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  1. Currently DE is not accepting Tennogen submissions for Gunblades sadly, until then I would advise against trying to make skins for them as they will not be accepted until DE has updated the weapontype to be able to use Tennogen models and provided files for it. Even if you jump ahead you will likely have to edit them significantly or go back to the drawing board to match their limitations. So we're stuck with Redeemer and Sarpa as is.
  2. I'm leaning toward 1 cause of aesthetic preference. Second choice would be 4 though it's too busy for me, yet it fully fits the infested theme best. IMO 3 looks too much like Nekros Raknis, and 2 is better but looks a bit Nyx-like with the crescent shaped crest, would probably match places with 1 without the crest since it seems like it would be an easy callback to the silhouette of the default Ash helmet. 3/4 sketches might have made it more even in spite of the some of profile silhouettes being similar to other Warframe's helmets. Looking forward to more possible designs.
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