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  1. The Hounds that spawn mid-mission, don't play the Parazon Finisher Animations, just the generic "hacking" Parazon Animation. The Hounds that spawn with invading Sisters will play their Parazon Finisher Animations just fine. Just to be clear, the mechanical part functions correctly. (Blood for X Mods, Murmur Progression, etc)
  2. It'd be great if we got some Mechanical changes for them too. Like making Concealed Explosives' and Thunderbolt's Damage scale with Mods, or be based off of the dealt Damage, instead of dealing their current pitiful flat 250. And maybe making Blast cause an actual Explosion, dealing AoE Damage, with scaling Radius Size or inverse scaling Damage Fall Off the more Blast Status Effects the target has on them.
  3. This is already live on PC and should arive to PlayStation at some point.
  4. Will the Galvanized Critical Mods'[1][2] Stacks be changed to tick-down like all the other Galvanized Mods and the Primary/Secondary Arcanes? I really hope that this is an oversight or bug, and not a balance choice, because they're significantly harder to trigger than the others' Stacking Buffs, while also being the only ones whose non-scaling half is conditional and with their potential power increase being very weapon specific and also, debatably, the weakest of the bunch. There's seemingly always a better Mod choice, even in very Criticial and One-Shot oriented Weapons.
  5. wasn't that fixed a few patches ago edit: here it is it should be bundled in with this Update for Consoles
  6. Tyl Regor should drop both a Night and a Day Part every time you defeat him, to narrow the grind somewhat, and the crafting time for each half should be reduced to 12h, like regular Warframe Parts, or crafting the main Equinox BP should be instantaneous, like a minute of craft time.
  7. Please make sure to reduce her head height when on Merulina, because if I keep bumping my head and losing all of my momentum whenever passing under any old Grineer doors (like the circular doors of Grineer Gallon) and old Corpus doors (like the square doors of Corpus Outpost), I'll still not use her for the mobility Also, will K-Drives get that Roll? If not innately, how about as a Mod? I'll also ask again for Merulina to be mod-able. Much of her innate Mobility is unwanted in regular Tilesets, but could be restored and amplified with Mods for Landscapes. Doing Tricks in regular Tilesets is useless, but it wouldn't be after equipping the Mod which turns Points to Energy. The K-Drive Combat Mods are overshadowed by the Mobility Mods for normal K-Drives, but would be a perfect fit for Merulina.
  8. Yareli is the latest Warframe, yet somehow feels like she was designed 5 years ago and like she's in more dire need of a rework than Hydroid. Yareli's Base Her Base Stats are ok, but its hard to Mod her, as she needs Survivability, Strength, Duration and Range Mods, while also not ruining her Efficiency. This is partially due to how weak her Abilities' Damage is. Her Passive is strong but mostly uninteresting. It's also disappointing that it doesn't with Primaries. Her overall survivability is lacking, she's in dire need of a way to regain HP. Most of the tools we'd use for that, excluding Warframe Arcanes, are fighting with Merulina. Primaries and Melees that can Heal, innately or with Mods, aren't usable while on Merulina. Healing Yareli by swapping to Operator, will take her off Merulina leading to constant re-casting, which ruins Yareli's Energy Economy and gameplay feel. As it is, the best play would be to replace Merulina, Yareli's signature Ability, with Gloom, and that ain't good. Sea Snares It's decent CC, not bad for a "First" Ability. It feels like an old first Ability. Like a Smite, a Fireball, a Freeze. But unlike these Abilities, Sea Snares isn't a One Handed Action, which really ruins the flow of using it. Its Damage is negligible in any mid to high level content. Leaving Enemies trapped in the Bubbles to die from the DoT isn't a valid plan, since their Damage is so (s)low. Yet by shooting these Enemies dead, the Ability's Energy Cost is kinda wasted, with the bubble going pop before its duration runs out. Bubbles should home-in on another target every time their current one dies, until their duration runs out. If the Sea Snares' DoT healed Yareli (and maybe Merulina too, when Yareli's HP is full), their DoT being weak wouldn't be that much of a problem. An alternative would be manually popping the Sea Snares by shooting them, to instantly deal all of their remaining DoT in an AoE. Aqua Blades could auto-pop Sea Snares on contact for some Ability Synergy. Riptide would add an extra layer of Ability Synergy, pulling all Sea Snared Enemies in a bunch, for Aqua Blades to pop them all and cause a significant AoE chain reaction. Its Damage Type is Cold, which is decent, but doesn't deal any Cold Status Effects. This isn't a massive problem, but for some Enemies that can be temporarily affected by the Sea Snares and then almost instantly break out (namely the Hounds), it'd be much better if there was a weaker but long term CC on them, in the form of Cold Procs. It'd also be yet another Status Effects to work with the Condition Overload type Mods. Merulina It really doesn't move well in regular Tilesets. Most are either too cramped, or made around the Warframes' movement. Yareli's Head Collision should be lowered to comfortably fit through the old Corpus and Grineer doors while on Merulina. It really should be Mod-able. Merulina has some K-Drive Mods' effects as innate effects, but they can be actually undesirable in regular tilesets. Eg, Merulina gives us extra height on Double Jumps, like the Poppin' Vert Mod, but that just bumps me all the way to the ceiling more often than not. I'd love to be able to take this off. And on the other hand, the K-Drives have some Combat Mods that are frankly useless for normal K-Drives, but could be a perfect fit for Merulina. Eg, land on a Heavy Unit with Thrash Landing, to get some starting Damage, a knock-down and a Blast Proc for Galvanized Shot. It doesn't have enough HP for any high level content. Giving it the Iron Skin eHP Calculation would really help. I'd love to be able to use Primaries on it and K-Drives in general. Being able to throw Glaives too would be extra sweet. Aqua Blades It's probably Yareli's best Ability. Decent clear for trash-units and low levels. Constant Enemy Staggers for lite CC. But it's still not that good. Its Damage is honestly mediocre and in dire need of some multiplier. Viral would be a god-send for it, but Yareli's Kit has no source of Viral Status Effects and if I'm spreading Viral with Guns, I'm most certainly out-damaging the Aqua Blades with my aforementioned Guns, so why even bother. Its Cast Animation is a Full-Body one when off Merulina. It should be an Upper-Body one. Having to stay still to cast Aqua Blades is an uncalled for restriction, which really breaks the gameplay flow of Yareli. Riptide It just feels underwhelming. Its Damage Type is Cold, which like Sea Snares, is decent, but it doesn't deal any Cold Status Effects. It would help tons with Riptide as Utility if all Enemies that Survive it are inflicted by Cold Procs, slowing down their "get-up" Animations, keeping them slowed even after that and adding one more Element for our Condition Overload type Mods. I'd make it force Viral Procs to Enemies within it, before it explodes. This would give another Mulitplier to its Damage, which it needs, while also giving Yareli a source of Viral Procs to synergize with Aqua Blades' Slash Procs. Turn on Aqua Blades, shlorp a group of Enemies with Riptide, drown them in Viral, Slash and Cold Procs, move on while they're trying to get up and bleeding to death. She's honestly the weakest part of the Sisters of Parvos Update, but she's already kinda fun to use, she just can't keep up in higher levels of play. With some added complexity/interactions and more strength/scaling, she could be really fun and strong.
  9. I should start by stating that I like this idea, but 1 Holokey per Sister is so astonishingly low, that I'm left confused as to why you are even adding this. A Void Storm Mission can take 5 to 15 minutes and may reward up to 10 Corrupted Holo Keys (after the proposed increase), on the significantly highest chance Drop. A Lich takes however long we need for a progenitor with a desirable Weapon, then a couple of hours of Murmur progression and then a Railjack Mission that will take at least as long as a Void Storm Mission, with more Players making it take longer rather than making it faster, for a reward of 1 to 4 Holokeys. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of getting Holokeys for other Players' Sisters, as it would promote more CoOp Play, but I don't see that happening if the Holokeys per Sister remain so insignificantly few. If one was to get all of the Tenet Weapons after this addition, even if they did so in full 4 Player Squads, there's not enough Tenet Primaries and Secondaries to get the Holokeys needed for one Tenet Melee. 1 Holokey per Sister times 4 Playes times 8 Weapons = 32 Corrupted Holokeys. Cost of one Tenet Melee, 40 Corrupted Holokeys. Increasing this to 3 per Sister, so that it's equal to the new lowest Void Storm Holokey Reward but also more than the highest Reward when on a full Squad (3 per Sister * 4 Players = 12 Total, vs 10 from Veil Void Storms) would actually be decent, thanks to them being guaranteed drops. I would preferably have each Sister drop a total of Corrupted Holokeys equal to her Level, to promote some Risk-Reward and give us a reason to want them to Level Up. One Tenet Melee Weapon would still take getting a Sister, pushing her to Level 5 and doing the Final Confrontation with a full Squad of Level 5 Sisters, twice.
  10. It's fairly common but seemingly random. I've (mostly?) had it happen with the MOAs that fire the orange beam. The bug is that there's an invisible, un-iteractable MOA, just shooting at us.
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Galvanized Aptitude, Galvanized Savvy, Galvanized Shot and most likely Condition Overload as well, don't increase the Innate Elemental Bonus of Kuva and Tenet Weapons. REPRODUCTION: Use any Nemesis Weapon in the Simulacrum and pay attention to the Damage Numbers in relation to the CO Stacks and Status Effects. EXPECTED RESULT: More Damage OBSERVED RESULT: Not as much Damage. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time. What follows is a block of text with my testing, numbers, math and educated guess of where the problem is.
  12. TL:DR Galvanized Aptitude, Galvanized Savvy, Galvanized Shot and most likely Condition Overload as well, don't increase the Innate Elemental Bonus of Kuva and Tenet Weapons. Ok, so, here's what's wrong: The math formula should be this: BaseDamage * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) Then any Elementals would add this: BaseDamage * ElementalBonus * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) Both of which could be summed up as: DealtDamage * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) Here's what I got by testing against Leapers, with my Rank 8 Galvanized Aptitude (+32.7%) Braton Vandal - No Elemental Mods Dealt Damage = 42 One Stack Two Status Effects Actual Damage = 71 42 * (1 + .327 * 1 * 2) = 69.5 Correct, just a rounding error Two Stacks One Status Effect Actual Damage = 71 42 * (1 + .327 * 1 * 2) = 69.5 Correct, just a rounding error Two Status Effects Actual Damage = 98 42 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 2) = 96.9 Correct, just a rounding error Braton Vandal - With Elemental Mods (Corrosive + Blast) Dealt Damage = 126 One Stack One Status Effect Actual Damage = 167 126 * (1 + .327 * 1 * 1) = 167 Correct Two Status Effects Actual Damage = 208 126 * (1 + .327 * 1 * 2) = 208 Correct Three Status Effects Actual Damage = 250 126 * (1 + .327 * 1 * 3) = 249.6 Correct, just a rounding error Two Stacks One Status Effect Actual Damage = 208 126 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 1) = 208.4 Correct, just a rounding error Two Status Effects Actual Damage = 290 126 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 2) = 290.8 Correct, just a rounding error Three Status Effects Actual Damage = 373 126 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 3) = 373.2 Correct, just a rounding error So it all looks correct up until this point. Here's where it gets interesting: Kuva Karak - No Elemental Mods, Innate 42.6% Heat Dealt Damage = 38 Two Stacks One Status Effect Actual Damage = 55 38 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 1) = 62.8 12.5% Damage Loss Three Status Effects Actual Damage = 90 38 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 3) = 112.6 20% Damage Loss Four Status Effects Actual Damage = 108 38 * (1 + .327 * 2 * 4) = 137.4 21.4% Damage Loss So it seems to be a problem with the Nemesis Weapons and I think I know exactly where the problem is. Instead of calculating the Damage like this: BaseDamage * (1 + ElementalBonus) * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) it calculates it like this: BaseDamage * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) + BaseDamage * ElementalBonus The Kuva Karak has 23 Base Damage. My Kuva Karak with its +42.6% Heat has 32.8% Heat Damage. It deals 38 Damage vs Leapers, so we can assume that its Elements have a total Effectiveness of 38/32.8 ~= 115.8%. So, taking the Kuva Karak, Two Stacks, Four Status Effects as an example: Calculating the Damage like this: [ BaseDamage * (1 + ElementalBonus) * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) ] * Effectiveness should give us a total Damage of: [ 23 * (1 + 0.426) * (1 + 0.327 * 2 * 4) ] * 115.8% = 137.3 which is exactly what we were expecting to get in our previous calculations of Galvanized Aptitude. Calculating the Damage like this: [ BaseDamage * (1 + GalvanizedBonus * Stacks * StatusEffects) + Base Damage * ElementalBonus) ] * Effectiveness should give us a total Damage of: [ 23 * (1 + 0.327 * 2 * 4) + 23 * 0.426 ] * 115.8% = 107.7 which is just a rounding error away from the damage we actually get in game.
  13. Addendum to this. Galvanized Condition Overload: I've started using them and I love their addition. They were the key to defeating the Nemesis' new resistance scaling. Using a Primary with a Secondary and Melee as its Status Primers is very enjoyable. It can be used to replace the base Damage Mods, which is great for Build Diversity. Please fix their bugs. Galvanized Critical Chance: I've honestly stopped using them since I realized that they lose all of their Stacks at the same time instead of ticking down, please fix. Gun Arcanes: I've gotten to use them quite a bit, mostly the Deadhead and Dexterity, with some Merciless use as well. I love their addition. Getting them has been much faster and easier than I expected. A bit off topic, but Steel Path Incursions are such a good addition. The first Acolyte spawn should happen earlier in the Missions, I've even finished Defense Missions so fast that they didn't get to spawn. They too can be used to replace the base Damage Mods, and maybe more when they hit Rank 5, which again, Build Diversity! Pairing them with the Galvanized Condition Overloads, makes removal of the Base Damage Mods a very safe choice for most Weapons. Deadhead is my favorite of the bunch. It's easy enough to get and sustain for specific Weapons, even on Steel Path. I love how it promotes Raw Damage Builds instead of even more DoT (Viral + Slash/Heat) Builds. Dexterity might be the best of the bunch. The fact that it gets started by Melee, which doesn't needs any kills to get started itself, makes it the best choice for any endless Steel Path Missions. Unless you're using your Melee as a Primer. It will shine the brightest in Vigorous Swap builds, especially if both Guns have R5 Dexterity Arcanes. It can also be used as a "Statstick" for Melee Builds, which is nice I guess. Merciless is fine. It too, like Deadhead, is extremely easy to keep up for specific Weapons and their builds, but I find it to be the most boring of the bunch. Maybe that'll change once I get its R5 Bonuses, which should be very nice for quite a few Weapons. After the past couple weeks of use, I'm even happier with these additions than I was on my original feedback post. I will reiterate my desire for more balance passes and buffs on Mods that see no use and have no real niche.
  14. Any news on this? Also with Windows 11's imminent release introducing DX12U on PC, are there any plans to support newer tech, like Direct Storage and Variable Rate Shading?
  15. Addendum feedback to this, after using the Parazon way more, trying some Impact-Status specific builds and doing three more Sisters. We really need a way to influence our Nemesis' Weapons. The Nemesis-Level-Up to Murmur-Grind ratio is fine after all, it's just Oull that breaks it. The Requiem Ultimatum is a great addition to the system. Confronting Sisters is way more interesting than confronting Liches. The fact that they spawn in with a Hound and seemingly spawn new ones every time you hit them with a correct Requiem Mod, is a great reason why they're more interesting to fight. The Final Confrontation on Railjack will spawn Points of Interest, specifically for the Corpus, but they reward absolutely nothing. Adding optional Points of Interest on Grineer too and then having their completion somehow weaken the Nemesis, would be a great change to make the Railjack Part of this Final Confrontation feel less tacked on. I love how much tankier they Nemesis are now. At first I thought it was too much, but after tweaking my Loadouts to counteract it, it's fine, even vs Level 5. It promotes use of otherwise less used Warframes and it's the first time I've had to design my whole Loadout around a specific goal, since Profit Taker. But their new Resistance Scaling seemingly punishes High Damage Single Target/Bullet Weapons disproportionately to other Weapon Types. This feels extremely off, as these are also the Weapons that suffer against the regular "vs large crowds" gameplay, and one would expect them to shine in this "vs one target" specific use case. Now that Sisters have showed that a faster and non-lethal takedown / throw on a wrong Requiem Stab, is fine with everyone, can we have the old "back breaker" of the Kuva Liches back? Non lethal as well, animation sped up or trimmed. Mercy Finishers need to be able to bypass Enemy Animations. Heat and Electric Status Effects make Parazon-Marked Enemies completely un-interactable. More often than not they'll die by the DoT while I'm mashing interact. Stuff like Wisp's Shock Mote, with its constant application of Electric Status Effects, leave almost no opening between the stagger animations, to execute the Parazon Finishers. This is also an issue when any type of Slow comes into play, mainly Gloom as it is infuse-able on any Warframe. Any type of Enemy Animation, such as Staggers, Knockdowns, Special Attack Animations (Charges, Stomps, Slams, etc) will make them not eligible for Mercy Kills, even if Marked, with the Slow furthermore drawing this out. Corpus need more Units that are available for Parazon Finishers. It'd be nice if Infested had more as well, but it's not needed.
  16. So, after doing one Kuva Lich, three Sisters of Parvos and trying ten or so times to get another new Lich, here's my feedback: Acquisition: I like the method of acquiring Sisters of Parvos and I think that the Kuva Liches would improve by having something similar. It's thematically interesting, it breathes more life to otherwise dead Game Modes and it gate-keeps new Players from throwing themselves into something they can't handle. I would make it so that Kuva Larvlings only appear on Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood Missions. But, trying to get a specific Weapon, or even just any Weapon that I don't already have, is miserable. An endless loop of doing Missions that I gain nothing of value from, just to roll a Weapon I don't want, again and again, with no progress in sight, hoping that RNGesus might smile upon me this time around. It really feels awful to have such RNG, just to get started on the journey for the thing I want. A way to influence which Weapon we get, or at least reduce the pool of possible Weapons is direly needed. Progression: The faster Murmur Grind is fine. Since we're so far away from the idea of Liches/Sisters being long term Nemeses, making the whole system faster is nice to have. There's still no reason to Rank Up our Liches, no Risk-Reward structure to give us a reason not to deal with them as fast and easily as possible. I would do the following: Increase their Weapon's Elemental % by their Level (eg: 37% -> 38% -> 39% -> 40% -> 41%) Reroll for Ephemera on Nemeses' without one Increase the return of Stolen Loot by +20% per Level (120% -> 140% -> 160% -> 180% -> 200%) Nemesis Level Up is too slow for how fast the Murmur Progression has become. The only time my Nemesis went beyond Level 3, was when I intentionally mismatched my Requiem Mods. Combat: The Hounds are a great addition to the System. Depending on their Configuration and the Sister's Abilities, they can even be more interesting to fight than their owners. It'd be great if the Kuva Liches' Thralls were changed to be closer to Mini Bosses, like how the Hounds are. I would consider reusing the Nightwatch Corps Heavy Units for this role, enhanced by the Lich's shared movement Ability. Or maybe spawning a whole Squad of them, like the Syndicate Assassination Squads. Their increased survivability is nice, but incredibly over tuned at Rank 5. The Final Confrontation on Railjack feels a bit disappointing. Their Capital Ships feel more like set-pieces rather than an actually dangerous Capital Ship of our Nemesis. This can be partially fixed for the Sisters by giving them an Obelisk instead of their current Stanchion, thanks to the Obelisks' giant multi-beam laser. There's no connection between the Nemesis and their Ship. The battle against the Sisters is neat thanks to the Specters and the Hounds But the Kuva Liches' Final Confrontation being on Railjack just feel tacked on. I really miss the "This Lich is a Tech Specialist, so he's directing the Ship's Power to his Defenses" concept from TennoLive 2019. Overall, the changes and additions to the Nemesis System are an improvement, but there's so much more space to grow. Finally, the Parazon and Impact changes: I love them. I went from doing a couple of Parazon Kills per play-session to a hand-full of Parazon Kills per Mission. But Parazon Finishers are still kinda useless for those missing the Blood for Stuff Mods. I'd strongly recommend just making these three Mods an inherent Mechanic of Mercy Kills. On Mercy Kill (No Mod Required): Reload your Guns and 100% Drop Chance for a Universal Orb. Existing Blood for Stuff Mods could be retooled, buffed for even more, or just removed. Blood for Ammo fully refills all of your Magazines and Ammo, Archgun included. Maybe a short duration of Ammo Efficiency as well? Blood for Energy has 100% Chance for an additional Energy Orb. Blood for Health has 100% Chance for an Empowered Health Orb. Another alternative solution would just be to fix their Drop Chances. 1.6% Drop Chance for Blood for Energy from Ambulas, is awful. Allow us to Cancel/Bypass Enemy Animations with Parazon Finishers Far too often, Enemies that are Marked for Mercy, will die from DoT Effects because they're doing some Animation and I can't execute the Parazon Finisher until they finish. This is especially punishing when using Heat on any Weapon, as they'll go in the Heat Status Effect's Panic Animation as the Mercy Mark appears and they'll die from the Heat DoT while I'm mashing Interact. And it gets even worse if the Enemies have any amount of slow on them, be it from Cold Procs or Warframe Abilities, as this will draw out the Animations even longer. I've yet to play around with a high Impact+Status Mercy-Primer build, but that sounds like a viable and fun Build idea. The more impactful Parazon Kills can be, the more viable such an idea would be. Buffed Impact has become one of the better Status Effects in my eyes. It's still outshined by Slash, but Slash is just incredibly strong. It's better than Puncture, but Puncture kinda sucks in general. Please buff Puncture next. Or at least make it more interesting. The stronger and more rewarding Parazon Finishers become, the stronger and more viable will Status Impact Builds be. Overall a massive improvement to the System, that people have seemingly written off as unimportant.
  17. Galvanized Multishot: These Mods are great, no problem on their end. They make the Base Multishot Mods almost irrelevant, hurting Build Diversity. I can see use for the Base Multishot Mods against Bosses that don't spawn minions, like Eidolons and the Jackal. In every other content, even on the Final Nemesis Confrontation which can lack minions, the Galvanized Multishot Mods' Base is irrelevantly weaker than their Base Counterparts. I'd buff the Base Multishot Mods to equal the Galvanized Multishot Mods with one Stack active. To keep on with the Build Diversity, Split Flights remains extremely competitive with Galvanized Chamber, but I'd love to see Split Flights' Stacks changed to tick-down like the Galvanized Multishot Stacks do, instead of all going away on the 4s timer. Galvanized Condition Overload: Haven't used them much, kinda waiting for their Bug to be fixed. Why do Pistols' get up to +120% Damage per Status Effect when Primaries, Shotguns and Melees get up to +80? Again on the Build Diversity end, Hammer Shot had developed a niche place after its buffs but is now completely overshadowed by Galvanized Aptitude. I would buff Hammer Shot's Critical Damage to roughly 100% as a start. Galvanized Critical Chance: These are the least strong and dominating addition of the bunch, which I consider to be a positive. Paired with the buffs on the Corrupted Critical Chance Mods, there's a very interesting balance and choice to be made for our Critical Chance Mods for Guns, I love it. All of their Scaling Stacks go away when the timer ends, instead of ticking down. Every other Galvanized Mod Type and the new Arcanes, tick down instead. If this is a bug, please fix. If it's intentional, I don't understand why, please reconsider. They're the hardest to activate, demanding Headshots for their basic functionality and then Headshot Kills for their Scaling, for which Headshot Kills from DoT Status Effects won't count. They're also the most limiting to use, as both their basic and scaling functionalities demand us to be ADS. I'd love for their Scaling half to not need ADS. They're also limited by Weapon Type (not much use on most Explosives) and by Faction (hard to use against Infested and Sentients). Melee Nerfs: I'd be lying if I said that I notice the nerfs of Bloodrush and Condition Overload. Berserker Fury's changes lead to more Build Diversity which, surprise surprise, I really like! Its "On KIll" Condition really changes how one considers Scaling Melee Builds, as you need a way to get them started. This would mean replacing a Scaling Mod with one of its Basic Counterparts, or using both a Basic and Scaling Mod. For Berserker Fury the choice of an extra Base Attack Speed Mod to support it, would be between Quickening for more Attack Speed and faster Combo Gain, or Gladiator Vice for more Scaling Critical Chance. Tip for those using Berserker Fury on its own: If you're already using Naramon for its Combo Drain negation, you also have access to Finishers with +30% Damage on demand. Use that to get your Berserker Fury Stacks started. New Arcanes: I haven't gotten to use them much, as they're slow to get and haven't pushed any of them beyond Rank 1 yet. But so far I enjoy them. More Damage for the Weapons that need it or an option to completely replace Serration on other Weapons. Overall I'm very happy with the changes and additions, and would love to see more frequent balance of this type, especially if it leads to more choices instead of raw powercreep. I believe that a significant look-over of many Mods that see no use, would do wonders for the game. PS: The Cautious Shot Buff took way to long to happen, but I welcome it anyway.
  18. Not going to lie, that's awfully disappointing. Maybe it's good for the overall balance of the game, but I don't like being unable to use my Augments on the Weapons they should fit and I really doubt that a 4-Shots Shotgun would be that strong in a game with such large enemy crowds, even if its single target Damage was insane with that much Multishot.
  19. While dismantling the Hounds for Parts is a bit savage, I kinda want that as well.
  20. You Sister has fled to the Neptune Proxima. Hop on a Railjack, meet her there, punch her teeth in and claim your stuff.
  21. oh it deals with them just fine, just don't tell people I told you
  22. Is the same going to happen with the Vigilante Set? It too is used as a Stat Stick for better Crits on Guns, by equipping it on Sentinel Weapons. I'd be sad to see it go, but also happy to not feel like I have to use Robotics to get the most Damage out of my Guns. I'm absolutely fine with this oversight finally getting fixed, even though you took way too long to fix it, as you tend to do, and everyone got used to it, but now we've got a bunch of mostly dead Mods on our hands. I get that you want to fix mistakes of old, but you guys really need to fix less in ways that hurt the Players and more in ways that will bring up otherwise useless Mods and Gear. Most Set Mods are awful and don't see use. Most Pets are quite bad and don't see use. Most Conditional Mods are worse than their non-Conditional counterparts. Many Arcanes are borderline useless, especially the Deimos Arcana ones. Again, don't get me wrong, I agree with this and I would love it if you guys were more active with rebalancing Mods and Gear Types, but you also need to be faster both on removing/nerfing blatantly OP and unintended stuff, and with buffing blatantly useless stuff. To your defense, the Corrupted Critical Mods and the Status Mods have seen significant buffs that brought them up from irrelevant to niche, but I want more of that instead of fixing issues that even people who were asking for Melee Nerfs (like me), didn't really care about.
  23. Pre 30.5 Sisters of Parvos bump, as these Mods still don't drop anywhere.
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