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  1. Bug found on io (defense mission on jupiter) Was at wave 18 then a attack drone decide to become invincible like he was not here cant cast my 2 (mag) on him cause invalide target but he was able to kill me. Nothing litterally tenno / power / weapons was able to deal damage to him. result : def lose at wave 18th cause invicible Attack drone of death.
  2. Huuuum will try with no spoiler but on the simaris phase just try it two times in a row and warframe (the game) crash just at the end of this when a dialogue cinematic is in play. Just Can't Finish the Quest. :'( plz fix it, it's funny cause unusual mission but this is getting frustrating right now. (really sad to have speed up the foundry cost for mandcord right now but that's one is on me i should have know since the time every update come with their bugs :'(
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