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  1. Everyone talking about the credits we give Baro, but what about ALL THE PRIME ITEMS WE GIVE HIM IN HIS KIOSKS?!?! Those alone are enough to make several armies! OF WARFRAMES! Don't forget, primed frames always had a connection to the neural sentry! Use those credits to hire some corpus and its possible to do it again!
  2. 2 Things this patch; #1 tone down Bramma so I don't have to run from anyone with one so my PC doesn't crash. #2 Can you please add a little 'v' on vaulted relics instead of me having to hover over them then press tab (often twice) and checking ONE AT A TIME. This would massively help IN-mission relic selection on endless type maps. Thank you!
  3. All good things. Many improvements. Back breaking was humiliating (and hilarious) but I think it should have been reserved for a lich fight and not a finisher move in a hunt. For example, if you fight a litch in its lair/ship it gives the impression of 'this is a tough fight' and not: 'dang, its time to lose again...' In the first example, you will get your chance to break THEM in the SAME FIGHT. I think thats the difference here. Wining the fight right of in the first example is like a 1 in 8×7×6= 336 chance. So its like the OPPOSITE of the hero moments you put into the orb mothers, because theres no skill expression in those odds...
  4. Can we please get a marker on our relics to show if they are vaulted? It would make choosing relics and doing them in mission so much easier. Just need a 'V' marker...
  5. " Wreckage Repairs that are partially funded or waiting for completion (timer not expired yet) can now be cancelled! Resources funded will be returned and the Wreckage will remain in your Inventory to be Repaired or Scrapped later. " THANK YOU. Now all I need is some gameplay for a reason to do more... Ive done everything else already... Some new mission types would be nice...
  6. " Fixed Korrudo having inherited the Hirudo’s Health on Critical Hits mechanic. " Well crap a youtuber was where I first learned this and I thought it was intentional. Guess it wasn't. Nice fixes all around, railjack needs more content specific to it. I know im saying what we are all saying, but pls. I really like this mode.
  7. I want to see more raid like content that isn't just, 'here are dozen enemies, kill them to win'. Railjack has more potential than that and we all know it.
  8. Lots of good fixes here but I have ONE request, can we please have key bindings to roll again? Either they are gone completely or I cannot figure out how to bind them any more in any flight mode. I can fly just fine regardless, but it was fun to be able to do in arc-wing and hopefully now in railjack.
  9. This happened to me as well a few updates ago.
  10. Can you please make it so that away team resources are shared? As it stands the experience is like this: "okay mission done, now everyone out and find the loot+re-do what the "away team" just did and go inside to get all of the extra drops... 5-10 minutes of down time later, OKAY! next missions. that's a little.... slow; and I KNOW you guys said you want to keep this fast paced (hence the removal of the power allotting system on the ship).
  11. Thank you but could we maybe get some of this back: "Fixed not being awarded the Forging Bay Resources from your Railjack mission upon returning to the Dry Dock." If not thats fine too, but half or my forged resources are lost this way because I usually do 2 missions then forge and go to dojo.
  12. I agree, and I have spent on rivens as well, but for the reasons outlined, your friend yourself and I all could benefit from content we can all enjoy with or without rivens. Were in a deep rabbit hole now and its not you im upset with, but DE. So I will just end with this. I really hope we never get a system like rivens ever again.
  13. "While not in this Hotfix, we have more changes coming for Critical stats on Rivens" This may or may not be the popular opinion, but LEAVE this. For ONCE since their release, there are builds that aren't blatantly ALWAYS better with a riven due to having more than 1 stat in a single slot at least on melee. Like this (forma pending): Its not flat out better with a 300-1000 plat riven. You may be thinking, more plat spent is better for the game. However, this makes another one of warframes challenges for the devs harder. As mentioned by @[DE]Megan . Content being blown through too fast and more artificial caps having to be put in place. What this does is makes MORE content balance-able so everyone can enjoy. If people are complaining that something is too hard, LIKELY they don't have any 1000 plat rivens and you are balancing for 2 separate crowds who are only different based on the platinum acquired and not skill. Even RNG with good rolls/reveals can cause this gap to widen ESO Eidolon hunts to some degree (psst, look at the new redeemer prime vs limbs) Arbitrations etc. And any future content. You guys will have a better time balancing if you DO NOT make rivens any more powerful. Because if you do, the divide between the the best and worst players at what ever content you balance for wont be skill it will be platinum and trading in the market(which equates to an hour of not playing the game) for better fragor/zaw or what ever melee rivens. Please, if rivens are even stronger there are 2 options realistically. You make new content that balanced for most people and too easy for people using rivens. OR you make content for those with rivens and its too hard for players who are skilled but unprepared. I can't find a solution, but a buff is digging a deeper hole. Please re-evaluate. Talk to Scott. Also, Megan if you are reading this, keep up the good work.
  14. I think they should make the litch that spawns, spawn with a weapon based on the requiems you have equipped when you find its Larvling form. There are, what? 360+ combinations of requiem? PLENTY for the few litch weapons we currently have! This would be the first (with hopefully more to come) incentive to LEARN the requiem poem!
  15. Wow. Well, in terms of feedback, can we get the garanteed finisher damage slash proc back on the Galatine prime? It was SO GOOD for killing mecha set targets! Mini Garuda/ Equinox. I never posted about it on the forums so it may not be a popular thing, BUT it makes the mecha set worth using!
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