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  1. Not sure if anyone made the comparison with Meroe Helmet or not but I did so here it ****ing is: Try to tell me you don't see that
  2. I like the DOF to show distance in the open world, it's a nice little trick to make things appear larger to the player. How big are we really talking here? Is there height to this map? Like, I know you can fly, but are there buildings to scale as well?..Vertical exploration?
  3. Well I can say this much: I have a "high-end card" and don't experience this problem. So maybe it isn't related to card. I'm using a GTX Titan X Hyrdo, 12 GB GDDR5
  4. PC Player here, so slim chance. Good luck to all though, double if this isn't your first time applying.
  5. i don't understand how to buy tickets, never done one of these before. do you just show up?
  6. what does this mean for someone who KEEPS MISSING THE PRISMA LISET SKIN? Will I ever see it again?
  7. please don't postpone it another day. speaking for the community on this one... our buttholes are clenched so tight right now..
  8. Will we see additional stance sets (agile, nobile..) and even if we don't, will the existing ones eventually affect the way we run and hold our melee?
  9. it says in that announcement- Immediately after the Closing: Name of Shareholder No. of Common Shares in the Resulting Entity % No. of Class B Special Shares in the Resulting Entity % Multi Dynamic Games 11,600,000 58.00 5,800 58.00 Perfect Online 600,000 3.00 300 3.00 Ontario Ltd. 1 5,226,000 26.13 3,900 39.00 2475202 Ontario Ltd. 546,000 2.73 Nil 0.00 2475200 Ontario Ltd. 787,800 3.94 Nil 0.00 Digital Extremes Employee Share Trust 1,240,200 6.20 Nil 0.00 TOTAL 20,000,000 100.00 10,000 100.00 http://www.hkexnews.hk/listedco/listconews/sehk/2015/0721/LTN20150721806.pdf Format didn't copypasta with the text, but.. Perfect World now owns 58% of Warframe? Now they can implement their terrible business model into warframe however/whenever they like??
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