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  1. There shouldn't be any kind of penalty on sorties. There's many reasons why this would be an absolutely terrible idea, but I'll leave it at that.
  2. Simplier solution I see here : Go in recruitment chat Type : Hosting multiple vault runs Build multiple Orokin Derelict Capture keys Profit from being carried at high speed.
  3. Though, more members also mean increased resources cost for built items keep that in mind before building all four barracks.
  4. That sums up what I was thinking all along, couldn't really put it into words. Increasing your mastery rank by 1 just to complete a junction won't make you more OP and it won't really remove the challenge out of the game. I can understand the feeling of wanting to keep the "0" on the mastery rank to prove that you've kept it low, but at the same time it's completely useless to do so. You could pretty much build 20-30% of the existing weapons in the game with maxed forma and catalyst/reactors while never completing the mastery rank test, you'll still manage to run sorties and other high level content without breaking a sweat if you did so correctly.
  5. Xbox live issues, it was mentioned on Warframe's twitter.
  6. Xbox live issues, it was announced on Warframe's Twitter.
  7. Alright, thanks for that info cx.
  8. Is that snowhill one of the free captura map? I'll need to spend more time in captura after watching you achieve those sort of things
  9. First one would make for a good ps4 background if excalibur wasn't there xd
  10. 1 In one situation, you send few information about a problem to the dev for them to fix it, no one know how much time it'll take for them to find the problematic point and fix it, daily victims of the one and same scammers will increase as nobody received any type of notice of a problem when trading. 2 On the other situation, a fellow community member sent a ticket with few information to the dev team so that they may start looking into the problem while he notified the community of an existing bug so that they may be wary of the problem. In both situation a small amount of people are bound to find the bug be it from being a victim or hearing from it from other sources. but the situation that is most likely to lower the casualties is if everyone is noticed of that error in the game while it is being fixed. And that is why I believe the second scenario to be the better one.
  11. You asked if we hated limbo for simply existing or for the way it plays in defence. I only shared my point of view on a larger scale on why Limbo might be less popular with the community. Limbo's powers have a somewhat terrible impact on your teammates, telling me to not use rift surge and turn off stasis while keeping banish only for myself is just basically telling me to not use limbo at all which is the whole point I was making.
  12. With the recent update I've been tempted to use some weapons that I've held dusty in my inventory for quite a while. The Mutalist Quanta is one of them, and upon trying to stack the alt-fire to make the best out of it, I've noticed that the balls seems to be attracted to each other, this would be a neat addition if only the attraction didn't suddenly make the ball bounce back 2 or 3 meters behind me after merging together. This seems to happen when you merge the two first alt-fires together since they both attract each other to merge. I find it slightly frustrating to backtrack every time the alt-fire is used.
  13. Correct me if I remember wrong, but wasn't that a feature coming along with Kingpin? Clan leader creating missions the way they want for clan members to play? I swear I saw that somewhere, but I have such terrible brain capacities...
  14. The problem that I see with Limbo is that his powers, while being good for the user, will have a significant impact on your teammates gameplay. A giant cataclysm is just a huge hole that void bullets for anyone outside of its area. If the cataclysm isn't big enough and your teammates are inside, they'll be forced to run/jump outside of said area to shoot at enemies that are further away. Statis prevents gun-fire as long as the limbo in your team decides to hold the power, there's a rift shatter for maximum capacity, but there's a lot of weapon that don't contribute to it. As all of limbo's power only work in the rift, you'll often see giant cataclysm ( Max range/Max duration ) on every build, which also affects the duration of other more troublesome powers on which you, as a different player, have absolutely no control on. I don't personally hate limbo, on his own he is an amazing thing to play. However when you play with teammates it just doesn't feel as right. There's only one objective on many mission so you'll always somehow end up interfering with one of your 3 other teammates one way or another as soon as you use your powers and that is what annoys most people. Some warframe power rewards you for transfering you power onto another Tenno( +damage, +armor, +defence, +speed ) , Limbo's banish just hinder them, force them to roll 5 meters before re-doing what they expected to do 3 seconds ago.
  15. Riven trading does not get you banned, however creating multiple account to transfer riven and get a higher amount of Riven slots is against the rules which is what OP did. At least that's what I got from reading the 4 previous thread he created.