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  1. You mean like enemy defense reduction and slow? Sounds like good group support to me. Literally every single ability of hers becomes better, ignoring Hysteria. Sitting in Hysteria all the time is boring and S#&$. Press 4 to win shouldn't be a thing. Work for your invulnerability and use the 'Oh S#&$' button as it should be used. In OH S#&$ moments. You don't need status chance since you can strip defenses. YOu just need a S#&$load of damage to shred health. You're welcome. And you can use her paralysis + augment to bunch them up. Nothing wrong with a frame being anti single hard hitting target either. I like the passive addition you mentioned. She's a cat after all. Good job. Her third ability is nice now. And it would be awesome with this rework. The end.
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