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  1. Tha F are you talking about mate? Accusations? Revengence (what ever that is)? Did you even read the thread, or you here just to troll? Also the door bug I was referring to is new and it locks everyone (including the host) behind the door, not just me or a select player.
  2. I know these are resource intensive, but 100p?
  3. It's been said before that Auction Houses will never happen on Warframe. The fear is if they do it, will eventually end up getting bot-ed by the PC community and lead to abuse and plat farms like in WoW, Neverwinter and countless other mmo. I've suggested an Hybrid AH where you actually have to be logged in and present in a room during the auction (sort of like Maroo's), but it went nowhere. Now days though it's easy enough to buy with the changes to trade chat and all the third party apps, but selling remains very hard. Might be a good thing...not sure.
  4. I doubt it's a lack of care, but it might be a lack of staff in that department. Bug fixing is no easy task because many times it's really hard to replicate errors, and it's even harder when you're trying to replicate console bugs without logs. There's a bunch of things that I would like to make posts about (like the secondary energy color not working right), but I don't just because I don't want to deter the fixing of core bugs. I think everyone should also stop reporting superficial (fashion related) bugs for awhile and concentrate on important gameplay bugs.
  5. No, it's a different issue than what we were used to. The issue I'm referring to is when the doors lock everyone out, and you got to try and force the enemy to lock down and then hack in order to proceed. That or find some glass and blow it up (if you're in a corpus tile) and then hack the doors. It's just annoying. Last night I had a new bug. Got into a spy mission and the hack consoles to get into the spy rooms didn't work and were off (no yellow display). One host migration latter (they left me alone), and they still didn't work. Had to abort.
  6. That's what I'm guessing too, but I was always on the other side of the argument for this specific reason. I got no issue with waiting, gives me an opportunity to try other games and/or go outside to make some vitamin D.
  7. Is it just me or has anyone noticed an increased number of bugs since the last PS4 update? Doors that won't open, Mission types that are not what they're labeled, weapon that choose un-mod themselves....and so on. It's been a while I've not seen such a buggy version of the game and I was wondering if it's just a bi-product of the faster update turn-around or if there's something else tha's happening.
  8. Next Riven disposition changes? Any developments on survival exiting system? Kuva survival rewards. Is it me or are they a bit too low at high levels. I would like to see a progressive multiplier which would encourage longer runs instead of 30-45 minutes, rinse and repeat cycles. Why not give it the same treatment as all endless got, but more tailored to quantity? Love'ya. Keep up the good work.
  9. I knew there going to be issues and I knew you would fix them asap, so I just took the past few days off. I'll download tonight since most people seem ok with it.
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