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  1. Honestly Xaku is working great and you can definitely add an efficiency mod on xaku and still get an amazing build out of it. Have took my Xaku to abritrations and steel path and works great as is. I can agree that the gaze ability needs to be changed a little bit , like I said before I feel like it's should work like Trinity's energy cast ability. It's should do the damage to the enemy and then as it floats in the air do accumulative damage that spreads like a radius to other enemies until the the enemy is killed and then burst a larger amount of damage to the surrounding enemies. Both of my
  2. So I got the inaros prime pack but didn't receive the Mittahk Prime Armor• Kahtuss Prime Syandana who do I contact about this??
  3. Happy for the Xaku updates, works way better than he did before. Obviously they still have some hotfixes to do after downsizing the whole game. Only question I have now is when are the necramechs going to get a melee weapon? They barely do any damage with that little arm with no mods on it and you're giving us an melee mod with 60% extra damage, right now it's just taking up space until you can get a weapon.
  4. Nah this is something that happens even on Xbox, stands you up even if holding crouch button. Can't slide or anything without it standing up
  5. It's not getting 32 gb bigger it's getting smaller they compacted Warframe into a smaller download of 32 gb.
  6. You guys should look at saryn please for Deimos, not the strength or anything I think it's working fine knowing that you upped the armor on the Infested there, cuts her first ability down a bit on damage , but I like the longer status effects anyways. The issue is the range on the ability as known by everyone who uses Saryn is pretty far, mine sits at like 149m. But in Deimos it seems to only go about 10-25m if that and doesn't effect infested correctly. Other than that I was able to use her and get by some level 60 infested. But without her first ability working correctly I feel like at a cer
  7. Just found this information from a year ago, shows how much Warframe doesn't check bugs. "It's a lagswitch tactic. Most times, someone like that is using a lagswitch to glitch the zoom buff to infinite levels, but sometimes, just normal lag causes it, so if you ever notice your komorex doing a bit better than usual, then you must've had lag. Users like that who publicly abuse the game are luckily getting banned. I personally don't mind private usage, but when you do a public match like that, report that user.". So what's happening is they are switching back and forth enough to create enough la
  8. They changed an ability for marked for death and is using the first ability to amplify the damage of the marked enemy. Spam it and you'll clear the map like so. It's overpowered with the right warframe.
  9. Xaku doesn't effect eidolons?? They made his void damage inefficient against them. Only way to take shields out is with your tenno
  10. Yeah I think it's more of a count down for the inaros package until nezha prime comes out
  11. The Nova Asuri Skin seems to not be completely correct. 1. You can't customize the colors completely, the black stays on the skin no matter what 2. The arms seem to only show when doing the animation, feel like arms should show either for every kill or every ability used.
  12. So when is this dropping? The information you're giving us is already known, what we want to know is when its actually going to update. But I am glad you're trying to do it all at once to catch up to pc.
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