focus tree now gives you more energy than before and you manage to complain about it? I for one am happy with the new Focus system, the old one was a pure joke of an active power-up system.
  5. PoE Focus NEED HELP PLS

    28:40 on the 100th devstream if you want to share your confirmation on other threads. It is indeed an Universal Capacity pool. ( Energy pool )
  6. Significant others and unfair trades

    As other have mentioned above, it would be in your fair defence to mention that you two are married and well together if such problem arises. If anything they'll be able to reach him/her and ask for a second version of the story which will then prove your particular case to be fair-trade. It would be far-fetched to say that DE can monitor everyone's trading history and pin-point suspicious trades attempt, without a report, amongst millions of players who trade Ammo Drum for hundreds of plat or maxed sets of mods everyday. I believe that that phrase actually mean is : "We've got our eyes on you scammer, one report is all it takes for us to review your history and ban your account accordingly to our player policies so don't you even try."
  7. Weapon mods should be changed

    Now hold up, someone made it all the way to Mastery 8+ without knowing that Modding is Multiplicative? What loopy land have I entered this time?
  8. Who Is More FUN, Trinity or Oberon?

    There's two builds that are super effective on Trinity, EV build, which consist of minimum duration, max strength, max range and Overshield augment. You'll spend your days Pressing 2 and using 4 whenever someone loses even as low as 1 hp. or Balanced Link build, which has regular range and allows your to cast Link for yourself with an armor reducing augment, blessing for your teammates ( 75% damage reduction for 15-20 seconds ) and a close range Energy vampire that drops 225 energy when you kill your enemy literally a millisecond after casting energy vampire. You'll cast 2-3 and 4 every five seconds. That's pretty much it.
  9. Who Is More FUN, Trinity or Oberon?

    As ashamed of myself for saying this, I've found myself playing Trinity for my clan's own guilty pleasure for over 5-6 months on the previous Draco ( Ceres ) and I can assure you that Oberon is much more fun. Be it the Mundane, but powerful Press 2 to give energy forever Evamp build or the Balanced build that helps prevent team insta-death, Trinity is never going to actually "Play" the game as she is now. You'll find yourself pressing 2, 3 and 4 every five seconds even against the most boring enemy out of pure habit just "In case anything happens" even though you'll never actually need that much energy or damage reduction rating. And don't you dare not cast damage reduction or not keep energy at 110% because as soon as your teammates die he'll curse you out for "Being a complete noob scrub at the game" 90% of your Trinity gameplay is going to be spent stuck in place casting a spell of some sort. Save yourself some boredom, take Oberon or any other warframe that is not Trinity.
  10. Being goudged gor rivens

    Let just put that aside for a second, How much are you "Willing" to pay for a specific Opticor/Low mastery rank mod? 600 sounds like the very basic/general Riven price for something that's highly on-demand.
  11. Post-Mission "Too Many Rivens" Reminder: Please No

    Sending a ticket to Support might help you recover said Riven, however you need to keep in mind, this message is only appearing over and over again because you're ABOVE the capacity. Warframe reserves a riven in a slot that doesn't exist so that you do not lose a riven that you received through Alert/sortie or accident ( Because it'd be damn unfair to realize after you've done the quest and have your new toy auto-deleted after expecting it). It's not a prompt to remind you that you've reached the end, it's the prompt that warns you that you're occupying the one slot that's supposed to save your behind if an error arises. But it's still technically a Riven that you shouldn't own and needs to be replaced by something else. Which is why your solution is pretty basic : Clear the Imaginary slot or buy a new slot and you won't have any prompt telling you that you're in an overload.
  12. Second Account Players and Trials: Should we Report Them?

    Having multiple accounts is not against the rules, however having two account interact with each other (Same game, Item/platinum trading) is indeed against the Terms of Service and may be reported to Warframe's ZenDesk Support Center.
  13. Riven Synthesis Challenge

    Are you running the low level missions or the high level mission? That might influence the spawn rate a bit. Also, walk around the spawn 10-20 seconds, if simaris appears then your target will be there If simaris does not appear then : Leave-> Come back. ( Though you may need to wait a bit more than that )
  14. Help on this Riven roll

    Multishot increases your status % as well as damage. add electricity to that and you get a higher bonus than 75% damage. Also Reload speed on Tigris is like... Kind of a joke, want 1 second or 0.8 seconds to reload because that's the kind of difference you'll get.
  15. Where to enter Simulacrum

    As soon as you pass Simaris's doorway there's a Blue-ish glyph-like light on the left. Get in that small spot and it'll offer you to interact for Simulacrum. ( You can also bring your friends in the simulacrum even if they don't have a key )