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  1. Why not? Melee is pretty damn strong, stronger than before I might add. I mean, blocking now blocks all incoming damage so surviving melee only is easier compared to before. It's a meaningful upgrade to regular Baza, without being a powercreep. Do you want powercreep? I don't want powercreep. Powercreep bad, that's a fact. As far as I'm aware, and that's coming from someone with 2k+ mission time, that Warframe is in no way, shape or form is a hard game. Relatively of course, but plenty of games out there are much harder even when with loads of progr
  2. A Warframe typically consists of three main components, Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems. Neuroptics used to be called helmets but due to sharing name with cosmetic helmets they were renamed for the sake of clarity. If you get those three you're good.
  3. Except Excal, everything fits Excal. AFAIK every universal cosmetic is modeled on him.
  4. You actually double-dip when Coaction Drift is equipped on you because it will increase it for you, and all your cell members. Since you are a cell member yourself you get more out of it.
  5. Just jumped into a random public mission and whole squad was missing their UI. Chat, FPS counter and ESC menus were working just fine. Have a log on demand. A screenshot + my options.
  6. Try using a VPN, maybe something is blocking it.
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