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  1. Chains of harrow

    In my opinion, it's nowhere near as spooky as Dead space. Edit : Added a spoiler*, forgot you didn't do the quest so read at your own risk.
  2. Glast Gambit STILL SUCKS

    As other mentioned, the idea is to camp the enemy "Goal" after you've reached the margin required. Don't try to pick up more green things as those lower your energy/health. Just block the enemy's pathway as long as you can. I think the AI controlled teammates don't contribute to the score when the Score requirement is reached, so you can just leave those 25-50 green crystal on the floor without any worries if you do protect the enemy goal. If you do die, expect the enemy to suddenly reach a lot more point than you as there will be nothing preventing them from scoring everything that is laying on the floor. You could also very well "Hide", but your AI teammates can still die and give away points so that's not necessarily the best idea neither. I haven't tried to CC them, but if you want to block the entire enemy Goal for the entire duration of the mission that might be a thing as well.
  3. Afk timers hops in -> All abilities are "Nullified" requiring the user to manually activate his abilities once again. The rift would be considered an ability and will be deactivated if the Timer pops in. Considering there's no movement button press if Limbo is indeed AFK, then the timer will surely pop in. If he is moving, then I couldn't really care less. At least that's how I see it.
  4. mod space too tight on melee

    I consider Pressure point and Bodycount/Drifting contact to be the only "Mandatory" mods, the one that HAVE to be on every build. Add BloodRush if Critical weapon to reach crazy amount in numbers. As for the rest : -Primed Reach doesn't work perfectly on all type of weapons ( It just kills in a broader area, it's preferential ) -Attack speed mods are good to have, but not necessary if you one shot every living things with raw damage -There's more than enough damage in a raw critical build, Organ shatter is mostly going to be meaningless. You'll always either Overkill the enemy due to all the Melee stacking or you'll simply not one-shot him. That's without forgetting the Armour removal Variable ( Status, powers, auras (Time the amount of teammates you have) that will greatly reduce an enemy survivability -LifeStrike can be removed on many occasions ( Healing weapons, Healing abilities, Auras, etc ), but you could more than likely just switch it for Organ shatter if you really believe it to be a Life-saving necessity. -Maiming strike should just disappear. ( I know you haven't mentioned it, but seriously it's a joke Mod ) -Spoiled strike is so-so. There's a downside to it and you can live without it. That's 3-4 less mods, you have the opportunity of choosing which you want. Add Riven to the equation ( More than unlikely that you'll have one for every weapon you like, but once you do it's 2-3 stats clustered in one mod. ) There's more than enough space for you to mod your melee weapon in a way that will Overkill the enemies. There's simply a lot to choose from.
  5. What classify's as a megathread?

    Only DE members uses the Megathread tag, ( I mean you technically can put it up, but it'll be removed by a Mod once seen ) it's mostly used after new big updates that require quite a lot of feedback and will see an intake of multiple threads merged into one. Well the short version of it is : You don't need to worry about it.
  6. Idea for switching to your operator

    About the Uselessness of the operator right now : DE did speak about passing from the "Emo kid" to the "Mentally grown up warrior with weapons". This should make operators more viable and give them a reason to be played. The idea of switching gear mid-mission sounds quite useless when you look at the current mission style that we have. ( Missions that can be completed in less than 2-5 minutes ) However I do feel like it could be a neat addition on PoE depending on the amount of time one stays in the Open World. This is going to be mostly affected by the time cycle and the distance of the missions. Could be good, could be useless only the main-update will tell. Though if it were to be an option, I wouldn't go in such a round-about way as to Defend the warframe Mid-mission. This slows down the pace to one single spot in order to receive a weapon that will most likely not make much of a difference for the time it does take to Ordis to bring them and forces you into a defence mission too, why even bother at this point. Which by itself brings another problem to my attention, what happens when you want to change weapon but everything you own is accidentally not how you expected it to be? ( It's well known that we sometime change our loadout's warframe/weapons and forget to change it back or the set you have is on "Preset C instead of Preset A and your modding is not how you'd want it to be ) Do you take 5-10 minutes mid-mission to switch it or do you simply cancel the whole thing?
  7. The AFK timer is dumb

    And to that I say : Staying in one place for 4 rounds without casting anything other than Quake is dumb. Congratulation, your teammates managed to get a whopping 40 kills out of a thousand enemies. So much for playing the game.
  8. Trinity change bored of spamming.

    The damage reduction wasn't mentioned as an issue though, as "Link" and "Blessing" mechanics weren't changed in the opening post. The need to constantly use abilities make the Trinity experience very mundane and boring. It's very not game-efficient when you're forced to use 3 powers every 5-10 seconds, the cast time and all that makes it almost too repetitive. Keeping an eye on Health+Blessing DR, plus keeping link up as well as keeping your team and your own energy up leaves for very little shooting time unless you decide to not take the "Team" path and play for yourself while supporting your team as a collateral of you playing normally. ( Which is a great thing to do, don't misunderstand me ) However, the general wave of people will start cursing at you if their energy/health goes down even a little because "Trinity is here, Trinity should do this and this". Which by itself further reinforce the need for a "Support" trinity, the one Evamp/overshield maniac that only press 2 and 4 for the whole game without shooting a single time. The amount of Forma you put in a frame serve as a very poor argument when considering how powerful a frame is. It takes like... 1 hour max to put 5-8 formas on a frame. Anyone can do it and there's no progression or skill involved in that.
  9. Trinity change bored of spamming.

    1- 15% of what damage though? It's to be noted that we can reach more than a thousand damage in a matter of milliseconds, 15% of that would be 150+ health in a radius of 25 meters every time you hit one enemy. ( It's a horde game, expect 5-10x that ) 2- Not exactly useful for Trinity herself, she might be support be she doesn't necessarily gain something from using this power. I'm not against Trinity sharing her energy pool, but do give her a major Whatever Buff when she does. 3- Not bad 4- Do require an explanation on the first change you've made though, the current 75% damage reduction for 15-20 seconds do sound good for an ultimate, but 150-400+ health every milliseconds from a self-cast AoE sounds like it could potentially cast shadows on Blessing.
  10. Atlas Talk

    I've played with Atlas in all sort of regular content : Fissures from T-1 to T-4, Sorties, regular alert and just casual playing. What I got from it was hours of enjoyment, as you mentioned above we like his abilities one way or another. If I were to correct you a bit, there really isn't much of a need to throw any ability down to play another one. You can fit various stats in one build without much of a hassle, considering that I have two augments, and the exilus slot out in the open I can still reach 20-40k one-punch, 20 meters Augmented Petrify and an Augmented Aggro golem. The one ability that I truly don't use is the Wall, everything from that one ability is simply lacking : -Small range -Small utility on release -Offer little protection in a mobility game I can live with the medium-sized amount of health it has, but the rest is simply unworthy of wasting my energy on when I could simply petrify the whole 20 meters area in-front of me and not get shot to begin with. Golem with the Augment aggros, knockback, deals okay-ish damage, makes for a summoning class giant that scares off new players in low level games( It's fun to see them panic ) It sounds a bit disappointing when you think "Ultimate power" but it does plenty enough for me. I could go for a Rock-armor ability, but I'm fairly attached to the Golem summoning as well. I'd trash the useless Dirt-Wall for a new ability at any time if it was possible. Though if I'm honest, what really got me to choose another frame in the end is his unfriendly Fashion-sense. There's only few cosmetics/weapon that do fit his large and round frame, his neck-less allure almost forces you into buying the TennoGen variant. And his skirt allowed him to receive the Title "Bacon-Frame".
  11. Idea for switching to your operator

    So the whole premise of your plan for the operator is to play hacking games in the liset? Not to forget that Ordis/Lotus could do that job fairly more efficiently without needing you to move a single finger if it was accessible from the Liset to begin with.
  12. Shotguns need a HUGE NERF

    Now that's a bit far-fetched. You're only making a fool of yourself now when using the game core mechanic against logic itself.
  13. Shotguns need a HUGE NERF

    While I'm very tempted to make a long post about how neglected that demand is, I'll keep it short. Fall-off damage is probably the only thing that needs to be looked at. I can't care less if they One shots sortie levels enemies most weapons do with little attention to modding. Shotgun just so happen to do better at close range and more popular( Which is like, 80% of warframe maps ) Riven also make this slightly more difficult to balance because even if you do nerf a weapon, others will be just as efficient with those in place. That type of logic simply doesn't work on a game where enemies scale. Let say you bring a level 1 sniper against a level 200 enemy, do you still expect your pea-shooter level sniper to oneshot the enemy after a headshot? This would work on a basis that all enemies/all weapons had a fixed amount of health and damage, but it's not the case.
  14. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    That's a pretty terrible guess, from a business point of view at least. Why push the hype to the limit at TennoCon if 90%+ of the playerbase won't be able to have it. Don't think I've heard anything about Frost Umbra neither which, unless I've been paying little attention, serves as another way of proving that this guess is based on personal desire rather than facts and informations.
  15. I like it, it's creepy and unique. I'd be much more disappointed if he looked like your regular NPC with a bit of gold on his shoulder. I find the current Ballas very hard to forget, his image just get stuck in your head.