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Good day i am Trancemaster but you can call me Trancescrub or Greken w/e works.

I am 23 years old and live in sweden. I enjoy grinding, farming, boosting and smashing stuff to pieces.


I am a old top 10 player from closed beta and always fight to try and stay up there. tho with recent content releases i have played abit less warframe and focus on other games but this aint a bad game in anyway...its just quite easy to burn out xD. 

Me and a few friends are always gaming together and we have a clan called <Underrated> This is a clan you can find in many other games aswell.

for Example its in WoW, Eve online, Path of Exile, Trackmania, Starwars the old republic, Aion, Rift and so on.

but the original guild comes from world of warcraft - Kazzak EU horde side 


I am also running a livestream over @ twitch


so feel free to drop by if you feel like it. otherwise best of luck to you all.

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