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  1. That's the thing, im not funny, I enjoy jokes. I am just weirded out. For example, people in region chat are HILARIOUS to me. Also, red text is extremely punny. I just see an odd disconnect between those and this.
  2. To be clear "ordis has been counting stars, all accounted for" I think is a funny pun. It even implies something about ordis. The ones in the thread are, to me not that funny, and thats the ones that aren't just stolen.
  3. Has anyone noticed that a lot of the puns in: Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest aren't funny? Not even punny? I came for at least ONE, good laugh but they are all so bad. 😐 (and severely misspelled, likely due to using phones? ESL perhaps??) A ton are just stolen, in game or from a popular warframe video. whats wrong with this community? Why are we not funny? Are only the content creators funny maybe? I haven't had the mental strength to finish reading them, hopefully we get some funny finalists at least. I am sorry for who ever at DE has to sort through that thread.
  4. "Void Mode will now be disabled when Operators use a Railjack Turret. " Why? It was useful before. I could be invisible for a bit so new players on my jack have a harder time seeing the spoiler. Also it allowed me to tank enemies behind me for a bit if I NEEDED to fly away/shoot something asap but my frame couldn't take the damage from the back. Can you maybe allow us to fix the issue with AFK's locking up one of our turrets on our railkjacks tho? That's annoying.
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