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    https://imgur.com/a/3xWES This is an album of all my Mag fashion, including some 'beauty shots'. I have 40 maximized Mag Primes as of now ,primarily for fashion but also for build diversity. If you want specifics for a look just ask 😄
  2. If Mag uses the augment Fracturing Crush the host does not see the energy effect for it being active. (it's a swirl aorund the enemies feet). Clients see it, just the host doesn't. The power does work though, so it's just a visual thing. Still a bit annoying :x Can't tell if it works/how long it does as host ❤️
  3. Simmml

    Mag FanArt

    Because she's the best
  4. I posted this somewhere else too, but it would be lovely to be on Prime Time 😄
  5. Simmml

    Mag FanArt

    They are all Primes lol
  6. Simmml

    Mag FanArt

    I love Mag, I think she's the most wonderful and balanced frame in the game (reason why I own 35 of them as of now). I also think that Sacrifice was the most emotionally powerful quest in the game (apart from Second Dream, but that is because of the connection built to the frame prior to the *REDACTED*) So I finally got my tablet back and decided to pay tribute with my first piece in a long while.
  7. Super excited about this! Clan: Donnersuff Tier: Ghost Platform: PC Role: Founding Warlord The dojo is designed to look like built into a mobilized asteroid. https://imgur.com/a/96LFLTO
  8. I hope a few things too: 1) That you enjoy the boners you get form leader boards 2) That there will not be more leader board events 3) That bot generated messages get auto deleted :)
  9. https://imgur.com/23A2Bdz https://imgur.com/3Jk0p0x https://imgur.com/aKttUjo
  10. https://imgur.com/Du2XkWO My first art in years. Hope you like it ❤️
  11. Bring CP and you can use whatever. Enemies without armor fall over if you sneeze at them. Maybe you just need to double check your builds. And on a sidenote: There's specific frames for a job for a reason. Your request feels a bit 'I know I need a butcher, but a painter should do fine too'
  12. Veterans would bring 4 CP. But you are a Veteran since you're complaining. So I am sure you know that :)
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