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  1. That was a GREAT devstream and the new update has me really hyped, that's coming from someone that's been very critic lately. You covered a lof of things in the devstream and are focusing on doing some revisit to railjack, something that I felt it was missing during 2019 and beggining of 2020. Also the new update has corpus railjack which I'm sure will have hours of new stuff to do plus a quest + comand etcetera.
  2. Rank 10 of artillery is a bit annoying at times, no need to change it but if we could turn on or off certain intrinsics similar to how we can with focus nodes, it would be great. I really love the battle avionics but some of them like seeker volley for example, seem a bit weak for high level missions. Always found it weird that players can finish the rising tide quest without having done chains of harrow, they get to see the man in the wall before releasing rell?
  3. Happened to my friend today, looks like this has been happening for over 4 years WTF
  4. I know you aren't talking much about new war but is it too much to ask to know if you're still aiming to get it out before christmas? Also, last devstream you said you'd show some things about corpus railjack. Doesn't have to be much, a couple screenshots or videos will suffice.
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