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  1. If you have other ideas you can share them, I have read a lot about that people who do not enter the forum, have no idea that if you get duplicates they give you credits of that wave, even that there are people who did not know that these expired
  2. I may have written it wrong, but I think the credits should always be the last instance, as you said first, get the repeated items, and if you have everything, just there the credits
  3. I see that it is your first publication, the support is appreciated I share that people should enter the forum more and be less afraid to publish things
  4. well but it is not what I said, I said give us items that we do not have and as a last option, give credits and it's something I've talked about throughout this thread and I think it's clear that it's fine for you, but not for me I can't find that you contribute any ideas so I don't know what else to tell you and no matter how much you link me to something from wikipedia, I have not seen that it has been announced that way (this game), so I am not interested, im only interested the mechanics thats in game And as much as it is free, it does not interest me either, you do not know if I have invested money or not, I am only saying ideas, I do not demand anything If there are people who they think it's okay, or it's not okay, its okey for me, that's why post this, so that everyone can express themselves, but whether a game is free or not, does not take away from what makes people feel
  5. I don't know what you mean by season pass, I didn't see it being advertised anywhere like that, I only see one item in the game that offers repeat rewards and people are complaining, plain and simple, I just said an idea for why they are busy, would be something that would benefit everyone The vast majority do not even know that they get credits for repeated skins, or at least they do in my clan, which is why I say that these same changes should show in the game. but I think that for some reason, you have nothing to contribute, you are happy like this and it seems fine to me I saw no relationship with "this was already done", with what I mentioned. If there are new things it is another paradigm, not if it is the second nightwave followed with repeated things
  6. It could be very doable, although I would really touch the reward table first. I would attack the immediate reward first and then look at giving as a long-term reward if feasible portions of the story I do not know what you have understood, but what I am just saying is that before giving credits for a duplicate component, as it is currently with the skins not with the mods or sugatra, offer you a previous one of the past nightwaves and as a last step if you have everything, there if give you credits In addition, all these changes are seen in the same reward table, so that the player understands in a simple way what they will obtain before obtaining it. I hope I have been clearer now
  7. It's a good way to approach it I suppose it is to force in a certain sense to play if you want a specific reward a good way between putting everything on the market and maintaining the current system, could be to enable new items on the market based on the total level gained I understand your frustration, there are many who do not even express it, in my clan we are more than 100 people and nobody is saying anything they think I share that the experience of the game should not be focused on nocturnal nora, but I would like it to be more worked, with little I would be satisfied, as I said if I could only get old items instead of repetitions, it would be okey for me Obviously, what I would like the most is for it to be all new Due of many comments i think i have to clarify something. This is a subject that provokes feelings, some of anger, others of disappointment. I would like to believe, for healthy debate, we must to have in mind that the things within the game are separated from the forum, everything said or talked about in the forums or devstream, the players does not have to know. At the same time, let's try to put aside the arguments of "DE is working on something else", if I don't like something, even if they work on something else, it won't take away the feeling of disgust. I think we all agree on something, we like warframe, and we want the best for the game. Let's talk about what things we would like to see and what things bother us (about nora nightwave, of course), comments other than that are Irrelevant And remember to treat with respect, I would not like this topic to be closed because it becomes very heated.
  8. that's a very good point And what do you think, could there be a solution?
  9. The contribution is appreciated! I agree that everything should have at least duplicate protection
  10. It is true that I do not know in what way things are coded, but I doubt that you either and in my experience as a programmer it does not seem something crazy, we are simply debating ideas we are not demanding anything It is only implemented that in case of receiving skins they give you credits, it is not something that as I said is to my liking I think it would be good if they gave something that I do not have, and leave the choice of credits as a last resort
  11. Of course this is more than anything a matter of personal taste, there are people who will bother you more than others What if it bothers me is that even if there is protection against duplicates skins, it does not really show me the things that I would get in the table
  12. I do not think it is something difficult to implement and it is better to speak these topics when they are fresh
  13. Exactly, that's why I would like him not to happen with the mods and that before giving me credits in the skins offers, they offer me things that im dont have and as a last step there gives me the credits Of course it is a personal opinion, based on what I would like and what I discussed with some members of the clan.
  14. One of the things that I would like is for the mods themselves not to be repeated, should be offer another one that I do not have, if I have missed any In addition to these changes that are shown in the table itself, showing the items that you would get
  15. Hi! in my opinion... Something that I would like to see implemented in the night waves, is that they will remove the things we already have from the rewards list and replace them with others that we do not. In case we got it all, you could give 50 credits of this night wave, to make up for the empty space I think this could be useful for everyone. feel free to write your ideas! Thanks!
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