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  1. GTX970ti here, and I am playing in borderless fullscreen on my second monitor with a 1.5x DSR factor. The only time I really noticed any slowdowns, is when I got the proc from the Knell sidearm while scoped. Something causes sudden FPS loss when that happens. Only really noticeable on Earth. Not sure why.
  2. In Solo Mode, it is nearly impossible to crack open a Relic because the amount of enemies spawning is so low, that the few enemies that do get corrupted result in an abysmal droprate of reactant. You end up being forced to play badly and let them capture the posts just to extend the duration of the mission. This has been happening countless times on the Corpus Interception mission. 2 reactant after reaching 50%? Not good.
  3. As long as you use a silenced weapon (or Loki's Hushed Invisibility), they will completely ignore you. Without that, they will know that you're there, somewhere, and start to blindly fire in the general direction you were in, in order to hit you. If you run into them, they may either start shooting, or spaz out wildly. If you strike them with a melee weapon, they may blind-fire their gun or very rarely use one of their abilities (where applicable).
  4. That's called an afterthought. Or a "wait...crap... We gotta hotfix this somehow".
  5. Hahaha... ohhhh. Yeah. They're totally gonna apply this to enemies. Mobs always get the same (or better) version of any potential buff or ability that was introduced as a player-feature :P And the same goes for any nerf or weakness (*cough* Damage 2.0 Weaknesses *cough*) applied to players.
  6. Imagine that power at the fingertips of your salty sibling/roommate or some hacker... It simply does not, and will not exist. Make a new account, and play using that.
  7. The movement system is okay, but now the minimap is even more useless than before. Kinda wish this change had come with a intuitive 3D map that shows what's infront/behind above/below and left/right in a way that makes it clear. Enemies have markers, but items/containers do not.
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