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  1. I'd ask for advice from someone whom has a lot of time invested in something over someone who has more points.
  2. Agreed. I have seen an MR 27 with 500-ish hours playtime and another MR 27 with 3k+ playtime.
  3. Had this a long time ago with tigris prime after an update not sure how though as it was before rivens and I had not done any fusion.
  4. Any sort of warframe stealth is canceled upon returning to it after transference, I noticed it with Octavia buff.
  5. It happened to me on solo extermination(corpus) so no way for alarms to be set off, It's happened a few times this past week with the corpus tilesets. Last week it was grineer doors. Hope it doesn't happen with a room full of mutalist ospreys :O
  6. Noticed it doesn't work in the index anymore and I have not seen in patch notes about it being changed to effect certain enemies (besides boss/subboss class's)
  7. I had one the other day (6) instead of (4) and i noticed it was inconsistent, but got it done while in AW with ignis and cosmic crush. Yes it was a melee riven.
  8. It happens solo too, not always though 1/7 missions its happened to me.
  9. Catching also happens with vazarin's void aegis too, so have to wait 3 seconds to be able to dash after entering void mode. I can't ever remember this happening before PoE remastered.
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