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  1. I had written a paragraph about this, but I've only spent enough time with Naramon, so I didn't feel that comfortable commenting on. But yes, judging purely based on extensive experience with Naramon and slight with Madurai and Zenurik, Focus Trees really need a looking over. Some Abilities are great, but others are in dire need of buffs, reworks or simply to be cut or merged. DE Scott mentioned on the latest Devstream, in which they first mentioned this next Warframe Revised being a thing, that there's some Status stuff to look at, so I'm confident we'll see changes.
  2. I'd like us to make a bunch of personal lists, so that the community team and other feedback-gathering folk, can see which "wants" appear a lot. Please be as concise as possible. Also posted on Reddit, here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/jiot0l/next_warframe_revised_what_do_you_want/ Here's my own: Status Types: Buff Impact - Decent with "Blood for X" Parazon Mods, but getting Mercy Kills is very unreliable, the Enemy will most likely just die instead. Buff Cold - Its CC Element isn't much
  3. Will the next Prime come with its Leverian? If not, what is the future of the Leverian?
  4. What's your current system Specs? Motherboard + GPU specifically. Dropping support for end-of-life OSs and APIs, removes the need of supporting low population and possibly unsafe branches of their product, which opens up resources to be spent elsewhere, like Deferred Rendering and DX12. Like it or not, visuals attract players, and players is what keep games alive. And DX12 is more than just better visuals, as it also entails better performance for higher core/thread systems. And no, these "resources" can't be moved over to Gameplay Systems' Design and Implementation, because t
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