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About Me

* Note underlined text is hotlinked for your convenience.

Chat moderators are regular players that volunteer to moderate the chat and are in no affiliation with the developers or the company which owns this game. They do not have access to chat logs nor tools for reversing suspensions. 

Account restrictions are a private matter between the account holder and Customer Support and are not discussed publicly or with other players.
If you are uncertain of what is allowed and what isn't, reread  the Terms of Use, Privacy policy, EULA and the Community Guidelines that you've agreed with upon when installing this game.
If you wish to make an appeal, know that wasting Support's time may result with extended suspension if there is evidence that you deserved more than you have received.

CxLL is

  • The president of the Prisma Kronen Fanclub.
  • Casual chat moderator.
  • Kavat hoarder.
  • Unnaturally devoted to producing informative walls of text.

CxLL is not

  • A macro user.
  • Capable of doing math.
  • Employed by the developers of Warframe.
  • Willing to create things that do not include shades of turquoise.


Should you require any form of assistance that you believe CxLL can provide, feel free to send a private message.


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