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  1. Umbra's scarf covers up the proto skin's abs and the metal sticking out of his arms is still there. The metalic abs are like one of the key elements of that skin. Please let us disable them like we can disable prime details on tennogen. I'm not getting what was advertised to me.
  2. Instead of the pillars from his dead thralls turning enemies into thralls themselves (like the patch notes said they would) it seems they end up turning enemies into full-on allies. These allies cannot transform other enemies into thralls (preventing it from spreading naturally), do not release pillars on death, cannot be damaged by you (this is a big issue), and aren't marked with revenant's thrall marker, meaning you can easily unload your clip into an enemy that's untargetable. The ability needs to spread naturally to be worth using. This is pretty kit breaking, and has existed for 4+ months now.
  3. This wasn't even among the most pressing issues of the game mode though? Half the frames in the game do almost nothing because frequently spawning drones just make their abilities do nothing, leading to the CLASSIC "buffing/tanky frames are the only ones that matter" meta. I want to use that 300% strength Mag, but literally none of her abilities work in the game mode, and killing drones either kills the enemies they were connected to, or lets you use your ability on like 4 dudes before another drone swoops in to take its place. There HAS to be a better solution to making difficult content than locking our abilities away from us. I started playing for the cool abilities. I continued playing for the cool abilities and builds. I've stopped playing because my abilities stopped working in the content that matters to me. At least in raids, most frames COULD contribute something, arbitration/Eidolons/Orbs just says if your frame is supposed to interact with enemies it doesn't work. We need multi-staged content like raids, but you have segments where CC frames shine, damage frames shine, buffing frames shine, tanky frames shine, and all members of the cast can at least do something unique and useful. Also this stuff takes like 40 minutes for a full rotation 😞
  4. YEAHHHHH DATA! not sarcasm btw Also would you consider looking at how sentients have reduced duration from Magnetize? If we do get a Sentient world in the future where sentients are the primary faction, the fact that Magnetize is so brief is going to invalidate Mag, preventing her from being a real damage dealer despite having amazing damage output. Just like how she can't be used in Eidolons. Maybe remove the immobilization effect from it on sentients after the first cast in exchange for duration not being continually reduced like other CC abilities? It just sucks that Magnetize is invalidated as a boss/sentient weapon because it also has cc built into it.
  5. Have y'all seen the rectangle that is Revenant's 3? It's an insult to the quality of the rest of the game. I'm kinda worried that the new relay is just gonna be a square with a picture of a relay fit over it.
  6. Please do not add any more unique rewards past this. I shouldn't have to login for 2 years to get access to some arbitrarily exclusive content. It just feels punishing to players who are just starting out. If someone doesnt want to play your game, they arent gonna log in for 2 years just to get a gun. If they do enjoy the game, then why are you punishing them for joining the game later by locking things away behind a ridiculous time wall?
  7. Will focus abilities ever be touched again? Most of the schools have quite a few abilities which are useless (such as Madurai's flame blast) and some which are active detriments to use because they make other abilities more expensive and the cost goes up the more you rank them (Madurai's blind). Also Ember has no place in the game currently, her damage is mediocre and she has nothing she provides at higher levels, what are the chances we could see a full rework of her at some (distant) point in the future? Her 3 is terrible and her 4 is still completely uninteractive.
  8. Primed Pressure Point is way harder to obtain the Sacrificial Pressure, it should be weaker, or at most on the same level (when using the other mod). PPP you have to wait for a random chance for Baro and then buy with ducats and credits. SP you get for free half ranked for completing a cinematic quest you'll be doing anyways. Also the other Sacrificial mod doesnt need a buff, it works fantastically with Blood Rush
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