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  1. You say that and we'll at most end up with what we got with Archwings. They appear to be a loadout selected within a loadout, but it's not.. why the UI implies one thing and does something else is beyond me.
  2. Oh yeah, that's the one.. I forgot even that it had the squad stuff right there. Yeah, the UI has continued to plummet since those days. The latest is this new end of mission screen but it's nothing new in concept. DE has continued to take away functionality such as this to go the route of trendy big button, big text, no granularity, "user-friendliness". UI design should go to tennogen so we can have this back and maybe actually see improvements instead of degrading.
  3. can we tennogen the UI? Would love to see people fix it up to make more sense. It's pretty messy.
  4. oh this thread does exist, thank god. DE has it in their head that wasting more space is better, requiring additional input to see information is better, and less information overall is better. Just look at the nav screen - you gotta click a button to make a button appear that you can click to see your resource drones AND the only way to see resources for each planet, AFTER you click on the planet. Remember the really old UI? (AKA the best UI this game has had), you used to be able to mouse over each planet and see the resources. Why was that bad? Why change that?
  5. I stop reading the thread here. This is the thought that echoes in my mind, "the balancing team, for some ungodly reason, has this silly idea in their head that for some reason, Warframe is a PvP game". Say no more, we should be able to nuke rooms. In fact, we should be able to get ungodly spawn rates if we want. We don't necessarily need super high level meat bags that soak up tons of damage. Reasonable enemies, crazy high spawn rates, and us nuking them.. a little thing called "fun".
  6. Primed mods are just 10-rank versions of regular mods. Vitality and Redirection already have 10 ranks so they're basically already "prime". Umbral on the other hand, works differently.
  7. Have you paid out ducats to Baro Ki'teer? Has Baro Ki'teer said that he'd invite you to one of his parties? Have you ever been invited to one of his parties!? Exactly. And neither have I. DE!! We demand to know where and when these parties take place! We want our formal invitations!
  8. "I shouldn't have to scroll so much to see so little" Maybe it's just me - but it's bothersome. At the least, I see better ways to organize the information on screen and show more information at your fingertips without requiring input for every little thing. Let's start at the front of the ship? Star Chart - ok, it's an aesthetic preference, that's fair. But why do I have to toggle that one little button to be able to deploy my extractors which also is required to see the resources of a planet? I'll digress for a second here because I recall the earliest days of the UI de
  9. https://medal.tv/clips/30732846/d1337XHh3yy1
  10. whoa, hey, look.. it's this topic again
  11. I'm not, but the game supports 64-bit so I don't see why not.
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