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  1. TYPE: In Game, possibly related directly to Operation Venom Missions DESCRIPTION: Leveling up a Void Rig in the New Venom mission (Endurance) In Invite mode. Had Void Rig out, and walking around in Operator mode, My operator dies and instead of warping back to my Warframe, my Frame also instantly dies (Nezha Prime). Losing all Affinity in the progress. (Had my Void Rig lvled up to 10, now reset back to 0) REPRODUCTION: Warframe > Void Rig Spawn > Operator to Void Rig > Back to Operator > Operator is downed, dies. EXPECTED RESULT: Transferred back to Warframe afte
  2. Still incredibly bugged when doing it solo. Nothing will spawn at times, and the timer goes down way to fast. It's like the timer has a dozen holes in it, draining faster than you can imagine. I've only managed to luck out and complete it once in around 10 attempts, even then I barely passed it.
  3. So I checked again today. It shows up as completed in the "Vehicles" tab. But there is a greyed out VoidRig Mastery in "Warframes" tab... Just built BoneWidow, same issue. Pops up under "Vehicles" once you start leveling up. But the one under "Warframes" is greyed out.
  4. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Fishing in Cambion with Ebisu Spear. Hold/Aiming pose gets permanently locked, unable to move. REPRODUCTION: Don't know, was doing the usual fishing. EXPECTED RESULT: Throwing spear OBSERVED RESULT: Did not throw spear, UI aim sight and UI bugged out like it's zooming in and out repeatedly REPRODUCTION RATE: First time. Game breaking bug, Had to quit mission, could not move, could not swap weapons, could not use any skills. Only in-game menus worked. Using "/unstuck/" just moved me out of the water onto land with no result. Lost Half
  5. Forma'd my Void Rig, put a few levels on it. Mastery in profile still greyed out...
  6. Doesn't help that this week is also Capture 6 different species on Orb Valis. And that 1 out of the 7 species is still bugged. (Sawgaw's which disappear after you hit them, or fly away so fast there is no hope of catching up with them). Took me 2 hours to do the damn thing as corpus would keep spawning at the most inappropriate time even after I cleared out the area. Tedium is one thing. Broken tedium is on another level.
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