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  1. Been very patient, separate team or not doesn't seem like any "flow" is happening for counsels. I understand cut off points.
  2. If they'd actually focus on counsels and stop updating PC we'd have it by now, we aren't being focused on and if you can't see that by now then ur just blind; Don't try and say it's because they aren't done fixing hotfixes when they're getting updates that have nothing to do with Orphix Venom. At this point I don't see us getting the update even next week.
  3. That's great to know, wish they'd give us an update of some sort tho.
  4. They've had plenty of time to release an update, they've been back from vacation for a while now. 5 PC hotfixes but couldn't focus on the counsel update? And that's why I said I'll just take a break from the game. They had their break should be catch up time now.
  5. I'm not putting all the blame on them. But yes like you said I feel like they could've done this differently, and it's just loosing my interest in the game, might just be time for another break for me lol. Feel like they could've pushed out an update for counsels by now, I just personally don't see why we don't have it yet especially with Lavos; And they're about to announce another WF so just feels like we're getting further and further behind.
  6. The fact that we haven't gotten the update yet is kind of irritating me, kind of sucks trying to keep up with everything and seeing all this stuff being put into play but can't use it myself. Slowly giving up on WF , so many Years into this game to be treated like we are not important.
  7. I understand that it still feels like I don't know when it's really coming especially with all the complaints I keep seeing with PC which means more hotfixes before we ever see this update.
  8. Man this is disappointing , this game I have no clue when the update will come; Just the hurry up and wait feeling for this which makes me anxious; And then I go check another game I Play and they aren't doing a major update that we totatly need for the game until June! Feels like covid is running the world and it sucks because gaming is my stress reliever...
  9. I'm hoping that we get it next week since it seems that's mostly what they are focusing on.
  10. Yeah it's definitely a bug, I think it's the pull radius that's causing the secondary arrows to glitch, probably doesn't register correctly.
  11. Yeah I understand completely where you are coming from, it's irritates me more than anything how long it takes for counsels to get updates. Sucks we didn't get any information today about the update, now for the long weekend and hope for some good news Monday.
  12. Not sure I feel they need to fix it but it's been ignored
  13. Think this was purposely done . To stop Mirage from having a weapon that would actually suit her playstyle.
  14. Honestly you're in the same boat as counsel players are in always waiting for PC, so don't act like you're the only counsel that has to go through the long waiting. The fact you'll quit because the counsel YOU CHOSE TO USE, is behind on updates is ridiculous. You can't blame Warframe for your counsel not keeping up and adapting to make their systems better and faster. That's what truly slows down updates and hotfixes.
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