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Hello there Tenno!
My name is BETAOPTICS, or so they call me here.

I´m currently studying at the Institute of Psychology.
On my free time I tend to hang out with my friends, play Piano or occasionally other instruments or write songs. I also like to draw, read, jog and of course my favorite hobby is playing games, like Warframe example.

I have been trough a lot within recent years, I was diagnosed with Crohn's decease which almost killed me four times during the last four years, but I survived and now it is all over, I'm happy as ever. Those times made me realize how valuable a healthy life is and that how lucky I am to be born in a wealthy country and a fairly wealthy family. I realized that nothing comes granted and that i need to really do something with my life rather than just going the direction I was currently then going, though I was a teen back then and now I consider myself a young adult.

What are my future plans, well, I really don't know as of yet. I dream to become Psychologist as it is my dream job and I wish that after my studies I'd find myself that one that I would share my life with, that special somebody. Maybe life will grant me these luxuries but whatever happens I always remember the times that were really tough and that things can always be worse, that gives me energy to move on. Time will tell what happens to me and all I need to do is ride along it's waves.

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