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  1. I'm afraid this is not indicative of the request at all. In fact, passing it through a few eyes confirms that it just looks either grammatically incorrect or misleading. -> "I need to find a mission that has nothing but lvl 30 enemies? Where's that?" A solution would be being clear and straight to the point. "Starting at level 30" should be sufficient even for those that do not have high English proficiency. However, the issue with this challenge does not end there. It doesn't seem to acknowledge the infested faction, or at least seems to be completing sporadically for clients alone - as shown in the threads of the Bug Reports section of the Forums, as well as the state of complaints chat in the recent nightwave missions have caused. Now this is a strange decision - the main source of complaints would be regarding audio indicators and colour coding, which have been deemed a bad design choice for decades now due to being difficult to register even for those without physical issues, in abundance of audio and visual content the game is throwing at them on a regular basis, and fully disregard the existence of players with particular needs in terms of perception. Leaving the enemy marker as the sole point of realization where the enemy is leaves still demands a lot of running in various directions in absence of other cues, but it left time for people to search for it on the map. Once found, they would have sufficient time to deal with it before it reaches its objective of destruction. Lowering the distance at which the enemy marker appears leaves less time to deal with the demolysts and will inevitably leave those without beefy equipment or knowledge on game dynamics at a loss. Increasing the distance at which the enemy marker spawns would be a solution, further than it originally was. Abandoning colour coding and audio indicators as a sole hint method would as well. Adding shapes to tower markers was a good step forward, although colourblind players still complain it's difficult to distinguish in a mess of enemies and trying to stay alive. Dismissing the polygonal frame around the shapes could solve this, or perhaps reshaping the entire marker into its respective shape. Perhaps somewhere in the future, the colour choices could be made accordingly to existing user-friendly design standards which would include those that cannot see certain tints against certain backgrounds.
  2. This is absolutely fascinating! And yes, you're in the right place - Game glitches and game bugs belong in the appropriate bug report sections of the Forums while the Support website deals with things such as exploits, account-specific issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players. Now, in order to actually start understanding what's happening, how about editing the thread with the required info stated in the official bug reporting guidelines? You can find a shortened version of that in the latest bug reporting megathread pinned on top of the bug reporting subforum (this one, where your thread has been submitted). As it goes, the more detail, the better. If we have proper steps of reproduction, we can see if it happens to everyone or if it's just an edge case scenario where your log file will also be needed.
  3. Here's a fun fact - https://www.improvenet.com/r/costs-and-prices/architect-cost-estimator#targetText=Most architects who charge on,hire an architect is %244%2C666. Free professional advice: Get pictures portraying what you expect to achieve. Hold them up as you find the existing elements which can be used to replicate what you see.
  4. @KiraGrad08 + @TheUnclean_4Head would you mind recording a video of this and posting it here if not writing what the steps of replication are? From what I grasp you have equipped and then you try But somehow this doesn't work as expected and instead you There's definitely not enough information present here, so a couple of eager people did a few attempts at seeing whether there's something obvious in this complaint. One of the tests was even done in Captura's slow motion. Results may be updated in coming sessions. Any details regarding what was missed or what needs to be tested are welcome. Listing your entire loadout in terms of equipment, squad state, enemy types you've faced and even mod/arcane setups is also welcome.
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