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  1. It's been around for a while. It's about a 2% loss in IPS from what I recall. I have no idea if it's -2% for every fusion or if there's a limit depending on 30% to 60% bonus. Needs further testing.
  2. Just don't have a crapton of range and it's all good. I only find max range useful when either playing solo or using Cataclysm as a can opener
  3. It can be traded, people usually either sell it for a few plat or give it away. Also Baro brings it sometimes as well.
  4. This doesn't really solve anything. People will just have an easier time ranking stuff up without actually using it. Currently it incentivizes players to try out new things, which is pretty important.
  5. This command only works in missions, social hubs don't count as missions thus command cannot be used. This includes orbiter too.
  6. Yes, and you'll keep the benefits even if your sentinel dies.
  7. Basically why Slash outshines everything else. Sure duration doesn't stack or refresh but Slash proc is hella OP.
  8. They didn't give a date for Duviri but date for The New War during last Tennocon was Christmas 2019. I'm not complaining that The New War didn't make it in time but since it had a date and Duviri didn't I think it's safe to assume that Duviri will be after The New War.
  9. Duviri* Paradox. I'd rather wait for a polished update. There's The New War before that as well. No rush.
  10. All of them, but you can farm standing for 4 syndicates at a time.
  11. As long as there's suspicion, DE will check and it's not hard for them to find out. I bet all my belongings that he didn't even read ToS or EULA.
  12. Why HR? Not to say that mod is bad, it's most certainly not but Liches are status immune. Also you have BR but no combo mods. I'd suggest swapping HR with Drifting Contact. Also that's not how rotations on Spy missions work. Vault C doesn't equal to rotation C. It's about how many vaults you complete. So for rotation C one must complete all three vaults.
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