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  1. Could you fix the bug that causes a game lock (other than the chat) when you leave the EoM screen open when someone else has taken the group back into a mission as reported here?
  2. P.S. If you want the embedded code in the in-game F6 screen shots, let me know where to upload them and how. Thanks for reading.
  3. Okay, I have calmed down since then, so time to write a bug thread. https://imgur.com/kljpozH https://imgur.com/bpco9eD https://imgur.com/a/d7hKCwE The pictures are self explanatory, but it work like this. If you start a mission before someone has their UI completely closed at the end of mission screen, EVERYONE with their screens open, so everyone with a slower computer, will be stuck in the next mission and this hard locks you game. The only inputs accepted are in chat. This even happened to me and a friend of mine during the exploiter orb fight on the way out of deck 12
  4. I agree with you EXCEPT for the transitions for 2 Reasons. #1 Its meant to feel heavier, not clunky, heavy. It puts you in mind of an old mech from anime where a good pilot gets used to the quirks which brings me to #2 #2 The best way is to avoid the transition altogether with a well timed just and then to avoid THAT animation glide for a second to the ground. The whole time mind you, you can attack. That in mind would it still be too pace breaking for you? Other than that I agree on all points.
  5. Hello, back again to talk about the "update". #1 Do not make these abilities weirder, either buff the others or swap em out. #2 The mastery rank thing is rediculous when compared to what you said about it not being intended for new players. The proof is, you can even auto install untill MR 10. Even considering cost reductions to warframes, this nerf makes little sense. Please, think of a different solution and listen to the feedback all of your creators (except that one idiot) ones like brozime who made a public list of permutations.
  6. MR 8 is too low, and im saying this while having an irl friend stuck at the end of mr7... hes got 5 warframes... DE. come on guys. If you player average is MR 8 then give them a reason to increase it. MR 10 Minimum. 12 would be better. Im not even gonna touch the nerfs... this is just... bad.
  7. When I go to last mission results the warframe I was using in the mission isn't displayed... Edit: ALSO I can BARELY see the xp vs affinity gain.
  8. "Fixed the Stug’s alt-fire doing self-damage." Was this intentional? It doesn't affect me so I might be biased because I don't care, but I figure chroma mains (like my friends) would be using the stug for this.
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