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  1. While it would be interesting to have the option to switch out parts just for the sake of an extra mechanic, it really isn't quite necessary. You get clear info on what each part does so you can make an informed decision prior to deciding on building. If you decide not to like what you've achieved, do not invest resources into it but rather further your experimentation, which is rather easy due to the low cost and ease of obtaining of other parts. It's a straightforward system that is as complete as one can get. On another note, "Modular" is not synonymous to "interchangeable". If a thing is modular, it means that it has been made from pre-made parts. The confusion with the definition might be coming from the design sector which is constantly striving for innovation and introducing the ability to switch broken parts easily or allow building upon or around the existing module - such as with pre-made housing: if your wall falls, you can order another, identical to the one that fell and it will be replaced. Or modular cables: instead of having a box with a cable leading to a socket, you have a box and a cable that leads both to the box and to the socket so more options are available. Elements being modular allows various combinations, as zaws and kitguns do, but having the option of switching out said elements is not within the frame of definition. As for what the developers "promised", where I use the definition of the word given by this thread matching the definition of "mentioned", rather than the common one that comes from someone giving a promise, the idea of the parts being interchangeable was never introduced.
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    You'd be surprised! **LIFE** (U.S.: Nasdaq) LIFE has not issued dividends in more than 1 year.
  3. This is not a new complaint, nor something that has been brought with the newest mainline update. People have complained for years about randomly-created squads not following their idea of a good time without even making an attempt of informing people via chat what they'd like to do in said mission. This is why the recruit chat exists - leave an invite with specifics you expect and you will get people that will stay with you through it. No reason to make an entirely new matchmaking infrastructure. Similar to getting on a bus and being upset that the complete strangers that are already on it don't get off at your station. Expecting players you're randomly matched with to read your mind is... well more than a gamble, considering the amount of mind readers out there.
  4. Definitely unintended. Take some visual evidence (screenshots/gifs/videos), save the log file of the session in which it happens in case Support needs it. Would've helped if you knew to save files when you defeated the litch to provide evidence of the action being taken. Next time? Quite a few reports on this piling up. Could stuff them all in one binder to highlight the frequency of the issue occurring. Will keep an eye out for more info. Reported topic for moving to PhP, hope you don't mind. If enough people respond, a proper bug report can be made.
  5. You should really check the update notes. As as snip, here's the relevant paragraph. To confirm, check the actions available in the stance COMBOS menu in your Arsenal > Melee > Upgrade > COMBOS Images under spoiler.
  6. Can confirm. The rolls need to stay UNBOUND (as default) to be able to get out of ground archwing. Having those bound to any key at all will prevent being able to exit archwing with melee or anything at all except mounting a different vehicle (k-drive). Another note - if you have the option "Melee with fire input" toggled on, you will be able to exit archwing by pressing the Left mouse button (the one you fire guns with). This option toggled off prevents the usage of melee (default E) in general as an exit method. Confirmed both as host and client, keys defaulted prior or after update. Regardless of having issues with key bindings (former roll) on mainline launch.
  7. Might come back to edit with proper content later, but, for now, a quote from a different but related thread to summarize the overall experience. Also, thank you @Steel_Rook for that reply there. Stated nearly all that I would've written, but I feel just leaving an emoji reaction was not enough appreciation.
  8. Can confirm. Got through over ten discussions with people that tried to explain what the patch notes actually mean (still claiming that changes weren't explained properly and a lot of info is missing), how the word "combo" changed its meaning entirely, how the mods look like the word "channeling" simply got autoreplaced by "combo" without checking how it affects the mod's function, and how much better things are right now, overall. Regardless of the efforts, actual gameplay offers a very different feeling. While the stance animations are much easier to achieve and control than before (when modded speed could've messed up your reflex and autoblock entirely stopping the stream of actions), the further you go, the more you need to resort to heavy attacks, which are still as clunky as they were before. The elegant ballet of regular melee animations that mowed down wide areas gradually becomes slow heavy slams of individual enemies. And it looks bad. It feels bad. Even with tonfas, which are overall an epitome of perfection. Granted, it'd be somewhat easy to tolerate these peeves by manually adjusting things to your liking with mods and external helpers such as arcanes and/or focus school branches, it fell in at the same time as the layers of rng new content introduced and keybind-related bugs, so now, I am bitter as well. This has been a biased reply.
  9. Disclaimer: Single examples added for each for ease of skimming, rather than due to being singular in the matter. 1. Hover info text is everyone's friend. Expecting users to know what stylized icons mean prior to ever having any interaction with your software is an instant exam fail in any design uni. Textbook case even. 2. Unify information boxes. Whether you're portraying an item in the Market, chat link, arsenal, codex or otherwise, it should provide the same information. As a recent example, not all stats present in the melee preview within the arsenal are present in the market/chat preview. Screenshot courtesy of @TinkerManiak 3. Add background to menus which are expected to be in front of vivid/animated/distracting backgrounds. This has been a common practice since the 50s western copywriting rules got written. Ease of observation = ease of access = ease of use = user happy. The opposite applies.
  10. You can check this and also your navigation panel for this: Portrayed on "planets" as:
  11. @AVSManfred thank you for this thread. It's proper. I've reported it for moving to feedback actually. Hope you don't mind.
  12. This sigil and a few others take white as a base by default (another common example would be the Zanuka sigil). It has been present since the initial colour changes that sparked the energy selection split. It will also shine through regardless of having transparency maximized. Seems to be an artistic decision rather than a bug.
  13. Are you absolutely certain you're not mixing "built part" with "blueprint"? Would you mind providing screenshots - Of your inventory with search bar including the needed keywords to highlight the part (e.g. "mesa prime system", without the quotes) - Of the syndicate menu requiring that particular part? A lot of people don't see that the syndicate in fact asks for a built part rather than a blueprint and make reports of issues existing considering they do have the blueprint in their inventory. This frequently-occurring event can be avoided with a message popping up upon hovering over the missing parts providing information that the item needs to be crafted.
  14. Crossfire stands for "two factions fighting each other". It has always factored in more than extermination missions, just less frequently. Have you seen more than one faction in your mission?
  15. Some channels are locked prior to actually achieving some progression within the game - such as trading: You cannot trade prior to being mastery rank 2 or above (underlined text linked to official articles about selected topics), however the message itself should not be showing a path but information on why you were prevented to access a certain area. This should be looked into. If you can provide info such as which chats it appears in, when it appears, your state of account (mastery/progression), it would make things more clear for those addressing the problem.
  16. Lack of locomotion functions should not be a bug. Most cases that complained of this very issue had either a controller plugged in (not having it plugged in enables the keyboard commands) or peripheral software running in the background, overwriting expected keyboard input. On another note, this is a technical issue and something nobody but Support will be able to assist with properly.
  17. I'm afraid this is not indicative of the request at all. In fact, passing it through a few eyes confirms that it just looks either grammatically incorrect or misleading. -> "I need to find a mission that has nothing but lvl 30 enemies? Where's that?" A solution would be being clear and straight to the point. "Starting at level 30" should be sufficient even for those that do not have high English proficiency. However, the issue with this challenge does not end there. It doesn't seem to acknowledge the infested faction, or at least seems to be completing sporadically for clients alone - as shown in the threads of the Bug Reports section of the Forums, as well as the state of complaints chat in the recent nightwave missions have caused. Now this is a strange decision - the main source of complaints would be regarding audio indicators and colour coding, which have been deemed a bad design choice for decades now due to being difficult to register even for those without physical issues, in abundance of audio and visual content the game is throwing at them on a regular basis, and fully disregard the existence of players with particular needs in terms of perception. Leaving the enemy marker as the sole point of realization where the enemy is leaves still demands a lot of running in various directions in absence of other cues, but it left time for people to search for it on the map. Once found, they would have sufficient time to deal with it before it reaches its objective of destruction. Lowering the distance at which the enemy marker appears leaves less time to deal with the demolysts and will inevitably leave those without beefy equipment or knowledge on game dynamics at a loss. Increasing the distance at which the enemy marker spawns would be a solution, further than it originally was. Abandoning colour coding and audio indicators as a sole hint method would as well. Adding shapes to tower markers was a good step forward, although colourblind players still complain it's difficult to distinguish in a mess of enemies and trying to stay alive. Dismissing the polygonal frame around the shapes could solve this, or perhaps reshaping the entire marker into its respective shape. Perhaps somewhere in the future, the colour choices could be made accordingly to existing user-friendly design standards which would include those that cannot see certain tints against certain backgrounds.
  18. This is absolutely fascinating! And yes, you're in the right place - Game glitches and game bugs belong in the appropriate bug report sections of the Forums while the Support website deals with things such as exploits, account-specific issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players. Now, in order to actually start understanding what's happening, how about editing the thread with the required info stated in the official bug reporting guidelines? You can find a shortened version of that in the latest bug reporting megathread pinned on top of the bug reporting subforum (this one, where your thread has been submitted). As it goes, the more detail, the better. If we have proper steps of reproduction, we can see if it happens to everyone or if it's just an edge case scenario where your log file will also be needed.
  19. Here's a fun fact - https://www.improvenet.com/r/costs-and-prices/architect-cost-estimator#targetText=Most architects who charge on,hire an architect is %244%2C666. Free professional advice: Get pictures portraying what you expect to achieve. Hold them up as you find the existing elements which can be used to replicate what you see.
  20. @KiraGrad08 + @TheUnclean_4Head would you mind recording a video of this and posting it here if not writing what the steps of replication are? From what I grasp you have equipped and then you try But somehow this doesn't work as expected and instead you There's definitely not enough information present here, so a couple of eager people did a few attempts at seeing whether there's something obvious in this complaint. One of the tests was even done in Captura's slow motion. Results may be updated in coming sessions. Any details regarding what was missed or what needs to be tested are welcome. Listing your entire loadout in terms of equipment, squad state, enemy types you've faced and even mod/arcane setups is also welcome.
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