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    What is your top 15 primary weapons?

    1. Opticor - my go-to photon cannon. can "AoE" trash mobs when pointing at the ground so it's good. 2. Paris Prime - This one carried me through the first rigorous part of the game which is upgrading the essential mods like Serration, etc. I know there are better weapons but still... 3. Attica - back then it was slow af and I just used it yesterday and it fires like a machine gun now? Odd but I kinda like it. Now for the non forma'd. potato'd ones. 4. Lenz - I'm still not used to this "bow" but damn it does deal some ludicrous damage even when just potato'd 5. Zarr - it's decent and the first weapon i've got a feel of a shotgun on. In case Opticor and Lenz fall out of grace, I'll stick to this one. Yeah that's about it. I'm planning to get Synoid Simulor and Supra Vandal soon though.
  2. Oh I meant that Forma = mod capacity = more damage mods in a sense. I'll take in mind the energy pizzas, since I haven't got enough focus for Zenurik dash yet While I don't doubt Lanka's capabilities, I'm still sticking with my Opticor for now since I still have to forma other things like all the prime frames I've been building recently... Probably when I get the time to it... I'll try doing this, at the very least I could gain as much standing as possible from the Quills
  3. Hi guys. I've always wanted to take Terry down solo. Unfortunately, I only have a mote amp in my hands and with the Ostron daily cap standing, it may take a while for me to get Visitor and have Murkray bait to get some Murkrays. Getting the 1-1-1 would be a week at most. I did try a Teralyst fight solo recently. Went for a bless Trinity though she's not geared greatly since she only has a potato on with no Formas. The bless Trinity's stats are 193% duration, 145% strength, 130% efficiency . I've used my trusty Opticor equipped with Serration, Point Strike, Split Chamber, Hellfire, Stormbringer, Vile Acceleration, Vital Sense, and Heavy Caliber(rank 8 only). After a lengthy amount of time breaking the shields, I hit the Synovia and it only deals about 4.5k damage. I did manage to take it down though but the spawn rate of the Vomvalyst is too much to keep up with and I ended up running back to Cetus. I've ended up with enough cores to buy the 2 of the amp blueprints I needed (one was picked as a rank reward). I'm wondering why the damage from my rifle sucked, I expected more out of it since I forma'd it 5 times. For now, I'll go back to fissure missions until night comes in Cetus, reading could only do so much so I'm gonna pit myself against the Teralyst as much as possible. I actually forgot I had a shattering impact attack speed Obex at the time, so I hope that would shorten the fight greatly. I don't have Chroma, Harrow, or Volt unfortunately.
  4. I don't understand. I don't know much about Nidus but he's real popular at the moment and I heard he scales pretty good. Octavia on the other hand, is it because of the Mallet ability? I mean there are others that can do that, albeit rather inconvenient like Nyx's Absorb. Hydroid deals true scaling damage with percent modifiers through his undertow, or even an EV Trin spamming on to dear life. Sorry for the dumb question. Also what are other frames considered as scaling. The only frame opposite to scaling I know is Ember which is apparently an early game kill frame.