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  1. Any relic with radiant refinement will do, however having more radiants doesn't boost individual chances to obtain a rare item. So by having 4x same radiants you have a 34.39% chance to obtain a rare item from that one relic while when running 4 unique radiants you have a 34.39% to obtain any rare from those 4, and 10% from a specific relic out of those.
  2. How about peripheral software such as Logitech Gaming Software?
  3. It's not limited to new players, each account old or new can purchase this pack once.
  4. Terrible idea. I invested into the game by purchasing various packs, including plat or not as well as standalone plat purchases yet I also made a fair share of my platinum by trading what I farmed, or flipping be it by purchasing missing parts for sets or just straight up reselling. Even though I rarely trade rivens for example, there are many who seek out bad rolls or unwanted rivens to roll them and make a profit. Besides, alt accounts aren't prohibited. You are free to have as many accounts as you wish as long as you're not using them outside of ToS such as using them for storing rivens, reselling various items or keeping event exclusive rewards in pursue of IRL profit like selling the account. Those who do are banned sooner or later.
  5. Warframe doesn't support Ray Tracing of any kind and if it will is still TBD.
  6. According to official data average price of Plague Kripath rivens, unrolled, is about 400 plat.
  7. You get the sigil only by killing Zanuka Hunter. Recovery mission provides nothing except a brief unique gameplay experience.
  8. Keep in mind that it only applies to direct platinum purchases and won't work on things such as Steam packs or Prime Access/Vault packs (and will be consumed regardless).
  9. IPS can be a good negative, if it's the lowest damage type of that particular weapon and if it's not a Condition Overload candidate. Also negative elemental damage doesn't exist. Negative status duration is also fine if the weapon is not heavy on slash procs, doesn't work really great with Gas or isn't a Condition Overload candidate. Some status effects, most notably Corrosive don't have a duration and are permanent. These both don't exist as negatives.
  10. 1. No, you can adjust their margins and sizes but it affects whole HUD. 2. Not really, you can ask in recruiting chat for someone to take you to that planet though. 3. From video options you can increase Field of View, which will move camera away up to a certain point. Nothing huge but very noticeable.
  11. Instructed by who? For what?
  12. Cool idea, I'm all out for more operator combat variety.
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