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  1. 1 - As many people already said, I have no incentive to do void stroms instead of regular fissures, I think void storms could give more void traces. This way, both storms and regular fissures would have their own identity, storms would be more efficent for trace farming and regular fissures would be more efficient for opening relics. I can speedrun an exterminate in 3-4 minutes and a storm takes me from 10 to 15 minutes, so I wouldn't consider doing storms for less than three times the ammount of traces they give now, however I understand this can seem a bit too much but I hope that you gonsid
  2. First of all as many people said, Endo cost are too high as well as the drain for some mods. On the other hand, there's been a lot of changes that make me feel like the railjack has much less personality now, it doesn't feel like I'm part of a crew that's cooperating and my railjack doesn't feel like its any diferent from my friends: - Flux energy now comes from my warframe instead of the railjack? Now I can spam whatever I want using zenurik or anything else without having to worry about managing my resources, sure having someone waste your collective stuff was frustrating but this
  3. First of all say that I only played a couple missions at the time I'm writing this. The regular warframe missions like exterminate and defense feel a bit weird if we have to all abandon the railjack and cannot go back to it at any time, it still feels disconnected, I understand that this way you can make the RJ invulnerable and it doesn't become an annoyance but: - If we could dock it somewhere for it to be protected at our convenience instead of all players being forced to enter the enemy ship for it to become invulnerable would be nice. - We could also hijack some sort of cor
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