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  1. -Laughs in Banshee Main- I started game with Mag and built Banshee as my 2nd frame and never really looked back. Not every frame is viable for every job - or are Tenno about to argue that Loki should be good at taking out Exploiter/Profit Orbs? Same goes for the Boss argument - it's less than 5% of game content. The one thing I'll agree on is that her 4 is useless and I never used apart to the occasional "oh poop" moment, allowing for team mates to clear/rez or whatever needs doing. Furthermore, seems folks are not familiar with how 3 actually functions or why it's good. Sonar does not
  2. The fix to not being able to use abilities or move has made things worse: More frequently will I get locked out of ability use - IF I'm fortuneate I'm in operator and it fixes once an Orphix dies. If I'm in Necromech Voidrig then it won't be able to use abilities for the remainder of the mission no matter what I do. This is beyond frustrating.
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