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  1. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Riven disposition make no sense

    Then you didn't understand the answer.
  2. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Thank you DE

    New content is the bread and butter of F2P, so you can't expect the focus of the devs to be on fixing existing content. However, just a few months ago they released a patch with nothing but weapon re-balancing. The new lighting, the new sounds, the elimination of endless for Prime farm, the re-addition of endless with more rewards (as fan wanted), the new tile sets, the new fx particles that makes the game run smother on older PCs and consoles. All changes that provide no direct revenue and that took a lot of man hours to implement. So please just because there's a new thing you want them to fix, don't go saying they don't act upon things that need fixing.
  3. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Thank you DE

    I suggest you go participate in the other Forums for a while and you'll have a greater appreciation for the mods here. This very response would have been deleted and you would have gotten a warning in a forum I just blew up on. Plus I've never said DE is perfect, no one is. I merely said they are the current standard for how to do F2P and Community Management right. Very few companies go to these lengths and non of them as good as DE. This is not me sucking up to DE because there's nothing I can gain out of it. This is just me getting fed up in 2 other forums and instead of reacting negatively, I just decide to reward those that do it right. That's all.
  4. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Thank you DE

    I've been here for 4+ years, I think I'm confident that what I'm saying is at least true in my experience. Of course other people might have issues, but I've always found the great majority of the player base to be pleased with the product.
  5. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Thank you DE

    It's that time of the year where other gaming companies drive me up a wall in frustration and condescension, and then I come to the realization that not all Devs are made equal. Thank you DE for being the shining example of what a great gaming company should look like. Thank you for paying attention to your community and for giving us a GREAT community management team. Thank you for letting us voice our opinions here in the forums and giving us mods that kick ars. And most of all thank you for listening to those opinions and publicly acknowledging them in the DEv streams. In the current gaming environment, these are not small things that any of us should ever take for granted. Love you guys, Tenno For Life.
  6. (PS4)Regiampiero

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Spoken like a true child.
  7. (PS4)Regiampiero

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

  8. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Sending messages in this channel is disabled

    I googled "Sending messages in this channel is disabled" and it brought straight to this page. I'm having the same issue. Not sure why, but I think it must be due to a wrongful ban.
  9. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    I knew there going to be issues and I knew you would fix them asap, so I just took the past few days off. I'll download tonight since most people seem ok with it.
  10. Can't wait for Reawaken.
  11. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Yea, she definitely feels way over-complex just by watching Brozime. My final judgement is going to wait until I'll get to use her, but I'm not happy with what I'm seeing.
  12. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Rest In Peace John Bain, TotalBiscuit.

    RIP Biscuit. There will never be a more cynical yet awesome man.
  13. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    I'm sorry...but why go this far with the rework? Why over-complicate it? The only problem the community had with Saryn was that her spore spread, and the damage carried with it was very unpredictable. And the only problem the Devs had with her was the spore tower. So why all these changes? Just remove the spore tower ability and fix spore status spread to be more consistent, something like each spore can carry only spread/proc one status per sec. and it's applied regardless of what the enemy armor situation is. Done! No fuss, no drama and no over-complications = Saryn is still badass. You don't have to completely destroy her kit in order to be a good rework.
  14. (PS4)Regiampiero

    Warframe Prime Time #208: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    See you then.
  15. (PS4)Regiampiero

    New Contest: Tenno Tunes Vol 3! [Winners Announced]

    Can't wait to see what the talented Tenno will come up with this year.