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  1. Currently stuck with the chassis mission (defense, corpus enemies, lvl 40+, 15 waves, no mods/ gear/ operator/etc...). Anyone got any suggestion for how to handle this mission solo since I can't seem to get anyone in public mode and no one seems interested in recruit chat. Current frames tried and results Saryn: No dropped energy orb so I couldn't recycle the spore miasma combo Octavia: Couldn't get enough energy to drop to keep mallet + resonator going. Got pretty far but eventually ran out of revives. Frost: Enemies are a high enough level that they can eat through a un-mod
  2. Ok so currently doing cetus bounties to get the neuroptics for revanent and I've been running into issues with the stages making them nigh impossible or so frustrating that I just quit and try again. After going through the forums, these don't seem to be new at all. However because this is making getting to the 4th and 5th mission to have a snowballs chance in hell of getting the part; these issues are throwing in quite the monkey wrench. The most egregious offender that has happened is with the hacked drone. For some reason (maybe to do with it's pathing) the thing just stalls effectively
  3. Quick question regarding the raknoids as I’m currently trying to farm Toroids, however there’s a slight problem; I can’t seem to get raknoids of any type to spawn. this is weird since when I did bounties, they’d constantly harass me and the defense objective, however now, they seem to have hidden away now that I’m in free roam and free of any kind of restraint. Any reliable way to get these things to spawn so I can farm their drops. note: I would like to avoid doing bounties as I’m currently burned out from them and would like to avoid doing them if at all possible. note: t
  4. Like I said the the regular enemies are fairly manageable, but when a drive comes by, all bets are off and they can deal serious damage to the defense target via a large volley of explosive shots that can leave a high damaging electric status effect, or simply driving through. The latter of those choices I saw earlier today come in and reduced the shields of a special coildrive to zero and the health pool by half, as well as kill me because I was preoccupied setting up frost bubbles when it showed up and ran me over. Just tried my old rubico and while it's still missing some mods because
  5. Just a quick heads up, apart from the frames after Harrow and Gara, I've had every frame max ranked since before I took a break two years ago around the time fortuna came out. I'll admit that I'm not very skilled with banshee as I never got used to her kit, and I've only really used Mirage to break the games framerate with atomos or abused the build up mechanic of the simulor. I've found recently that enemy projectiles can damage through the void when I've tried with limbo so that's not reliable.
  6. Tried Mesa on an earlier bounty and while I was doing fine, I did at times find myself getting overwhelmed. Don't have Hidryn yet, and I'm not sure what Nezha ability you're talking about, but I'll keep that in mind. That's actually and interesting idea that I never considered because I mostly tried to keep myself glued to the objective, so I might try that out. That might really help me out. Thanks for the info.
  7. Well that's going to take an age and a half to grind as since the second dream debut I've been more or less passive in farming focus and only recently have been more active in it. Got any other suggestions?
  8. Currently trying to farm for banshee and mirage prime parts and have been stuck doing Orb Vallis Bounties as they have the highest chance for success for some of the relics needed for the parts. Been able to avoid doing the higher level bounties for some of the relics but now the one I'm trying to stockpile (B6 because the part I'm looking for is rare so having a stock of around 10 is preferable), and now OV gets to show the absolute contempt it has for me that it only hinted at in earlier easier missions. As of right now starting this relic farm I have all but once failed the bounty and
  9. Ok so I’m a returning vet after a while not playing and one thing I’ve been doing lately is Orb Vallis and fortuna since I never bothered with it before I left. While the enemies in emerald can be annoying (it’s corpus, not really a surprise there), they can be manage. What is difficult to manage are those one wheeled vehicle of pain that hit well above their weight classes. instead of suggesting a nerf to damage as that’s just not productive and will bring some annoying people into the discussion. How about a different approach. Please note, if some of this already exists in g
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