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  1. Right, I kinda miss walking around the Kuva fortress map and I haven't gotten around to looking at the Lua conclave map neither because it's a giant frog hopping mess in there with other players.
  2. Anddd you got me. Unquoted message usually refers to the opening post so I didn't bother checking for everyone's singular answer, but yeah. Your reply makes much more sense now.
  3. Except he didn't say he pretended to be an official moderator, he said he took on the role of one and reminded people of the usage rules. It's not the equivalent of giving out fake parking tickets and wearing a police hat since OP literally has no moderation power over the chat, he didn't claim to be an official nor did he have the power to enforce anything. If anything he was just a nosy civilian who saw troublemakers and decided to intervene verbally. You're allowed to remind people of rules and the punishment that goes with it. Going from 0-100% and reporting an entire chat worth
  4. Isn't the chassis an axi relic? All you have to do for the blueprint is farm ukko or whatever it's called, capture mission in the void. It takes 40 seconds and you get yourself a relic. Axi though... Axi's a massive pain in the behind. But hey, thanks for taking away the trouble for other people, guess they'll have the set faster.
  5. I'm a bit fond of the accessories, don't get me wrong, they're not as grandiose as the operator suit we got last time or some of the armor bundles with crazy effects, but they've definitely caught my attention. I'd definitely go for it if I wasn't so personally set up on not using my money to buy cosmetic items. I look forward to seeing what people make of those new cosmetics once they purchase them.
  6. So what you're telling me is that there's a new broken mod that's burst-casting a fake ability and giving your sentinel max exp for it over the lapse of a short mission? Hold on where are my formas... And Fortuna for that matter, I must've dropped those somewhere.
  7. You're good, there won't be any issue with that. Vaulting only means that the current relics in the game that have "Nekros" in them will no longer be acquirable through farming/grinding. Vaulting will not interact with your inventory/foundry anyhow. It only affects Relic Drops in the game for the Vaulted items. To be noted, if you own Nekros Relics already, you will keep them and they can be used even after the vault.
  8. I do so believe the Yellow coloured "Trading post" is called a Treasury. Have you tried interacting with it?
  9. Makes for a really awkward moment when you're talking about real life stuff with a friend in Whispers and suddenly the whole Relay's onto your life because you decided to send the message 1 second too late. Does the same with Squad chat and Dojo Chat when you open up a new instance, really annoying to cancel what you're writing 3/4 into it to switch channel back again to whom you meant to send it. Really wish it wasn't this inconvenient.
  10. DE has, like any other people, their days off from work for Christmas. This means that for a week or two there will be no updates, no contacts with the player base, no development and naturally nothing to talk about for warframe. With that in mind, holding an event on the holiday on which most people are not working is the most beneficial for an active company that's gonna go silent for a week or two. It gives the daily player something to do, It encourages the working player base into getting online, It gives warframe a spotlight and keeps it active on the holiday and also brings n
  11. If you're still hesitating on the idea of Nova's wormhole being affected by strength, you could indeed take Equinox in her stead. The unchanged speed for nova's wormhole is 50%, Equinox would be able to boost Zephyr's Jet stream, Volt's speed and Octavia's mobility ability to greater ends all at once granting an overall bigger bonus.
  12. No, you've made it very ambiguous who the runner is, your main team setup was Loki, and this was used in a situation three time from top to bottom while zephyr was only examplified once "Assuming you want the speed to last for more time". Why add this team composition in a primary order if you're going to disprove it and re-use it as an argument three time in a row, only to then throw zephyr as the runner in a ending paragraph line. Side note : Nidus link increase strength as per it's ability description " Bind to a target with a parasitic link. For allies, both the host and Nidus gain
  13. But your test are going to be held back by whether or not Zephyr can keep up, and it won't be the maximum speed if you need to slow yourself down for zephyr to keep up. You'd do better to have frames that provide you with a buff on Volt's speed cast and then let you go. ( There's plenty of frames with those strength buff ) You're also losing supplementary buffs if you take a warframe that cannot self-buff anyhow. Sprint speed is one thing, but a straight up increase of 20%+ or more will do better than just having a slightly better general sprint speed.
  14. That's kind of the point of that choice system. Pick one amongst all of them and go back to farming more traces for radiant, not stacking up void traces and getting 4 golden rewards out of 4 when they appear. One reward every 5 minutes/waves, not a double/triple/quadruple reward whenever you want.
  15. Lets not put a microtransaction on an item that is still subject to change. I would've been damned if I had to pay 100 plat to re-route my tree on Focus 1.0 before 2.0 came out. Edit : Find an alternative route to that because asking for 100 plat to re-route on a non-permanent (At least not announced to be) feature is basically just being as greedy as you could ever be as a company selling a game.
  16. Confirming what was repeated above twice, Warlord decides who does what, as a matter of example, even the lowest rank could have building privilege if the warlord wanted it to. If you want any type of permission you may want to ask any Warlord or the Clan owner to receive such permissions.
  17. Like I said, you started up the argument in a perfectly respectable manners, I could see the comparison between life/ambience and all that stuff and even the little sarcastic reference to Steve's message. The follow-up, however, had very little to do with what you used to make the link from my point of view. It's all a matter of perspective, if you see the Music spot as a "Convenient passive element" then you may place those everywhere at any time without a thought in the world. However, in the argument above you've given it a value equal to general ambience in Cetus, which mean that thos
  18. I can understand the whole music/sound track argument and how it enhance ones experience with the world of the game, but that argument and "We need another Octavia spot" are two completely different things. You can't put Relay Ambience and Player created music on the same chord. I'm not against another Octavia spot, but I sure could've gone without the "Music is life" shenanigan if the whole argument was just for another Octavia spot.
  19. I'm waiting for a third Overlord617 to join into this conversation and tell the other two how wrong they are, otherwise this joke isn't complete.
  20. Alignment is moon. Saw him three time in a single day, but he hasn't granted me the pleasure of his presence ever since that day. I still do not own Harrow so I highly doubt it's Warframe related as Nidus was. I did trigger him once by switching from Warframe to operator near my Arsenal, can't say this trick works at 100%, but it's worth a try. So far I've met him in the following spot ( In case you maybe would've missed him from lack of attention ) : Sitting beside the "Grineer" scanner when you go down the automatic stair in the Liset as soon as Harrow's quest was completed. To
  21. Why use "Criminal offence". You're making it seem much worst than it is. As said above, you've missed three items, which can be seen as promotional gift for people who helped fund the game when it was in dire condition. You can fund all you want now, but you certainly didn't save the game from Doom when it most needed it. Those three items are a simple "Thank you" promise for those who did, their stats are mediocre and won't "Save" you ( Or whatever poetic theme you want to go for ). The only thing you're missing on is a few mastery exp. Just like any Console player. Events come b
  22. This is a post about Founder items locking Mastery Rank exp behind now unobtainable items, isn't it?
  23. Allow me to enlighten you : The market place is a Relay, no voice chat in here. PoE is a Squad based map, voicechat will be like any other mission.
  24. The Man in the Wall is his name, he's basically an entity that you brought with you after liberating Rell.
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