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  1. Overall - great work, really like it. I would like to suggest however - When looking at the armory: Could the companion symbol change (ie Kubrow, Kavat, Sentinel, MOA) depending on the type of companion, or show blank symbol if you have for instance put a pet in stasis and forgotten to replace it. It would help at a glance to know that you have the intended type of companion selected. Many thanks.
  2. Hey there - not sure if you've found a dojo yet - if not we are recruiting and looking for social players https://www.clanaod.net/
  3. In regard to Vauban - please reconsider some of the proposed changes. He ought to be an engineer/bombadeer - none of the war frames can throw grenades per say. Just saying. I'm fairly sure most can agree - no-one, not a sole wanted anything like the speed pads. Considering giving him some small turret akin to the Xiphus maybe?
  4. I too have encountered this problem. Particularly annoying as I'm attempting to put together an orb guide for my clan.
  5. Can confirm same here - same Time stamp on New offerings
  6. Can confirm, me and a full squad tested each of the areas and not a single drop and we ensured to kill 2000'ish in each zone to test. Enemy spawns are also irregular and can leave an entire area void of any enemy spawn (pre and post full alarm).
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