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  1. I have to agree with op. In fact, let's revisit other similar instances: MFD was good, got nerf, but saryn didn't Kuva bramma was pretty darn good, got slight nerf, but saryn didn't Catchmoon was rightfully nerfed, but saryn didn't. See the pattern? The community was really vocal about those 3 mentioned above, yet remained silent about saryn, thus, no way DE will hear the other part of the community that is asking for saryn to be had another look. DE keeps nerfing good things, but they never nerf the root of it all: saryn.
  2. I disagree with having grandma goods sold for plat. Instead, the time frame in between the restock of the family tokens, should be shorter. In addition, since mother, father and otak tokens are as o easy to get, son and daughter tokens would need another look. Since daughter tokens already kind of got addressed (more fish to farm) son tokens are kind of a problem to me, not in the way to get em, but more like, the animal tags are used to get tokens AND floofs. I would personally like to have another currency separated from the animal tags, to get son tokens. Back to grandma, only th
  3. Only 2 options for Limbo: - Toss him into the same dumpster where Super Jump lies... - Or Completely rework him again from the ground up. Whoever designed Limbo clearly wanted to watch the world burn.
  4. With the help and inspiration of a YouTuber, i made a Frost build that not just strip armor, it can also deal infinite damage with Snow Globe. Who would had thought i would stumble across a fellow frost player that showed me how he made such an achievement. Khora Ensnare to group enemies, a pure status Kuva Nukor for lots of viral, jump on top of group of enemies, snow globe, they die. And if that does not kill em, I pretty much land on a snow globe, so i can shoot the survivors with Redeemer Prime or my Kuva Bramma.
  5. Wait, the Snake Voidrig SKIN is a syndicate item? Highlighted the word Skin because, well, is just a cosmetic, it was NEVER available through the syndicate shop, unless i missed something. It would be something else if DE starts selling syndicate mods for platinum, but this is just purely cosmetic, and BE GLAD this is not tied to one of those god forsaken Loot Boxes, or how the AAA companies like to paint it: "Surprise Mechanics" BE GLAD IS NOT TIED TO THAT.
  6. I believe the notion of buffing primaries comes from the huge disparity that there is in between Primary weapons currently. On one hand, you have secondary weapons that have access to decent mods like Prime Target Cracker and Prime Pistol Gambit and Primed Heated Charge. In between those 3, any secondary can be made viable. On the other hand, you have melee weapons. Enough with saying they are the strongest weapon category. And then you have Primaries. You have things like the Quellor, which is a bit of a handful to get due to its BP being tied to Railjack. Its performance howev
  7. Conclave should be turned into Necramech Battle Arena, and Teshin should change jobs to mechanic to fix our Necramechs after each fight.
  8. Buggiest? Have you played railjack on launch? Unrewarding? So getting access to a new secondary with very strong homing missiles, a primary rifle that is probably one of the strongest rifles, yes, rifles, in the game? An infested pistol thats a bit too op, infested claws that can be described only as venka prime killers, and your own mech, and even if you don't want the mech, just make it to gain access to the currently best archgun in game. All this may take some time to get, but if this is not rewarding to you, then I don't know what game you are playing. Covid-19 is a perfectly
  9. Not all bows and crossbows are silent. Kuva bramma and lenz are bows, and are not silent. Zhuge prime is a crossbow, and is not silent.
  10. 1) I don't like limbo 2) I want to be in control of which enemy I kill and when. Limbo grey dimension of no fun allowed does not let me do that, no matter the tweaks DE made to it. 3) limbo cataclysm hurts my eyes, one thing many people forget. But apparently choosing a bright energy color to mess with those who have sensitive eyes and modding for high range, is a thing among limbo users. No matter how op paints it, nothing other than removing limbo from the game, will make me stop leaving missions when I see a limbo.
  11. dethcube. The fact that this particular sentinel can drop energy orbs makes him a valuable companion. As for how I make him drop those energy orbs? Either with the deth machine rifle that is quick to target new enemies, or with the helstrum for max satisfaction when shooting missiles that can proc multiple status. After that, I'm still working on it, but a high health high armor moa with the new hard engage precept is quite powerful and potentially harder to kill than most companions.
  12. In a game where you spend most of the time moving, more complex idle animations than what we already have seems like a waste personally, as the only time you'll be able to appreciate them is on captura or when afk in any relay or hub. Instead, I would like more running/dodge/jumping animations. As those will be more visible to everyone.
  13. Glad someone else other than me enjoys the actual secondary shot of the Corinth Prime. Very useful at long distances to deal with low level enemies or just to apply long distance Blast.
  14. The mausolon is an amazing archgun. I can only think of 2 other archguns that are as good as this one: imperator vandal and the velocitus.
  15. Im ok with the costs do far. Is not supposed to be something you spend 1mill credits and then forget about it. A lot of people are wanting to rush the ranking, and that is costing them literally everything. Reminder that your helminth will grow hungry again for a resource you already fed him, by the next day, so you can save your high cost resources if you just pace your game instead of wanting everything rushed .
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