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  1. This is the man on the moon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_in_the_Moon), Jesus on the bread (https://www.ranker.com/list/stuff-that-looks-like-jesus/whitneysmoore). As a psychology graduate (in my 1st degree) I can tell you that human brains are wired to seek patterns even when there is none. Once upon a time this was advantageous trait that evolved in humans living in a dangerous environment with predators lurking around. This trait allowed an early homosapiens to spot difference in ones approximate and immediate environment, thus allowing the ability to spot if there were predators nearby and as a result allowing higher chances of survival. In modern times this trait is still useful for science, but it can also mislead ones sensory system to see patterns that do not actually have a concrete formation despite initial perception. So be vigilant what you think you see and what you actually see.
  2. I would be careful talking about having 2nd accounts as DE has stated they are against community and user guidelines as well as terms of service you agree upon when signing up and creating an account. This is to prevent platinum farming with alt-accounts (transferring the free plat to your main account, platinum sale discount farming etc). If you have no interaction between the accounts you may be forgiven (though not guaranteed), but if you have interactivity you may get bans (or if severe enough account deletion). Quote from the terms of service: " 3. Account The creation of alternate accounts will be handled on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to remove accounts used to circumvent any form of restrictions to the game or the service including the official Warframe forums. "
  3. A good comment. Though just to point out talking from experience and seeing the reception over the years, I am not sure if I would call the older style unpopular. Rather the newer style was simply more popular because how flashy it was. This is something a lot of games share. People want to shine, well most people do, there are some who are more humble in their achievements (looking at you support players).
  4. Just went to a mission with all of them on. Figured it would be nice and challenging. I was disappointed. It was notably harder, but it was doable. When you get to a certain point where you have all the powerful mods maxed out and all the gear available at your choosing, even if you do not min max or pick up the best gear most of the content is perfectly doable even with all the keys equipped. Balance is a tough scale but the game needs more of it. Back in ye'old days of the open-beta release stated of the game was actually pretty difficult because enemies hit harder (they weren't as numerous) and you had smaller effective HP pool due to having non-maxed out mods. Like DE said they want to bring more challenge to the game, at one point it meant elite alerts meant to challenge long term players but obviously that was scrapped when they started designing NW and remaking that whole system. Anyway back to the original topic I think DE has stated that nullifiers are supposed to scale their bubbles in a way where the drone does not go over the ceiling. There are however cases that it does clip trough even if this feature was already implemented. And I am not sure it has yet been, I can not recall. Bubbles do have a fixed size though, maybe I misunderstood what was written there but their size scales only to a fixed point of max range. In my personal view nullifiers are a good enemy type because they provide interaction and engagement rather than plowing trough hordes like players usually do. I used to dislike them way back in the day when they were initially introduced because the bubbles did not have a drone to shoot and they did not care about the weapon type they were being shot at so sniper rifles especially struggled to shoot them down. These days they are fairly easy to deal with, if you can not shoot the bubbles, go and melee them.
  5. No it is not. It has effective shield and health points, casting it costs energy, you lose it if you die, you have to recast it if you drop out of bounds from map or you need to reactivate it if it goes to a nullifier bubble. It is much more passive than abilities typically are but then again so is Inaros 4th ability and Rhino's Iron Skin. Passive is something where you have no investment on its effect, since casting Wukong's 1st ability requires action and interaction, it is not applicable to describe it as a passive.
  6. Hahhah, thank you for making me laugh. Agreed. Good comment. 😄
  7. Well I study Software Engineering and in the past year we had a lecture talking about the future of companies and technology. One part of that lecture spoke about how Microsoft has been gradually moving towards a unified system within the larger company and its sister companies. This is why Xbox and Microsoft phones both got Windows 10 UI and appstore features in them, it is also why they are transporting games from one platform to another, like Halo finally coming to PC and such and such. It is possible that looking at the future Microsoft is looking ways that they can also allow cross platform play among other things. Also in the past couple of years Sony has started to warm up for cross platform play despite their previously hard line stance against it due to being competitor console platforms with Microsoft (Japan has history of seclusion, they are protective and reserved culturally and historically, so one can understand why Sony has thought like this). I think that the information era and increasingly connected soon to be released 5G technology and IoT (Internet of Things) has opened a lot of these venues even for companies who have traditionally been isolating to reconsider their role in the markets. For gaming this means that some shared multiplatform games could and probably will feature cross play moving forward into next generations of gaming platforms.
  8. What more is there to add. Indeed from a design perspective you do not want to bar gear away from your playerbase, but at the same time what incentives will you give to players pursuing better gear? Most importantly how will you go and balance that out? Regardless though I would love to see what that would mean in +MR 27. If Gram Prime is MR 14, then what kind of ridiculous finger of god is MR 30 weapon like?
  9. This is the sniper debate but with semi-autos. Yep, they suffer from the same problems but of course snipers do more damage for being slower and clumsier to use. I do personally agree semi-auto weapons need some mechanics to make them more viable. An argument against punch trough is that it would not differentiate single-shot weapons from bows. And I can kind of see that, kind of not. Bows are almost always silent as well (exceptions like Lens exist) and they have punch trough, so simple punch trough alone would not muddy the waters. Some might argue here that weapon archetypes do not have to be unique if it serves better gameplay and I can also see this. Others argue that they'd hope ideally that each category would find their own place, which I can also understand. For years I have been trying to wonder stats that would allow uniqueness for single-shot rifles and sniper rifles. I think that at some point you will realize that at least without drastically changing or adding mechanics to weapons, existing stats can be used only so many times and they always take away from unique weapon design possibilities. It is definitely a tough one to solve, but I think most of us agree that single-shot weapons do need ways to help them out engaging hordes of enemies and the fast phasing of the gameplay mechanics.
  10. That is exactly why if the point of inspiration is this kind of 70's radio delivery, paying homage to that kind of era of presentation, movies, radio, literature and art. That was trendy once and I do not find it surprising at all given how a lot of DE were born or grew up in that era and the game features a lot of references to that 70's era disco-electric machine music style, art, presentation and literature. Corpus is pretty much 70's sci-fi stereotype. For what it is worth it went out of style for a reason, like every style does eventually. Probably much to your fortune I suppose. Regardless back to the original topic.
  11. Where did I say it makes something better? That's right, nowhere. The post I responded to was wondering why her transmission is done in the style it has been, and this is the reason. Strictly a description there.
  12. People do realize she is intentionally overplayed and prolonged based on pop-culture reference of character D.J. from cult-classic crime film the Warriors (1979) And you do also know that you can turn off these transmissions from the menu options, right? Example:
  13. Read responses before you and you will understand what OP meant by it.
  14. How would it work exactly? It would have short range AoE, something which would be painfully bad for Archwing. Or you could make it functional in that mode but it would be ridiculously powerful when deployed with Grav-Mag. I want a heavy flamer, I just have no idea how you could make it viable in one mode or not blatantly op in another.
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