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  1. Another stream... another crazy show... another time of crying in joy.... ❤️
  2. Maaann and i thought we have the stunning Modlink then xD
  3. No one will play this complete useless weapon unless amphis gets a buff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. No need to cut off his tail lol xD (just appearing with mithra skin equipped!) @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca
  5. I hope this is a Bug...That also concerns the other TennoGen skin. It's kinda ruining Wukong Fashionframe ^^' Give Wukong Fashion bit more love 😄 @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan
  6. Hier findest du tatsächlich mal aktive Leute, die das Game bereits ein paar Jährchen spielen und trotzdem noch am Start sind. Meiner Meinung nach nur noch selten heutzutage anzutreffen. Deswegen gibt es immer wieder afk-Clans, bei denen alle abgesprungen sind und in anderen Games unterwegs sind. Auch was High End content oder Min-Maxing angeht sind wir mit an vorderster Front, wodurch wir auch Spitzenplätze in den Leaderboards bei Events erreichen! Speziell dafür haben wir eine gute Organisation und Kommunikation um alles was geht an Skill raus zu holen! 😛 Gerade auch neuere Leute können denke ich mal von unserem Build-Channel im DC profitieren. Dort werden dutzende Builds zu allem Möglichen hochgeladen. Da sollte für jeden was dabei sein und wenn nicht, dann teil einfach deine Konfiguration mit uns :D TLDR: wer nicht nur Bock auf Casual Content hat, sondern auch im Top Tier unterwegs sein will, ist hier goldrichtig!
  7. Ok so far not so bad but there are two things: 1st: Please let mods like Adaptation also affect the clone since it would be just another stupid cannon fodder similar to equinox clone (one shot and he is dead) 2nd: The stored Damage of Defy becomes completely useless when it faces Armored Units... Like heavy Gunner or Bombards. Plz do sth about that otherwise it would just a S#&$ty gimmick since most of the enemies have Armor...
  8. Only this weekend? @[DE]Megan I'm on vacation so i cant play ^^' Damn...
  9. Well... here we go again... *Take a knife* Close your eyes dear wallet... i make it short...Serve me this last time... It was an honor to live with you... side by side... untill the very End... We have experinced a lot of Fashions... Remember TennoGen Round 15? You almost died there... But you made it... We will meet again on the other side...reserve me a seat hehe... ^^ Wallet: "It's all good my friend... I had a fullfilled life...Some will call me a fool but i think when we all work together then...then one day skins can be also applied on zaws... I'm sure about that...." Me: "Yeah! Let me make your dream come true my old friend... as a last service of our friendship! Farewell...." *begin to cry*
  10. Sooo...another Leaderboard wipe incoming???
  11. Leaderboard Reset? So everyone has a fair chance to take 1st Place in Leaderboard otherwise it would be just a kick in the ass 😕 These glitched/cheated Scores are nothing u can be proud of and should be erased immediately! #PileOfShame @[DE]Rebecca
  12. I have just finished my Wisp build but i noticed something odd... Sth like Growing Power works but Pax Bolt doesnt give me the Extra Power Strength Boost for my Abilities e.g. the Reservoirs...
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