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  1. I can see where you're coming from @Xardis, that's surely problematic. Personally I don't have a better idea, or any ideas at all on how to deal with tons of space cabbage. Maybe dissolving them for a small amout of traces? Say, 10 or 15.
  2. Relic Transmute isn't that bad of an idea. For example most efficient way to get Neo relics is to spam Void Capture. Even though it is fastest way one can still be unlucky and not get the relic they want. Instead of spending hours there I wouldn't mind transmuting some relics I don't need that I got from the mission for another chance instead of letting them sit there gathering dust. Sure, one might consider me a veteran since I have thousands of relics and there's no way I can open them all, but it would be a nice change for everyone.
  3. They mentioned that it would be cool but a challenge to implement. It's not a priority but we might see it in future.
  4. Please for the love of Vor never pick form over function. I don't care how aesthetically unpleasing the UI is if it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It's not about looking nice but only telling little. This isn't Tinder. It's about providing as much necessary and useful info as possible while not messing up the clarity, readability and accessibility. Then you can work on making things pretty.
  5. Excal with Chromatic Blade if using Corrosive/Corrosive+Heat/Heat.
  6. You can very much get there without any parkour mods or void dashes. Practice your parkour, it'll pay off in other areas as well.
  7. Asphyxxia

    Loki Decoy

    So while me and my team are invisible all enemies will focus the decoy and inevitably allies will be hit either by AoE or other stuff aimed at decoy. Bad idea.
  8. Farming for an ephemera in a rare cache on a mission that's available for 30 minutes every 3 hours that can also drop other things like captura scenes was unrealistic at best. Personally I was expecting for a permanent Sentient tileset sometime in future, maybe when The New War drops and I was pretty sure that trying to find rare caches there would be more plausible but this is way better. It was your choice to spend a ridiculous amount of time for a ridiculous chance to get something, you have better odds at winning lottery than finding that ephemera the old way.
  9. People keep complaining about too much grind but this is a long term game, not a random triple A title that you blaze through everything in about 100 hours. Besides, game isn't gonna end at rank 30. DE already said that even when people can reach MR 30 they won't stop releasing new frames and weapons. This isn't a progress bar simulator, MR doesn't mean much.
  10. Instead of killing the lich you convert them. That's it. Then they randomly spawn to help you in missions.
  11. Booster rewards on log-in are a way to push players to play. Like oh I got a 5h booster, better make use of it.
  12. It's not just shotguns but anything with multiple pellets per shot. Shotguns basically have innate multishot, so even their base status chance is actually status probability. If you were to slap 500% multishot on a rifle and have 100% status chance then it would work just like a shotgun. Take Cernos Prime as an example.
  13. Make sure that you have 2FA enabled, if this doesn't help better contact support.
  14. Why are you asking questions for your friend anyway? They can always contact support or their bank.
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