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  1. Christopaz

    Banshee is pretty much... dead. Rework priority?

    As others have said, Banshee is THE run-and-gun frame with the nearest relative being Harrow(for me imo). A good banshee player means a player that can aim decently well and move well. Normal range or neg range silence for sweet staggerlocks and melee multiplier and sonar being sonar. If one could survive with her during endless runs where CC and sonar spots start to matter, that's a pretty damn good player. Yeah her ult sucks and deserves to be removed for staining her reputation cough soundquake banshees cough
  2. Spellbind is fine and one of the better 1s out there. It's just that conventionally Titania builds right now are built with razorwing in mind and that often costs range. All I want is faster cast times... This is fine, anything but the current iteration would be better tbh Why would you let a high threat target follow you? Eh reaction on the healing part, makes it more binary since endgame is either you oneshot the enemy or they oneshot you. Her razorwing is fine and she has infinite ammo so I don't see the need for a large magazine size. Agreed on vacuum though.
  3. Christopaz

    Chroma prime leak check the section Release Order, then Original and set the release date to descending
  4. Christopaz

    Chroma prime leak

    Chroma's the next prime since following the male male female female pattern and release date order, he's next after limbo.
  5. From what I've read here in the forums, most agree the umbra line of frames would be limited to the original 8 which include: Excalibur (Done) Loki Ash Ember Mag Rhino Trinity Volt
  6. Christopaz

    The Classic Warframe Experience

    Man I remember back in the day when revives are precious and scarce, damn it was brutal being a newbie back then... Yeah back then the game emphasized more on gunplay due to how scarce energy was (post-gmag era), now I just treat this as a space shooter musou game.
  7. Christopaz

    Why region chat is so serious?

    meanwhile Asia + Oceania region chat is basically Q & A chat, though we get our lapses of memeness and cringy statements..
  8. Christopaz

    Mirage's Eclipse dependency on light intensity.

    Tbh, the light/dark mechanic is completely out of place and could be used as another theme for a future frame. Rebalance the values, remove dark/light mechanic, that's it. Make her eclipse switch forms through a certain action. (Like a circle shrinking towards her when crouching or something, then when it finishes, change form). Maybe have buffs scale by repeatedly switching forms, on a short cooldown.
  9. Christopaz

    Titania Revisted Proposition Revisted

    We're simply asking for QoL changes. While I agree that getting out of missile range from the turrets and firing from above is a solution (even turrets give a sound indicator that they've locked you), there are also other missile launchers as well, such as tusk napalms or bombards (?) and flying tusk hellions that can hide themselves. A simple "projectile incoming" like from the archwing would be a simple fix. If one looks at it, Titania is the perfect bounty frame, since she literally has an archwing strapped on herself, only to disappoint him or herself from dying instantly from seemingly ghost bullets. Dying with no information about it is not fun.
  10. You'll find yourself with tons of judgment points when Endo farming... But Trinity on the other hand... RNG for ambulas in dropship + Lengthy boss fight + RNG for the parts you need = Disaster Nidus is the only frame I bought, Atlas (unless I buy archwing mods) and Khora would be bought too. For OP. Always buy Forma. ALWAYS
  11. Christopaz

    The Index will be full this weekend...

    Wait it stacks with the current credit booster? I won a 3 day credit booster from yesterday's sortie. Mmm 4x credit will be delicious!
  12. Christopaz

    Fortuna. Would you play it? Why/when not?

    If my laptop can handle it, sure. My laptop reaches 30fps at most with squad bounties. With how large the Venus landscape will be, I'm just gonna hope DE do some optimizing magic.
  13. Christopaz

    DE announces Warframe 2: Electric Boogaloo

    If you watched the Noclip documentary about Warframe on YouTube, they said if they compare it to a conventional standard, they should be on "Warframe 2" by now.
  14. Christopaz

    What's the luckiest you've ever been in Warframe?

    I've always wanted to get Condition Overload, but minmaxing melee is the least of priorities by then. Revenant update popped out, turns out I lacked polymer bundles so I announced in recruit chat Polymer bundle / Condition Overload farm. I'm not really expecting Condition Overload, just a nice bonus. It's my first polymer bundle farm too. Hydroid, Speedva, Nekros and grineer enemies (not goddamn pesky ancient disruptors) makes the farm pretty chill. We got CO 10mins in and went out 20 mins later for about 10k ish polymer bundle, enough to craft the revenant parts in one go. That's my luckiest one so far, did not really net an "OMG I GOT CO!" reaction out of it, more like "Oh neat".
  15. Christopaz

    Titania 1 & 2 Rework Ruggestion

    That 1 suggestion of yours reminded me of Oprah's gif screaming BEEES!!! Anyway if one looks at Titania's design without the numbers tacked on, she looks fine. Someone said to me that she's the manual version of mesa, and that is sort of true. Her kit synergizes well, 1 can literally be modded as a pocket rhino stomp, 3 and 4 offer a good chink of survivability thru providing higher threat targets and innate evasion. The problem is she's too reliant on her 4, opting most players to go negative range for efficiency and duration (with as much strength to tack on, her exalted weapon's already way powerful anyway). This removes incentive to press her other two buttons, with 1 only used for razorwing blitz. This has been suggested before but if we're going with the "locust swarm" Titania approach... 1 is fine tbh, probably a bit faster cast time during razorwing 3 should give temporary razorflies, scaling to how many enemies were exploded upon... or an even more OP option, how much the lantern took damage. This one's capped of course. Make it something like Trin's WoL, don't want the target to fly too far away 4's razorfly attacks armor strip and kills by Titania give increased health (to a cap). If we're letting 2 stay as is, the razorflies will prioritize the tribute target and be able to pick Titania's buffs. Her 2 just sucks