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  1. Hate it so far. Railjack mobility has been nerfed to hell, I no longer have fun piloting the ship. They also removed the ability to restock munitions at the dry dock. So your starting energy is non-existent. They stuffed in regular missions into railjack. If I wanted to play that content, I'd rather just play regular missions. Padding railjack missions with standard missions is just dumb imo. DE I don't want to play a Defense mission inside a Railjack mission... The new stuff sounds good on paper, but fails in execution. I hardly want to play this content now. This coming from a g
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Attempting to revive pet in Frame or Operator mode while Acolyte is active. Soft locks your player in revive animation when the Acolyte attempts to teleport / pull the player to them. All abilities and movement is locked down until Player dies. REPRODUCTION: Reviving a pet or ally? while an Acolyte with Force Teleport / Pull ability is active. EXPECTED RESULT: Resume normal play functions after being pulled of pet. OBSERVED RESULT: Player locked in "Revive Animation / pose" REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% repeatable with Acolytes that can telepo
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