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  1. 19 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    From my email:

    "We’ll send you another email when your TennoCon 2021 Merch Pack has shipped."

    Nobody has gotten the Merch Digital Items yet as far as I know. Just be patient.

    Yeah, from talking to someone in-game - it sounds like the merch pack digital stuff won't come right away like the digital stuff from the digital pack. (Pretty confusing, I think)

    I don't get though why support staff wouldn't know this and just tell me that. I got told I can just refund the Merch Pack - that was their solution.


    Is this the first time they offered digital items in a physical bundle? Might explain the confusion on their end.

  2. DE, would you please? I bought the Digital Pack, and then the Merch Pack. My email says to redeem Merch Pack digital items, I have to enter a code that I would receive in a different email. One I did not get. I put a ticket in for this.

    After some back and forth to prove I purchased both of these items, I'm being told the merch pack digital items are available only the bundle - which ONLY consists of all the contents of both the Digital and Merch pack. Not to mention, that is incorrect - the Merch Pack clearly lists the 2 digital items, let alone my email affirming this fact. Also, why wouldnt my buying the 2 packs separately equate to the bundle? I haven't had this much difficulty with a ticket or a purchase before.

    Help please?

  3. Damn this thread is still going? This is one of the most eyesore bugs in the game, it's so obvious and so old.. I thought the community gave up on this one but nah. Pressing forth into page 8 of the thread! Let's gooooooo!

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  4. Wiki somehow concluded:

    "Zephyr and her allies can attack each tornado to distribute 100% total damage (including Critical Hits) and Status Effects from weapons and abilities to all enemies trapped within a tornado. Critical damage dealt to enemies trapped within a tornado is multiplied by 200%."

    But as I'm testing with an Epitaph, while airborn on a single enemy in a tornado in the simulacrum - I see NO critical damage (or white damage quantifying as high as critical damage) on the enemy inside. The critical damage seems to only apply when I hit an enemy directly.

    Is the wiki just wrong here?

  5. On 2021-04-15 at 8:59 PM, Quarterdane said:

    So one of the two factors is your Warframe login credentials ("something you know"), whereas the other one is access to your email... which in itself relies on your email credentials ("something you know"), and optionally a 2FA system for that account - e.g. an authenticator token/app thing ("something you have"), or some manner of biometric authentication ("something you are").

    As such, does it really count as 2FA if you can't guarantee that "something you know" isn't the only authenticating factor?

    100% this. Don't go rebranding a "2FA" system that you hadn't even fleshed out yet. Let's get some TOTP in here.

    Do that, then you can call it whatever you want..

    Hopefully everyone in here has proper token two factor to access their email at least - i'd recommend that anyway but that's at least a 'something you have' on the inner-walls. Not ideal, i know, but better than nothing.

  6. I see it the other way when talking about 'uniqueness'. If Atlas, for example, had an alternate 1st ability you could select - balanced to his already existing 1st ability. People would be running around with 1 or the other, making each more unique. If for some reason one did gain favor over another, say 70% of the community jumped to a particular alternate ability.. It's more diverse/unique than it stands now because currently everyone, 100% of the community (on any particular frame) are using the same 1st ability. If we're all using the same kit, how are we unique exactly?

    Helminth breaks it up very slightly, augments less so.. This would really give not only each frame, but each frame belonging to each player - character. As you said.

  7. The pitch

    We have so much to offer in cosmetics, some frames moreso than others, but everyone more or less looks unique. Think about this from the lore perspective: One atlas is different from another atlas. Its abilities follow the same theme - but what their imagination allows them to do with their void energy may be interpreted differently from one another..

    The Point

    Why must every frame (every copy of the same frame) act & think the same way, so to speak? They use the same 4 abilities, albeit with augments in some cases. Some augments are simply direct upgrades though or run a meta or something, many simply aren't inherently 'different' versions of an ability. This idea takes it a step further and really blows open the diversity frames can have now not only in appearance, but in function.

    Imagine going to your arsenal and clicking Abilities on your warframe, and having up & down arrows above and below each ability. A selection of 1st abilities, 2nd abilities, 3rd abilities, and 4th abilities. Any combination of the selectable abilities in combination however you see fit. Augments available for each ability, of course.

    Selling Point for Devs

    This process on the developer's side should be attractive as well: When you create a new warframe, you need to come up with concept art of the model, agree on a selection, get the 3D modeling in, new animations, sections of the frame broken down by color selection for user customization, etc... A lot of work.

    Imagine ONLY needing to create new abilities for existing frames. Cuts a lot of that work out of the picture... New animations at best, but mostly scriptwork/coding. And with that, more diverse warframes running around. Not every Excal will be the same, not every Saryn will be the same. They follow a theme, but now suddenly behave as differently as they are in appearance to one another.

    Please, mull it over.

  8. I think we should see an expansion of player profiles. Aside from some additional stats, like how many 'thanks' an m30 gets for their blessings and whatnot.

    But the focus of this current post is appearance!

    The idea started with the stand that our operator and warframe are positioned on in profile view. It's the same one for everyone, same color and everything. The next level of fashionframe would be to buy new stands and color them.

    Backgrounds.. instead of the blank background we all have. Lighting, separate from the background.. (Lighting, like the dojo, should come to personal ships too, btw)

    And an option to instead of showing the currently equipped frame, a rotation of player's selected favorite frames.

    ...There's a whole can to open on the subject of player profiles. This should be explored and updated more!

    EDIT: Poses too! Our articulas can be put in poses, our profile's operator and frame should have that too.

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  9. I don't see a rhyme or reason as to why - but almost every time i attempt to hover by holding the 1st ability key, I HAVE TO fly 100 miles away first, and only then on my second attempt will I hover.

    It's extremely irritating as the unintended effect has such an opposing result to what I'm trying to do.

    I've held in the air looking in different directions, while aim gliding, pressing nothing - i have seen no pattern to which i can control this ability by. It just doesn't wait to see if I'm holding the button - I just fly away immediately on input.

    If I could either switch the press/hold of the ability, or outright disable the tap function of the ability - that would be great. Above all else, a fix would perfect.

  10. Not sure I agree with your solution entirely, not in the specifics at least, but you're 100% on the problem. The bottom-right buttons (and toggle of buttons) needs to be cleaned up, the failjack (typo, but i think i'll leave it) button removed and integrated with the star chart. And if I were to push things - there are too many 'alert style' icons in the top-right. Some of those need to find better integration or other ways of launching them.

    Though, icons like that are a prevalent problem throughout the game. More and more keep getting released to indicate some new aspect or mechanic (latest being the railjack mod categories) and it's too much. Look at relics, foundry categories, mod station categories...there are a lot of little icons like that. If DE just stepped away from the 'minimalism' design, I think A LOT of things would sort themselves out. But that's an overhaul of the UI essentially. But really, minimalism doesn't have a place with this game - not with the way they do it. It ends up over complicating things which is the opposite of the design intention. It's a complicated game, give us a meaty UI to compliment and organize the hefty amount of content.

  11. Around the discussions of armor, I wanted to toss my input into this void of which nothing happens in result. Also, ideas around energy involving enemy units.


    Thinking back to when eximus enemies were introduced to WF, and I found my first parasitic enemy. The sucker was draining my whole team's energy for a minute, we were dry. I thought to myself, "damn, it's time to get that energy back so we can get back into it..", and I killed this thing and to my surprise - it dropped NO ENERGY. ??? Where did all our energy go?

    I think all enemies that perform some kind of 'ability', this goes double for eximus enemies, they should drop AT LEAST 1 energy orb. Energy should essentially be a 'constant' in the game. Parasitics especially should drop energy, more energy depending on how much it drained.

    As a constant, this should carry over to things like magnetic procs. If you can keep an enemy proc'd with magnetic, it should hurt (not necessarily halt) their ability to "cast". A fire eximus with magnetic proc shouldn't be able to comfortably cast his fire blast. We, as tenno, follow those rules - every other unit in the game should too (to an extent). Specifics: If this fire eximus isn't getting outright "halted" from casting as that would be OP of magnetic procs - perhaps the strength of it and/or the range of it should be lessened if he's proc'd & he drops NO energy for the team to grab. Parasitic enemies should drain energy at a slower rate, maybe also a ~2 second pause after receiving magnetic proc where it is not draining energy before leeching the lessened rate until the proc wears off. This would be the nature of things, I think the point comes across..


    Sooo... lots of chatter on what armor should become, limits to armor cap, etc.. Yes, armored enemies can be quite tanky. I can outright list changes I'd like to see in general that would allow armor to not be so pesky and they're pretty simple (at first).

    1. Puncture actually punctures armor. Meaning armor stripping. Puncture damage does a SMALL AMOUNT of armor stripping. You know, kinda like how you'd imagine "puncture" ought to work.
    2. Blast shouldn't be lessened against armor, it should (as a dmg type) deal increased damage. Also - knockdown should be brought back, differently. And this is where "weight" comes in. We are going to balance knockdown, knockback, and stagger.

    This is where it gets more interesting - Melee is seeing something of a nerf very soon (update 30 hasn't dropped just yet) and we know comments were made on dev stream about melee causing stagger too easily. So this would address that issue as well as fix others, it's beautiful:

    An unarmored, smaller enemy, has a low weight stat. As a lightweight enemy, it can get knock backed (ragdoll), if dealt the right dmg type (impact, blast). But cannot be staggered by stagger dmg types (puncture, gas). You like how these less common dmg types are getting love in the process AND make sense? Nice, right? Oh, and lighter weight enemies are faster both in movement and melee. Should make infested less of a joke in the process. Damn, it's like weight stats on enemies are fixing everything.

    As armor gets added, enemies are not as fast. Don't think "slower than they are now", instead "still a little faster than they are now but not quite as fast as unarmored" 😉. But now they have some amount of resistance to knockback (ragdoll). It would then take more blast and certainly more impact to see a knockback, maybe you'll at least see a knockdown (no ragdoll, but fallen). But what's this now - they get up from being knocked down pretty fast! Whoa! Guess they don't weight enough for getting up to be a problem for them! Stagger starts to work better with some armor on them (puncture and gas).

    More armor! Knockback is getting impossible, knockdown is very difficult to accomplish. But with enough blast bombarding them, they get knocked down and take much longer to get back up. Gee, that's a lot of weight they need to lift to get themselves off the ground now. Stagger is working great, they can't balance all that weight on them. They also seem to move and melee much slower now than the lighter weighted enemies!


    That's all for now. I've screamed into the void. Upvote to see no actual in-game changes. Scream back at me to also see no changes. GG

  12. Zephyr Deluxe is the latest greatest example of DE caring less.

    I noticed some self awareness on latest stream when they looked back to their first dev stream for a moment. Geoff literally said along the lines of - their fear of what could happen back then was a good thing, it's what drove them to develop to great success.

    They're comfy now and get a kick out of their playerbase getting "butthurt". They're the bizzaro version of who they were. Warframe today is a combination of what Warframe once was and Fortnite.

    I know my outspokenness seems harsh, but DE has changed and the game with it. That's just fact. They're not 'indie game devs' anymore, they're AAA at this point. They got the income, the player-base, the notoriety. I'm not saying ppl should quit or that i'm quitting. But the quality we had as this game was coming up is something we need to let go of. That kind of attention and care was only there while DE was trying to 'make it'. They're there, it's done, Warframe was a success. Their story ended years ago, the credits rolled, and now Warframe is a toy.

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