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  1. Hey if we're just adding another gun, to add another gun, I'd rather we add an other gun. Something new and different, instead of a fourth gun of the same types. There is an unused Gun Seat on the top of the Railjack, under the glass dome, over the generator(?), I'd expect an addition to go there. Maybe something heavier than the regular Sideguns, meant to make the dedicated Gunner be more important.
  2. Once you Unlock the Intrinsic that lets you teleport within the Railjack, your distance from the Forge becomes irrelevant. And with the two existing side guns being pretty much useless as they currently are, I'd rather we start by making these two needed, before we add a third one.
  3. Why are we still giving attention to this factually incorrect post? Railjack Guns are significantly easier to use for same or more Damage. Railjack Ordnances can destroy Fighters by the handfull, when the AoE options of Archwings are either too small or too weak. The Forward Artillery can easily OHKO Crewships, when Archwings can't do any lethal Damage to them Railjack Abilities are blatanty overpowered when Archwings' are borderline useless. The Railjack is undeniably faster than any Archwing, and the fastest way to move in Archwing is to get Slingshot by a Railjack.
  4. They probably mean the full Jordas Golem Raid, not the Archwing Boss Fight.
  5. As I've previously posted in a similar thread, being able to use the Decals, normaly used in our Personal Quarters, on our Railjack's interior walls, would be pretty neat.
  6. I think there's two things that need to be done: 1. Make Archwings solid personal Fighters. This should be part of the Archwing Rework. 2. Create Railjack Points of Interest that need to be done with Archwings specifically. You could even reuse the current Archwing Missions/Tilesets for them. "Destroy the Enemy Capital's Power Generator" Point of Interest, it's reused Archwing Sabotage. Or maybe as a random event, a Fomorian suddenly warps in the mission and starts shooting at the Railjack. The Railjack has to disable its external Defenses and an Archwing has to go in and w
  7. While Railjack Revisited was an overall improvement, I'm fairly dissapointed by how squishy all Enemy Fighters are and by how insignificant Hazards feel. For Fighters, I think that the regular ones (Cutters, Flaks and Taktis) are in an okay position, as it is always nice to have some fodder for our Abilities to kill by the handfulls, but the only Heavy Fighter currently available, the Outrider, is in a sad state. What used to be a significant Enemy, that you could only take down by destroying its weakspots, is now a pushover whose weakspots you can completely ignore and just brute fo
  8. So much yes for these three points. Some of them should be easy to implement by reusing current assets, others would need more work, but together they'd add so much variety and spontaneity to Railjack, very fitting for the game's nature of "procedurally generated content meant to be played over and over again". Specifically for the "Ogma variants as melee fighters, that use a claw to grab onto Railjack and begin sawing it open" point, it could be interesting if they were out of the Pilot's and Gunners' FoV, forcing a Player to hop out with their Archwing and destroy it while it's latched
  9. I'm not sure about "transfer", but otherwise, yes please. It would honestly be an amazing place to introduce Sentient Invasions, acting like Infested Invasions.
  10. Yeah, as long as the Pilot can Solo the whole Mode by mashing his Ability Keys, Gunners will be useless. Nerfing the current Pilot and then giving some of that power back with Command could be the way to go at it but I fear that there's lots of ways that it could go wrong too. Another post recommended allowing those with Gunnery 10 to take control of both of the side guns at the same time, which would be really strong and cool, if Railjack was more about the guns instead of the Abilities.
  11. afaik DE hosts some Conclave Servers and the rest are Community Hosted also it is a "netcode" issue as P2P will simply never be as reliable as dedicated servers for anything beyond 2 people. and your point about the host's internet and/or machine not being able to keep up, is an additional complication. who knows, maybe the DTLS netcode we got with this latest Ensmallening will help with Railjack. 🤞 that's a weird way to spell "kill the Lotus"
  12. Oh no, I've just recently started watching TNG and now I want giant space jellyfishes holding hands in Warframe.
  13. Space Whales trully are a Science Fantasy staple.
  14. "Yes please" for the whole post. "Refine All" is kinda useful to accelerate your early Railjack progression and can also help those who're hopping on a Railjack Mission to gather the Resources needed to build their own Railjack. IMO the issue is that it loses all use after that point, so maybe giving it more instead of taking it away would be the better option. Simply allow us to use the Railjack's Arsenal when no Main or Side Objective is left Active and it's perfect.
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