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  1. Yeah the wall jumping is awkward. I don't do it just because I look like a goof ball on a wall. If I could wall run, like really, I'd start doing it again. lol
  2. I think we should see an expansion of player profiles. Aside from some additional stats, like how many 'thanks' an m30 gets for their blessings and whatnot. But the focus of this current post is appearance! The idea started with the stand that our operator and warframe are positioned on in profile view. It's the same one for everyone, same color and everything. The next level of fashionframe would be to buy new stands and color them. Backgrounds.. instead of the blank background we all have. Lighting, separate from the background.. (Lighting, like the dojo, should come to person
  3. I don't see a rhyme or reason as to why - but almost every time i attempt to hover by holding the 1st ability key, I HAVE TO fly 100 miles away first, and only then on my second attempt will I hover. It's extremely irritating as the unintended effect has such an opposing result to what I'm trying to do. I've held in the air looking in different directions, while aim gliding, pressing nothing - i have seen no pattern to which i can control this ability by. It just doesn't wait to see if I'm holding the button - I just fly away immediately on input. If I could either switch the pr
  4. Attempting to Hover as Zephyr will sometimes act like a 'tap' instead of a 'hold' and you end up dashing a mile away when you mean to stay in place.
  5. I'm seeing often that holding Zephyr's first ability doesn't always hover her, she dashes first and then hovers on the next attempt.
  6. Not sure I agree with your solution entirely, not in the specifics at least, but you're 100% on the problem. The bottom-right buttons (and toggle of buttons) needs to be cleaned up, the failjack (typo, but i think i'll leave it) button removed and integrated with the star chart. And if I were to push things - there are too many 'alert style' icons in the top-right. Some of those need to find better integration or other ways of launching them. Though, icons like that are a prevalent problem throughout the game. More and more keep getting released to indicate some new aspect or mechanic (la
  7. Around the discussions of armor, I wanted to toss my input into this void of which nothing happens in result. Also, ideas around energy involving enemy units. ENERGY: Thinking back to when eximus enemies were introduced to WF, and I found my first parasitic enemy. The sucker was draining my whole team's energy for a minute, we were dry. I thought to myself, "damn, it's time to get that energy back so we can get back into it..", and I killed this thing and to my surprise - it dropped NO ENERGY. ??? Where did all our energy go? I think all enemies that perform some kind of 'abilit
  8. Zephyr Deluxe is the latest greatest example of DE caring less. I noticed some self awareness on latest stream when they looked back to their first dev stream for a moment. Geoff literally said along the lines of - their fear of what could happen back then was a good thing, it's what drove them to develop to great success. They're comfy now and get a kick out of their playerbase getting "butthurt". They're the bizzaro version of who they were. Warframe today is a combination of what Warframe once was and Fortnite. I know my outspokenness seems harsh, but DE has changed and the g
  9. Used to be THE loading screen on PC, with inverted Y axis controls. I'm not certain they meant to leave the one in that makes an appearance so rarely.
  10. They look pretty good, but plasticy..if i were to get picky. Feathers let light bleed through them. That kind of effect is missing from this game in general, with hair on the operator, the kubrow fur, etc.. If they got that down, it would be a nice overall visual improvement. If i had to pick any visual improvement though, higher rez textures. At least for the warframes. Neither of these things are critical.
  11. I seen this requested quite a bit. 100% agree.. But with the feedback DE has, they won't do anything about it. And if new UI elements are created and have a search bar, they will auto-focus those search bars too. Look - they took community feedback on Ordis and with that, they made Loid. Kinda tells you all you need to know.
  12. Maybe fix the UI to show what resources come from what planets when you mouseover them instead of the assbackwards way it works now.
  13. I'm convinced DE doesn't read this forum category.
  14. It's an obscure style that has its fans but i have to disagree. Nothing about toggling Kuva Lich/Nightwave to "extractor mode" which then enables a button that you have to hover over to get another button to pop out of that to then click on and require you to collect your resources first before then being required to select an extractor to then click on a planet to see what resources are available on that planet makes any sense whatsoever. At the same time, if you mouse over a planet in normal navigation mode, what do you get? A couple of white rings. Great. I'll pump out examples al
  15. Pfft, i'll do you one better - why is it so far away from your actual abilities? The old "blue UI" i mentioned had all that together in one corner. Energy had a numerical representation.
  16. Continues to explain why he should be treated differently...
  17. the old blue UI before the "modern redesign" they went with was easily the most functional UI even if it wasn't the prettiest. I pitched my idea already about offering UI design as a tennogen thing. I'd happily pay a couple bucks for normal person's redesign effort that puts useful information on the screen at one time, without having to click so many buttons to show so little information at a time. UI scaling is awful too. Not 2k friendly...forget about 4k. You shrink S#&$ on the screen to be 'compact' enough to your liking, you end up with TONS of wasted space. War
  18. Little thing, but could help prevent typing your password somewhere you're not supposed to.. When warframe doesn't have focus, the password field blinks anyway instead of following Windows' rules on text boxes. Leads to thinking it does have focus and if you're not really looking, you could be entering your password somewhere else.. For those wondering, yes it happened to me but some years ago. Sent it right to the teamspeak clan chat. Seeing that the game still acts like the fields have focus when they don't, I figure nobody is saying anything about it so I'm giving my 2 cents.
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