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  1. You said you were going to adress the current state of the game, I don't want to just hear "last updates have been bad, we're sorry of how they turned out and we'll do better" cause that doesn't give me any type of hope for the future. I'd be very happy to hear something along the lines of: Most of our playerbase clearly does not enjoy this type of content, we'll stick to * for some months as many of you said you would like to see more of it and will probably enjoy it more. * Raids, improving rewards on endless missions, a new eidolon you name it. But I want to know what concrete ideas you have for the future so everybody can know it 's something they'll be happy with. Also I'd like you to acknowledge videos like rahetalius's, sabuuchi quitting etc. I know it's hard and you may be hurt by some of their comments but I'm not asking you to agree with them and say that they were right, just acknowledge it's existance and say even though we disaprove of their tone and did not like it at all, lots of you seem to be concerned about the issues they're presenting so we'll keep that in mind. That would mean so much to me and may other people. I imagine it won't be an easy devstream so I wish everything goes well, see you tomorrow.
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