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  1. I do agree that Warframe had always had this creative Vision that went out of the beaten path, and just did what they felt that was right for their game. However and unfortunately, over the years, their Creative Vision could, and maybe it was, blocked by the meta slave way of thinking of a portion of the players, is what i believe. All of the tickets of support, all of the feedback, may have been filled with things like "Warframe should do this like X game". So in a way, i guess DE is trying to balance what was once their own vision of the game, with what the players want from the game, so is
  2. Oddly enough, the "garbage" parts of any game, not just warframe, are the ones that provide the most fun often times tho. Sure, they have to be fixed, but nothing stop us from having some dumb fun with them until they get fixed, poke fun at the devs for having such an spaghetti code in a 7 year old game, and have the devs admit their screw up in a fun way. Is a game in the end, and games are meant to provide fun, even from the development side, not to be some type of homework that must be turned in perfectly or face the wrath of the players.
  3. I find it amazing people still think Railjack "forces" people to cooperate, when the devs themselves said from the very start, that railjack would be Co op. But now with the command intrinsic, you no longer have to worry about "forced" things. You now have the OPTION to either go with friends, a premade squad, or your own NPCs, so now no one is "forcing" you to cooperate. But the again, Railjack was soloable since before the update...
  4. Well, i suppose someone had to make the mandatory "Update sucks!" thread.
  5. Lore wise? I would go with Excalibur Umbra. He was the very first if I'm not mistaken. The first one to rebel against his masters, so it had to be put down. Self consciousness can be a lethal weapon for a being that was supposed to bow down the will of its masters.
  6. I still find it laughable that people call this rivens with the best of the best rolls "GOD Rivens". What are we? 10 year old? Plus, no one in their right mind would waste over 1k plat on a single riven, unless you are a fool, have no knowledge of warframe.market, or just simply are desperate enough to have a riven for your favorite weapon and will fall for the traps of one of those riven mafia ppl trying to sell you a CLEARLY overpriced riven. Imagine all the things you can do with 1k plat: Buy warframe and weapon slots, buy resource boosters, and still have enough for some fashionf
  7. LOVING that Frost skin, specially the helmet, and ohh boi!! the ION sword, armor and the BOTL collection items! must have!
  8. So far I'm liking what I see. But I'm gonna just leave this here, cause someone has to say it: Ain't no matter if DE does good, regular or bad at this point. No matter what choice they take, they will always get negative criticism, masked as feedback or something else to refrain from calling it for what it is. That's the sad fact I have seen over the last year.
  9. I mostly solo spy missions, but sometimes i decide to go on a public match. A) Most of the times is the other people who do this toxic practice, not me. B) Same as above C) No one ever ask for this in my experience so far in public matches. D) People would rather drop the mission instantly the moment they fail a spy vault, is a common thing to see. If i am the one who screws it up: A) I mostly stay silent, because is better to stay silent, than to say something like "sorry" fully knowing and expecting the others to be complete trolls or toxic mofos. Then again, i have a lo
  10. Used 3 umbral formas on a frame considered by most to be a mere B tier warframe: frost prime
  11. Low MRs, well, that screams to me that you are one of those that believe that MR = Skill Unless you are a meta slave, Rivens can be rolled for utility, hence, making them a perfect exilus mod, and powercreep will exist regardless of rivens being on the exilus or not, it has been here for years. Unveiling rivens only on 2 or 3 weapons is kind of dumb. Why would you want 10000000 rivens for a single weapon? unless ofc you are one of those meta slaves that believe every weapon is bellow a specific weapon. It gets boring you know? using the same weapon over and over because is the absolu
  12. Elaborate? How does getting rid of the RNG by using an already abundant resource is "hilarious"? How does knowing exactly what you will get from a veiled riven "hilarious"? How does getting rid of the riven mafia that has been predating on unfortunate and clueless players, charging absolutely ridiculous amounts of platinum for a single riven "hilarious"?
  13. As I've stated many times already, i believe that the way to improve rivens would be as follow: - Get rid of the Disposition system, and start up with a fresh weapon pass to address the disparity in power of specifically primary and secondary weapons - Allow the use of extra Kuva, to LOCK specific rolls we want, potentially getting rid of the RNG factor while re rolling rivens, and giving a purpose to farming more Kuva - Kuva should be rewarded for dismantling a riven, NOT ENDO. - Veiled rivens should yield a riven for the weapon they were unveiled on. - Rivens should have a lower
  14. For me, definitely the opticor, the warframe BFG, the one shot beam of doom. Before rivens, before the vandal, the opticor was my go to weapon for everything, despite it being unpopular for its charge time and average stats. I invested a lot of time in the opticor because I really liked it, and still like. I believe my regular opticor has about 9 formas, due to rivens changing the build, and the first weapon pass. Then came the vandal, which has 7 formas. I really like that gun. Truly a hidden gem.
  15. A very interesting and well summarized poll. I was impressed that heart of deimos was one of the most liked updates, given how much backlash it received after launch. We need more player made polls like this tbh.
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