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  1. All seems great, but I have 2 questions and 2 suggestions. Have you remove the forced aim glide due to auto blocking in the air? Second, Does the combo counter affect NORMAL damage at all? Or ONLY Heavy attacks? Can we get a way to switch to block faster? You guys did pretty well already if you removed the auto block, but maybe make holding the melee button (to switch modes) also allow an instant block while switching until its out and ready in 1-2 seconds? Also, Can we get some stronger enemies for this melee rework? Something that fights back? Butchers/prova prodders kinda don't do anything... I know this is unrelated to the people doing the rework, but thing of the sound of your sword ringing as you parry. Case and point, kuva Litches are coming JUST so we can experience an enemy we can FACE and not mow over. Nox, Bursa, Juggernaut, Manic, Balif, etc. ALL of these are easier to shoot than face with a blade (in fact the sepcial mechanics of the bursa and the nox demand it). But none of them are an enemy that every faction could use, an enemy that goes: and we NEED that enemy.
  2. From what I have seen I am SO EXITED!!!!!!! It seemed like (Dev stream) You could do a combo while moving and while staying still which will keep me from having to tap slide in-between combo strikes for slide momentum. Time to read all this! Will edit after done!
  3. The only thing I wanted to see/hear about the ember rework is that if your good enough you can get close to her over heat blast if you use your 3 as late as possible. Other than that I may try ember because of this rework. I played Limbo for a long time and I loved how in his lore he did a jump that was too big, over taxed himself to, in a sense, go even further beyond. This ember reminds me so much of that. GJ so far DE.
  4. All I wanted with Gauss (Pronounced like HOUSE btw) Was for his Ult to give him more move speed that ramped up. Breaking his cap like what you WOULD DO over a redline... But what what we got, is SOOOOO much better! Also "Added small synergy with Thermal Sunder; running through a bubble will add its damage to your dash and impact burst." Depending on how this works THAT'S NOT SMALL! ITS AMAZING! I hope it doesn't have a low cap like volts passive... (or any cap for that matter!)
  5. The one thing that does not appeal to me as a mod reward (UNLESS you have a threshold mechanic to meet ala 99% vs 100% base status on shotguns) is flat stat rewards. Warframes and weapons are full of flat stats, but mods are both flat stats and new mechanics. Like condition overload, augments etc. Not saying these wont help in specific scenarios... but they don't add too much. The 2 I care about somewhat is: "Verticality: + Aim Glide / - Damage Taken while Airborne Wicked Strikes: + Faster Charge Attack / + Combo Counter " Those I like as rewards. Not even saying endgame rewards or not, just rewards in general. I am almost MR 19 Btw and have played for 4 years Edit: Didn't notice the "-" on blood letter, than can be a boost to things like oberon, and nezha and synergize with nekros. Thats another good one.
  6. I LOVE Gauss! Have dropped my main (Limbo) and have been playing him for days. However, hes a little rough around the edges. I suggest that as you rev your battery closer to (and past) Redline that you get an increase in base sprint speed. Maybe capped up to 0.5 increase to base or lower? The idea of reving a fast car IS to go FASTER. Not nearly as much pleasure having max speed from the start. Secondly, allow his projectiles and AOE run/slam in at least redline to do more bonus damage based on battery level. Not just all hit a second level to add flying bolts when past the threshold. As it stands, throwing enemies around is a good feeling for going fast, but it makes them harder to kill (prone + ragdolled) and doesn't kill on its own. At the very least he needs a buff to reward good players for managing a second resource bar efficiently. Not something most frames; even Nidus, Inaros OR GARUDA, have to worry nearly as much about! Right now, ember and valkyr who are low aoe damage (compared to equinox or mesa for example) and very selfish respectively bring more to a star chart mission of any kind than he does. Example 1: Ember, she uses her CC in a much larger area, buffs allies damage if its fire and does some DoT. With her CC tho, enemies and their heads are easier to hit. Example 2: Valkr, she has been said to be problematic because of how selfish her kit is, but at the very least she has 2 kinds of CC and a team damage + attack speed buff. I'm not saying he needs to be more like them. I AM saying that as low on the team play list as valkyr is and as weak as ember is right now he should be either stronger scaling or more generous to other players to compensate. His 3 is fine barring possibly a little more base range so that its feesable as CC (it also doesn't do damage but thats okay for one ability) or to allow you ro build for duration and use narrow-minded with range bigger than a single enemy.
  7. I conclave player made a complaint directly to steve on Twitter iirc. If you have an issue might I suggest a discussion starting there...
  8. The other frames do. Which is what I am saying. So I will play them.
  9. Thanks for the quick work.
  10. No, really, I shouldn't play a frame that annoys people if I can do it with other frames. If they had that buff before I wouldn't have needed to.
  11. "If you freeze enemies with things like Frost, Atlas, or Gara’s abilities, you can now immediately apply other Status Effects! Before these powers would prevent Status Effects from being added. Read more on that here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1119134-cold-status-effects-how-they-block-new-status-effects-coming-changes/ " So, Limbo's ONE shtick. Of being a status monster with condition over load due to having the only stasis that didn't prevent application is now generic... There is no reason for me to play him over Gara now.... Well I'm done. Like, good buff for the other frames, but I now have no more reason to play limbo than be a bad CC frame.... SHEESH
  12. Hoping that Triburos won't be right about these new self damage weapons.... but it looks like he is. If we don't have risk then our reward wont be high enough to ever use it. ... I'll be back after trying them....
  13. Okay Triburos (the Warframe Youtuber) Is right, why add self damage if you add a mechanic that gets rid of the risk? Flavor isn't a good enough reason. The weapon SHOULD be stronger than anything without the mechanic and still add the risk. I am talkin WAY stronger. Yeas sure, our weapons now are very strong, but thats a different issue all together. I am typing this hoping this isn't the case. Please don't let it be the case...
  14. Ty for the fixes, but we've been parched for actual new game play since eidolons.
  15. Thanks for the fixes. Can you guys please add a 'V' or some indicator that I can see for vaulted relics on the in-game relic UI? Thanks!
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