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  1. perhaps i am of the unpopular opinion, but i believe Frost needs a new rework. He has aged quite good, but what he specializes in, other frames can do it better unfortunately. There are still some advantages frost has, but ultimately, i believe a rework would make his hit even more impressive, and return to be the rightful king of defense missions.
  2. Speaking of Frost, and me being Frost fan and main, Dont really think a hood would work on frost, but i definitely would like to see something along the lines of Yatus ION frost helmet. Cant wait to see the concept for that Graxx Frost Helmet. Question @fredaven Will Frost also get a new Graxx skin, and not just helmet, just like you did with Nova?
  3. The chest piece will definitely make it to my Graxx Collection. It will fit so well with so many of my fashionframe. Amazing!
  4. im such a huge fan of everything Graxx @fredaven I will definitely be buying this tennogen! Baruuk became one of my favorite frames, so is only normal, i want to swag it up with some majestic Graxx stuff!
  5. I pray this helmet gets accepted for round 16, together with the Frost ION skin! This helmet could be the one to replace the regular Frost Harka helmet for my fashionframe! Fingers crossed! good job!
  6. Bummer, i liked the new operator suit meshes, they were perfect for my operator fashion 😞
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