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  1. Operator Hanging Around in Orbiter

    Spider-man kiss + Boy on boy reference?
  2. How to work well as a noob in endgame situations.

    1. Concentrating firepower will be more helpful than hiding in a corner. 2. If you have vitality, you have access to much better mods than Rush. Don't equip rush unless you can afford to miss a slot due to skill. 3. Contradictory suggestion is contradictory. Can't heal someone if even 1 stronger enemy is shooting you, tanking bullets without skill and knowledge is a terrible idea. 5. The AI ways of targeting people says otherwise. "Stay near to the group for possible revive" and "Don't actively try to get yourself killed" are the only things that should be said here. 6. Common sense is common sense. 7. Again, that's not how the AI works, you don't get to control the enemy's attention unless you own powers that do so. 8. To die or not to die, that's not the question, why is that a suggestion? 9. Bring whatever you want, just don't go picking fights that you can't win. 10. Melee's one of the strongest weapon you will have access to. This suggestion should be "Use Melee in an intelligent manner" tying up with every other suggestions. Self addition : 11. Don't play missions that you can't complete alone, or more precisiely, don't enter a mission expecting to get carried. This'll spare everyone, you included, from unneeded troubles.
  3. This slightly falls under the non-argument in my book. You'll naturally see only a very few selected individual as the combo requires a yearly event mod and a Riven combo, however the existence of the combo and its power are present. Just because you personally don't see something amongst millions of players doesn't mean it's not there to be abused. to put it into perspective : I own the combo and it's so powerful I've became disgusted by it, even went as far as to change my Zaw name to "Disappointment" From basic missions to Fissures and ending with sortie, I'll ALWAYS get 85%+ damage dealt even if I casual slide across the map because of the damage and reach output. I accidentally brought the weapon on a series of missions the other day and just started using spins out of habits because every red dots on the map were disappearing. I didn't think much of it until my friend, who was playing in a squad with me, pointed out that I had 93% of damage dealt and that he had 5 % just trying to keep up with me. ( I don't actually remember the kill counts for every player, but from my memory I had all 3 digits whiles my teammates didn't even pass 10 ) The two other random players could barely get a single kill before the extraction loaded, all they could do was follow and reach extraction as fast as they could so that they could leave my group. From that point on I actually "Tried" to get kills, Arcane Strike and Solo duration Volt just to mess around and see if I could make that number even higher. I obviously did, but at what cost? I destroyed any cooperation for that specific mission with a group of random players who probably came to enjoy their maybe favorite game casually, and all they got from it is me try-Harding and completely ruining any semblance of fun or entertainment they could've had with little to no chance at competing. I'm sure one would argue by saying that all they can do is block me and go on with their day, or that I should stop using it if I don't like it, but that's not how you solve a problem. Within that example I practically forced them to play fetch while I was enjoying myself, this is why I'm finding hard to believe that op "only wants people to play the game the way he wants". The very existence of that combo and it's use is a direct opposition to that argument. My apology for the giant text, I thought I'd write maybe one or two lines and I ended up adding an example, silly me.
  4. Yes, and naturally Stances are where those Arcs are at. The current system with that combo completely nullifies the need for anything else other than Pole-arms and whips mod spin combo. Melee weapons in any game aren't created with the idea of breaking through walls 20 meters away from your original hit, lets not go that way. Charge attacks and wall attacks are indeed awful, they require some look at, however we cannot ignore that Spin attack is largely over-stepping it's bound as compared to ANYTHING in the melee system. ________________________ Yes naturally, but if you remove one part of the issue, it diminishes the amount of users. ________________________ That is a BOLD claim ( Ah, get it..? Bold ) Melee is still highly viable even with spin spamming gone. Status stacking, armor removal and anything that applies to regular firearms modding doesn't only applies to guns. If anything, melee has Finisher within stances and on warframe abilities, channelling's extra damage to deal with heavy units or straight up multiply your damage if you're energy efficient as well as the Melee combo to hit ever further within the rank of damage. ________________________
  5. Ivara blueprint drop on Laomedia?🤔

    It does drop on Neptune, however I still suggest you stick to Oceanum on Pluto. Tileset is much more straight forward as compared to Nepture which throws you ice caves left and right and confusing your pathfinding waypoint every 4 rooms. Though if you are thinking of giving it a go anyway, I'd say run it 5 time with a weapon to level, it'll be less painful to get "Nothing" out of it if you're at least getting some Mastery points, if it hasn't dropped, then take a break and redo the next day.
  6. Warframe needs an event log!

    You do realize that a single mission has in average 500-1000 pickups? Needless to say, you'd have to go through more than one hour of log just to find the very first item you've picked in a mission. The same kinda applies for damage dealt, we're way past millions if we're looking through damage dealt to 200-5000 enemies on one mission. It would be even worst if every single status proc was tabbed on the Log. Healing might be more chill and relax though I'm sure Oberon's healing log would be filled with ones and tens every 2 milliseconds as compared to one hit heals like trinity, harrow and Equinox. Point being, if there was a Log, I'm willing to bet 5$ that you wouldn't ever be able to even find what you want to see. Edit : The only time I could find an use to it would be Simulacrum. The sheer number of pick-up and enemy spawn is entirely controlled and editted by you and only you.
  7. Yeah range is a weird one to look at. When I think about it, it's not really all that powerful, it's slightly convenient on some stance, basically allows you to hit 2-3 enemies instead of one. The real criminal in all of that is the massive chain of combo that a singular Spin attack has : Range reaching 15+ meters in hit distance ( Riven with 180%+ range extention along with Primed Reach ), the wide horizontal Arc'ing of Spin attack along with the 2x damage multiplier, the freedom of spam attached to Melee speed and Forward velocity, the existence of two mods that stacks damage crazily on each other. There's absolutely nothing in the current Melee model or even weapon model in general that would reach anywhere near that combo in a single hit.
  8. MR 4.

    I'm sure I'm only repeating what was already said, but : With the mods you currently own I'd say you've done a pretty good job at selecting your elements and using mods. I'd suggest to change Parry and Melee Prowess as well, but you seem like you don't own all that many efficient melee mods in order to do so. What I can suggest is : Max [Pressure Point],[Fury],[Fever Strike],[Shocking Touch]. Those are probably the most useful mods that you currently own and have equipped. As you get the Endo for those, I suggest you run a few missions in search of a Stance mod for your Weapon type ( You'll find which enemy to kill on the WarframeWiki ) What I suggest you do with the Forma : Hold on to it. At your level, the mods that you currently own plus a Stance Mod ( Stance gives extra capacity ) will be PLENTY to completely mod your melee weapon. This'll allow you to use it on things you find to your liking in a few days. ( Joining a Clan will let you have access to a tons of fun weapon blueprint to go through, weapons much more entertaining and powerful than Dex Dakra. ) Though now that I said that, I remember that you need a single Forma to build most of the weapons in the dojo... Just accidentally found out where you could use it.
  9. You guys reckon Slide attack would be fixed if instead of Arc'ing in a wide AoE it simply extended the range straightly forward just as Sparring weapons do? -It's convenient for single target, -opens up a path when sliding, -90% maiming strike would work magnificently without rendering any existing enemy position completely meaningless at any level, naturally it would still be possible to OneHit K.O a singular powerful enemy, but most popular weapon can do that so it's only fair, -combos would be a much better choice as intended as they'll have wider arcs and would stack up the multiplier more efficiently, -it scraps the idea of most Macros being used. -It fall back down to the same level as Charge attacks and Wall attacks and doesn't clear rooms in one millisecond anymore. That way Maiming strike stays good. Range stays good. Macros can kindly gtfo. And people aren't happy because I just killed the entire Spin2Win spam. (I just killed Focus farming as well, woops) (Probably killed whips in general too, oh well guess they'll deserve a buff and new stances now) But hey, I probably missed some sort of mythical technique that people will use, so do tell me what you think 'bout it.
  10. An extra tab

    As Zhoyzu said, you can literally just type Glad/Vigi and Hunt in the search bar and you'll get the entire set. An extra tab specifically for those mods sounds useless and rubbish.
  11. Noob having trouble doing survival for the Santayana

    Had to shorten the quote so that it wouldn't take too much space. Allow me to answer those points : Survival mission in general isn't too hard to understand : You enter a facility owned by enemies in a loud bang to get their attention whilst a NPC loots the entire ship and get you rewards every 5 minutes. The enemy decides that cutting "Oxygen" in the ship is the easiest way to deal with you, so they equip themselves with life-support pods and go on a hunt knowing that you're under pressure. That said, Lotus sends life support towers in your area in order for you to distract the enemy as much as possible whilst staying alive. That's all for the Lore section of Survival, anything that is event related will have its own read-able description somewhere, but most of the time it's not that important. ( This 5 year anniversary the theme was "Our merchandise got stolen, go pick it back up" ) Now lets jump on to a few gameplay facts : -Life Support Tower provide you with 30% life support for every use along with a singular health orb for your well being. -Enemies have a small chance to drop a life support upon death, said life support pods singularly give you 4% life support each. This may not sound like much, but as a team you're often expected to kill 100-200 enemies per 5 minutes. ( And I reckon this might be your issue right there ) With all that considered you can easily fill an entire life support bar from enemy drop alone, and if you're unlucky enough to not get the RNG drop for the pods, you can use a Tower to save you. -Crates and Lockers also have a chance to drop life support, they're not necessarily worth it, but it's a bit of an extra if you do decide to open them. _______________________________________________ As for the frame, there's not much to say here : You can bring whoever you want, there's not going to be much of a difference at that level in term of damage. The only thing that is worth considering is Farming frames such as Nekros, Ivara and Hydroid. They have unique abilities that allow 2x loots on a certain condition (kill, ability touched the enemy, range, energy usage) ,however it is very unlikely that you'll own any of those at Mastery 6. As I pointed out earlier, it's an event specifically created to give new players an easy gift, the level is low to begin with and the difficulty isn't crazy high,that is why I find there's not much of a suggestion as to which frame you should bring. ________________________________________________ There's really only one hindrance possible in a survival mission : -Using Life support tower for absolutely no reason. If you're following the advice above and only using those when reaching 20-40% then you will not be considered a hindrance, certainly not at this level of a mission. As long as you're taking some kills, getting your loot worth and making sure that the mission doesn't fail due to 0% life support, then you're good. __________________________________________________ This last part brings me back to the thing I pointed out earlier. As an older player myself, I often find myself with 200-300 kills in a multiplayer server from as little as the 5 minute marks. Having only 50 kills after 10 minutes ( if I remember correctly ) in solo of all things serves to show that the spawn rate is significantly lower or that you may simply be taking slightly too much time to kill those event unit alone. Conclusion : For the time being, as the event is there currently I suggest playing online in a group of four and attempting to pass through it at the very least for the reward. As you continue on with the game you'll learn many different things such as elemental weakness and you'll earn new mods to play with. It's not that you're having issue personally with survivals, but rather that you're still mid-progression. Once you get more used to the warframe universe it'll become a walk in the park for you to stay hours into a survival without ever using a single Support Tower.
  12. Personal Decorations - How do I use this??

    I do so believe the Yellow coloured "Trading post" is called a Treasury. Have you tried interacting with it?
  13. Spawns and Contribute to All

    No additional comment, you hit spot on for both those subjects. +1
  14. Warframes

    "People use Roar for the high damage, but in relation to damage he is very low." I sense a contradiction here. He is one of the most versatile in term of Damage/survivability and crowd control from the easily acquired warframes. He's in theory, everything that you want in one singular warframe from as little as the second planet. I'd also like to add that ALL of his abilities ( Yes, even the first one ) are to some extent used by the majority of Rhino players as they all offer their own little niche and useful effect. You are definitely not talking about Rhino if you describe him to be garbage.
  15. Melee Fool/Main what am i missing

    I'll take note of that and change the wording above for something more personal opinion-esque. Much appreciated.