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  1. I love the changes you made for arbitration and I cannot stress this enough. Not because they are good changes or because I wanted them cause I didn't even play arbitrations but because I'm very happy to see that you are revisiting old content and trying to get them to a better state than when it launched. Having said that I think moving mods to vitrus rewards and being able to buy ayatans for vitrus are great decisions but it still lacks SCALING REWARDS please I see you are very hesitant to put those into any gamemode and i cannot see why, it doesn't need to be some crazy scaling, just a little bit.
  2. 1 release dates for empyrean and new war? (An aproximation is okay) 2 raid stuff and endgame when? 3 This one's a tough one, I'd like to know how the dev team internally feels about this: So you know that lots of people are leving warframe including lots of partners and now warframe it's at its lowest (at least according to steam charts). Do you guys feel that warframe nubers are lower than they should or is it normal? Do you think that the current state of the game is bad and caused this fall in numbers or do you feel like it was due to outside factors like destiny 2? In case you think it's due to the current state of the game what are some decisions/actions that you think brought the game to a point where lots of people don't feel motivated to play the game? And what do you think you can do/ are planning to do to address that?
  3. Well I didin't mind the mod booster but I was really mad at the farming nerf so these are good news. I think considering that having warframes that are better at some jobs as restricting choice is wrong, same goes for loot frames as for tridolon squads and many others. A farming squad will always want to have 4 looter frames to make the most out of it and making it so that you can only make use of one will reduce choice even further because since there's no point in bringing another looter frame the obious choice is bringing another frame which is better at dps or crowd control making it that players can't bring the frames that should preciselly shine in this situation. In the case of eidolons and orb mothers, eidolons have a stronger stablished meta that the orb mothers cause of it's mechanics and I have to say that I enjoyed eidolons way more than orbs cause you have a set of warframes that are of special utility for that fight, you can mod to enhance that feature that makes them useful and each frame feels special and needed. In the case of the exploiter, you can do the fight with practically any warframe you want and all of them feel equally worthless to use as you can do most with your operator except damage fases in which any sniper rifle will do. I do agree that the itzal blink reduced choice though but pls stronger meta and less generic boss fight mechanics for the next ones.
  4. What will happen with frost, ember and loki's accesories then?
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