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  1. That isn't the opinion of everyone tho. What you see is the result of not only DE not being able to manage the situation better, but also the result of the face of the community becoming more toxic and negative SPECIALLY since the pandemic started. If you do not know who the face of the community is, they are the content creators. A lot of them really only know how to talk crap about DE and warframe, some have valid points, and know how to properly do a critic without sounding hateful, but others? You should know by now which of the content creators give bad face not just to the game and DE, b
  2. Is not about being a "Forum warrior" or coding. I do believe some people here may know some coding, and i also believe there are some that do not know anything about coding or even programming. I fall into the category of not knowing anything related to coding, programming, or the process of game development, so I refrain myself from speaking as if i knew about the topic, because I don't. Some people however, overestimate their own knowledge on the topic, (read about dunning kruger effect) and speak as if they knew how to fix DE mishaps, as if they could do it better, yet we see no result
  3. Warframe was pretty decent during 2020. With the pandemic still raging, it was difficult for everyone, including DE, but they came through just fine. I admire that they put their own health and safety as a top priority. Yet unfortunately, with the clearly slower pace of work due to the pandemic, most if not all of the positives of 2020, were completely overlooked by the growing toxic negativity that surfaced from the content creators. As tac potato said, we had already enough dealing with the pandemic, and those living in usa, with growing violence and riots, etc, to come back home
  4. Since the release of the unreal tournament skins, the possibility of more of the most iconic guns from UT has been opened. Personally, I want the original redeemer and the twin enforcers as skins in warframe.
  5. Handspring is a good option if you do not have primed sure footed.
  6. Pretty much this. But i would like to add something of my own understanding (and is gonna contain some spoilers) Warframes as we know, are basically, bio drones, who once were human. Tenno use transference to pilot the Warframes. In the same fashion, Tenno also uses Transference to pilot a Necramech (same way as we saw during The War Within, when the Tenno used transference on The Golden Maw). But i been trying to kind of puzzle out where exactly the necramechs fall into the lore. We can tell they were pretty much, prototypes of Warframes, much more crude and unable to learn or adapt li
  7. That makes sense. I am not a destiny player, but that is indeed a low move just to save some space in your disk.
  8. Im not sure if it counts, and I'm not saying is bad and they should be ashamed for removing it, but in early days of the pet system, when kubrows fur pattern was pretty much a loot box, DE saw someone spin the roulette 200+ times, and that is still one thing you can't take away from DE: they removed a slot machine tied to real money, out of the game. And before you riven haters come here to try to refute me, no, rivens are in no way a greedy slot machine, because you don't pay actual real life currency, in order to roll your rivens.
  9. Warframe floofs, fully customizable with weapon floofs.
  10. Which part? The in game part? they are great and pretty chill people. But the other part? The "face" of the community, which are pretty much the official forums and the content creators, have proven over and over to be more toxic than helpful.
  11. In a game where people complain about things being too linear, now someone complains about something NOT being linear?
  12. Impressive how people still claim that game is dying, they been doing it for 4 years or more, and they will keep doing it so long as the population of the game stays bellow what seems to be a "standard" I guess this is why they can't enjoy a game, too focused on numbers and charts, that they forget how to enjoy a game.
  13. Highlighted an interesting contradiction in your argument. If we who care are insignificant then how our opinion matter? I brought the discussion firstly due to a case of nostalgia googles brought by you. Yes, the old melee had something the current one does not have: Infinite scaling, but have you realized that the enemy scaling was different back then? Melee 3.0 aimed to change that. If the enemy armor scaling was left alone without the proper changes, then sure, i would have gotten behind the argument that old melee was stronger, but definitely NOT enjoyable and clunky as hell. Th
  14. Funny how you can make an assumption like that without evidence. Are you 100% SURE no one with the cosmetics cares? Cause as far as im concerned, You can farm kuva with steel essence, and theres a weekly rotating shop, altho with very limited and often insulting prices, like Endo, is still a way to spend steel essence.
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