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  1. There's three things that lock you out of the Video. 1. Your Birthday as stated in your Account. As long as YouTube considers you to be over 18, you can watch the video... in most countries. 2. Your Physical Location. EU Countries, and maybe others, are the ones that demand of YouTube to double check our Age. You can bypass that by using a VPN. 3. Your Country of residence as stated in your Account. If your Account states that you're an EU resident, the video won't play. If either of these three isn't taken care of, the video will remain blocked for you.
  2. I hope not. Friday Updates have a tendency to go poorly. A Friday Update that's also a simultaneous release on all Platforms? I shudder. Maybe the Update was meant for mid-week, along with the Dev Workshops and the "get these mods today" was forgotten in. Hopefully the Update's on Monday.
  3. Okay, sure, for Level Cap Missions, these might be a problem. So would be losing all your Combo Multiplier. Simple solution, don't let them run out. If the Buff Durations are too short we can complain about that, but lets actually test it first, eh? And really now, since when are Level Cap Missions even remotely relevant to the Game's Balancing? Eidolons don't need more Damage, that's why people can do 5x3s and even more/faster, Solo, with Volt, without infusing Roar. And for regular Squads, they don't need more Damage exactly because People can and should pick a Damage Buffing Frame
  4. That I can't be sure of. On a quick glance the numbers look solid, but I won't know until I get my hand on them. Don't forget that Condition Overload and Bloodrush are additive as well and they're doing wonders for Melee. My main problem with the proposed stuff is how hard it will be to test them out. Several 14 Capacity 10 Rank Mods, for the already capacity-starved and cramped Primary and Secondary Builds. Several Arcanes, seemingly Rank 5 ones, so 21 Arcanes needed, for 6 Sets, dropping at random.
  5. I'm talking Gun Builds. No Warframe Buffs. There's some Guns that are frankly incapable of even dealing with Level 80 Content without Rivens and/or external buffs, but most Guns, with the correct Builds, are fully capable of taking down Light and usually Medium Units in Steel Path. From there the Galvanized Mods should take our Damage the rest of the way needed to kill any Heavy Unit available and also significantly reducing TTKs on all other Units. I still doubt that they'll be able to out-do Melees when it comes to Solo Steel Path, but in every other setting these Mods might be mor
  6. Is the logic of "We need more Damage against Heavy Enemy Units, so we kill Lite Units to get the power needed for the aforementioned Heavy Units" too hard to follow? Lite Unit < Base Damage < Medium Unit < Some Galvanized Damage < Heavy Unit < Full Galvanized Damage Simple enough?
  7. People weren't asking for more Damage on Eidolons and Profit Taker, people were asking for more Damage for Guns vs High Levels and Steel Path, and that's what they're getting. People were also wrong, because what Guns need is AoE, but that's another bucket of worms. And Heavy Gunners, against most Guns, on Steel Path, are certainly not Trash Units. Nor are Noxes, Bursas, Juggernauts, etc. As for Demolishers, in the only type of Content that the Galvanized Mods would actually be needed(?), there'll be plenty of Light Units to get the Mods started, Medium Units to keep them active
  8. Yeah, if your Guns can't kill Steel Path Medium, or at least Light Grineer Units, you're doing something wrong.
  9. Are we even playing the same game? Does the TTK on a Butcher vs a Heavy Gunner even compare? Of a Leaper vs a Jugulus? Of a Shield Osprey vs a Bursa? You kill the Trash Units with the existing power level builds, to trigger the Galvanized Effects and start scaling your Damage so that you can kill the Heavy Units faster.
  10. PPP is not a choice in the Live Build, CO is simply better in all situations. In all situations, thanks to Weeping Wounds, forced Status Procs from Stances and Primer Guns. There's no existing content in which PPP's slight head start compares to how much stronger CO gets. Slowed down CO will at the very least create some niche for PPP to slot in, because, and let me repeat myself, PPP on the Live Build has no use when compared to CO.
  11. If your existing Guns on the Live Build can't kill trash Units to get the Galvanized Mods going, something's very wrong with your builds.
  12. So PPP has its place in Mid Level Missions and CO retains its place in High Level Missions and with Melees of Low Damage but High Attack Speed, or Low Crit but High Status in all Missions. How is that a problem.
  13. Condition Overload won't be worse than Primed Pressure Point, and it's obviously not what they intend. Current Condition Overload vs Primed Pressure Point: No Status Effects: 0% vs 165% One Status Effect: 120% vs 165% Two Status Effects: 240% vs 165%, CO is already better. Proposed Condition Overload vs Primed Pressure Point: No Status Effects: 0% vs 165% One Status Effect: 80% vs 165% Two Status Effects: 160% vs 165%, CO is insignificantly worse, a total Damage Loss of (1 + .8*2) / (1 + 1.65) = 2.6/2.65 = 98%, 2% Damage Loss. Three Status Eff
  14. Melee nerfs are sensible. Bloodrush's +440% Crit Chance is still more than True Steel on Heavy Attacks, or Sacrificial Steel with Set Bonus 2. And for those who want even more, the Gladiator Mods exist. Condition Overload will still be the Damage Mod for long Missions and any Status Melee, Hybrid Melee, or even Crit Melee with Weeping Wounds. Berserk Fury difference should barely be noticeable for anyone who wasn't stacking with pFury, though I still can't see why I'd use any other Attack Speed Mod over it. I don't agree with the Glaive Nerf, it feels like it won't change their effe
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