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  1. I tried it, and I am bothered why time was spent on Lunaro. I wish time had been spent bug-fixing or addressing balance issues. I mean, it was fun to try a match or two but it doesn't exactly have anything to keep me interested. Granted, I do not touch conclave, but I feel like there was a ton of push and "hype" to Lunaro and then when you play it it's just there.

    I think you guys are doing too much at once and need to focus on projects that help fix the game's core.

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  2. 1 hour ago, NovusNova said:

    Shoehorning everyone to work into one specific project doesn't always make things come faster. Many hands don't always make light work.

    Also how do you know what's important and what's not important to the game? When did you get the right to tell DE what they can and can't add to the game?

    As a Veteran player with a fudge ton of hours, I think I have an idea of what's important to the game, what needs fixing, and what needs adjusted. At least from the player side.

    I have no idea what DE's focus is, what they have as goals. All I know is what works and doesn't work from a player perspective and what needs addressed in regards to that(and sometimes, it feels like what DE wants and what I want are two different things)

    They can do whatever they want to their game, it doesn't mean it will end well for them, Warframe, or for the players.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Multicom-EN- said:

    Do you realize how many people work at DE? They have people working on multiple different projects all at once. Stay calm, Tenno. 

    I do, and it's kind of weird to me to focus on a new shiny gamemode(what ever happened to arcwing, anyway?) instead of addressing bigger concerns within the game. But maybe I prioritize things differently.

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  4. 7 hours ago, ZaeXithos said:

    Okay DE.  I'm going to step back from the actual decisions being made here.  I want to talk about the philosophy behind them, and what you, as developers, need to be thinking about when you make these changes.  They smack of kneejerk reactions, without understanding the deeper meanings of why things happen the way they do.  So as someone who's worked in game development myself, I'm going to help you bridge the gap between player's-eye viewpoint and dev's-eye viewpoint.

    Now, with any content you make, people are going to look for strategies that beat it.  That's the nature of the game.  It's the nature of every video game - to overcome the challenges the devs have put before you and reap the rewards, then use those rewards to meet and overcome the next set of challenges.  Your goal, as a developer, is to provide a challenge to your playerbase that is difficult enough to require strategy and tactics and preparation, but is also winnable within a margin of error that is humanly achievable.

    Warframe's highest-end content has a serious problem with that.  Once enemy levels get into the 60s, 70s, 80s+, survival becomes increasingly binary.  You are either alive and strictly invulnerable, invisible, or sheltered behind tens of thousands of intervening effective health points, or you are dead the moment you are exposed to enemy fire.  First it's the bombards, who deal ridiculous damage over huge AoE.  Then you notice that seekers and eviscerators are one-shotting you too, and soon enough you fear stepping outside that Frost's bubble for even a half second lest you catch a stray Grakata round and spontaneously evaporate into a cloud of gore.

    Some people look at that and go 'nope, not playing that, that's not fun.'  In the interest of full disclosure, I'm one of 'em, typically.  I've never been fond of games where one slight mistake will end you.  This is why I don't play sorties, despite the rewards.  I don't know a lot of people, I don't like trying to put together a team for it, and it has such strict requirements on what you can and cannot bring to the table that most of my arsenal is useless in it.

    Others, however, look at that and go 'challenge accepted.'  They will look for ways to overcome even this extreme difficulty.  Like Ivara surviving while invisible and using sleep arrow and covert lethality to score kills regardless of armor and HP.  Or Blind Mirage rendering entire spawns comatose across an entire map and then merrily obliterating them one after another.  Or Ash using a combination of invulnerability and finisher damage to kill enemies he could never take in a straight fight.  Or Excalibur utilizing EB's range and blind-spin to get free finishers and stay out of reach of enemies while still benefitting from his sword boost passive.

    The fact is, players look for ways to trivialize content because there's content that's very good at trivializing players.  It is, in fact, using content-trivializing strategies is the only way to survive player-trivializing content.

    When health and armor don't matter, and shields are merely a formality between enemies and your health, your best guns take off mere slivers of enemy health, and all the buffs in the world won't fix either of those situations, that's when players reach for the nuke options - invulnerability, invisibility, scaling damage absorption, finisher damage, finisher openers, and instant-kills.

    What's important to remember is that players are right to do this.  You made the content capable of obliterating anyone without these tools; therefore, players are going to use the tools you gave them that work.  And they're going to keep using them, until you either take the tools away (nerfing), or the tools are no longer necessary and there are more efficient and less-drastic means of accomplishing the mission.  If my guns started to deal damage again, and my shields and health could actually survive a bullet or two, I might decide to use them over wtfhax bladestorm/stacked snowglobes/BLIND BLIND BLIND SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP FINISHER FINISHER FINISHER.

    So here's what you, as game devs, need to do.  Ask yourselves the question, "What are players SUPPOSED to do to defeat this content?"  And gear your changes towards THAT.  You need to make a hard decision as to what gear and what methods players are allowed to use, and which are exploitative and need to be either nerfed-out or compensated for.  The answer "Players aren't supposed to defeat this content" isn't an acceptable answer; it's a terrible GM that measures success in trashed character sheets, and likewise it's a terrible developer that measures success in Game Overs.

    Finally, you need to look at rewards in the light of the effort required to get them.  If defeating a piece of content is supposed to be a difficult task and a momentous event when you and your cell succeeds, then the rewards should be commensurate.  The rewards need to be something immediately good and useful.  If you throw out player-trivializing content, and then say to those who beat it "Congratulations, now run it five hundred times more if you want a reasonable chance to get the actual good rewards from it" then they're going to look at you, scoff, and walk out.

    This is how you make good gameplay.

    Basically all I've wanted to say without the feeling like I'm being pushed out of the game because I'm a vet.

    I was hoping all these recent nerfs would at least come with a "it's all going to come together in U19, trust us", but to have nothing, to just say we're trivializing content is a slap in the face. DE, you're telling me "I'm playing your game too much, that I'm putting in too many hours, that I've gotten too much content. That's what you're telling me. I don't know how to respond to that.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, xXDeadsinxX said:

    True no one actually does do raids anymore. But it has to be nerfed, it does way to much damage and it needs to be balanced. I agree it's a fun ability but sadly it has to be reworked.

    Are you serious? Do you even play the same game that I do? Have you even DONE a LoR raid?


    Mirage's Prism does no damage, she is all about CROWD CONTROL because in all parts of the raid, if an enemy pulls you off a button or off a console, there are MASSIVE consequences. There is no way to account for every enemy without a huge amount of crowd control-that which only MIRAGE can do. All those Scorpions in part 2 of LoR? The part with the buttons? That will kill you, because she'll pull you off the button and get your entire team downed.

    It doesn't need nerfed. ENEMIES need nerfed. 

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  6. 5 minutes ago, CrazyCortex said:

    Ok, why? Either you missed the point or do not care enough. Why should Bless be left alone? What are your reasons? Can you do so calmly and get the point across? I'm curious, imagine you're talking to the devs directly, why should bless be left as is?

    Bless is the only viable way to do T4 missions after the 40 minute mark. Especially Survival. It is the only way to make Raids work. The damage from enemies in LoR and NM LoR are impossible to deal with without either CC or Bless.

    It's removing a vital part of end-game. How about instead of "looking at bless", DE looks at "enemies with Infinite scaling that can one-shot you by sneezing in your general direction" ?

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  7. Just now, DuskLegendary said:

    Falling on deaf ears man. Everyone is just overjoyed about all of these nerfs, because apparently nobody here plays any end game content for the nerfs to really matter to them at all. Or at least, that's the vibe I'm getting, or they wouldn't be so happy about them. Why else would someone be happy about raids and nightmare raids becoming even harder than they already are? 


    This pretty much.

    I feel like I'm just like a grandparent that people are waiting for to die. Nothing I say matters, my thousands of hours playing don't matter, my input from a long-term perspective doesn't matter. I'm just being waited out so someone newer can take my spot, and so I can stop bothering everyone..

    Sure, Bless seems OP in the starmap, but it's the only wait to make Raids or level enemy 60+ possible. Same for Prism. EB was fun as is, and made Excalibur, the poster boy of Warframe, actually fun to play.

    I'm just saddened by the disconnect. Again and again Veteran players have reached out to DE with actual solutions to major game problems, but are ignored, and even ridiculed/banned. So what's the point of even saying anything, anymore. I'm going to be drowned out by people who don't play the game, who don't play these frames, and who won't hit the wall I've hit for another year or two minimum. And by then, more new people can take their place, and complain about how OP this or that frame is.. without having actual perspective of the game, from top to bottom.

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  8. I hope these straight nerfs go along with enemies getting hard nerfed in the new starmap update, or I'm done playing. I've taken long breaks from Warframe before, but I'll just be done, because there is no point playing a game where a fun/useful aspect gets nerfed because we're supposedly running through missions too quickly.


    Ash's bladestorm doesn't need touched. Blessing doesn't need touched. Prism didn't need touched, and functioned as needed for missions such as Law of Retribution. Exaulted blade functioned fine as is, and is actually fun to use, and gave me a reason to use Excal for just fun.


    As usual, the core issue is not being touched, and just the loot caves are being touched. Why are people using this frames so often? Because they make missions easy, easier then other frames do. Why are people so desperate to be pigeonholed into frames that make things easier? Because of bad drop tables, and RNG that makes you do missions so often you see them in your sleep. I wish I could take the frames I wanted, but the game doesn't work like that. For X, Y, & Z high level/specific missions, I have to take certain frames, and have a certain team composition to make it work. Maybe instead of nerfing the ones that are useful, buff the ones that aren't used? 


    As long as you avoid the problem DE, you will not make the community happy. Meet us in the middle. I'll take power nerfs if you can nerf enemies and fix drop-tables. Does that sound fair?


    I'm sorry, but as a veteran player(Update 1, anyone?), starmap update really is make/break for me. I know a lot of people who feel the same way. DE, this is your chance to start to fix the huge, fundamental problems in your game.

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  9. That's about the general statement I got from that giant block of text. My computer can run warframe and do a lot of things in the game, but Mirage with a bajillion projectiles would tank my performance drastically. This helps alleviate that.

    Also, and I've been saying this since the change. Half of a bajillion miles of coverage is still a massive area. Yes, it is a smaller area, but a large window cut in half is still a large window.


    Nice projection there, I'm on a 6 year old PC made out of scrapped Chinese parts, and I can still run WF well. The only new part is my card, and that's because my old one finally kicked the bucket after 6 years. Turn down some settings, or lower your res-you don't need that much shiny in your game. Also, nice job assuming I'm not poor myself. I know I can't run brand new fancy games, nor some games at max settings, and I accept that. 


    A nerf is still a nerf. I don't believe it was warranted at all. If they were that concerned about performance, maybe they should have extra effects such as explosions and fire toggable. That would have worked much better across the board.

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  10. Thank you DE for Totaly destroy My Banshee.. now i can Delete this  She is completly useless...


    What? I'm sorry, but out of all the frames with toggables, Banshee feels the least affected unless you based everything around her Soundquake. Especially since negative duration would be a negative to all her other abilities(Sonar and Silence are boss, especially with their augments). She's one of the few frames a +% on all stats is actually really good-which is probably why I didn't notice this toggable ability change affecting her more then other frames.


    Although, if you want to run her 4 the most, you should be able to, and I'm sorry this patch screwed it for you.


    I almost miss the mod card setup at this point..

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  11. The kool aid is people thinking it's okay for a toggable ability to have its' power drain affected by both duration & efficiency-along with the idea that doing so helps create "build diversity". (Next thing you know they'll make it so high range lowers power strength)

    And that another Mag nerf was necessary. I mean really, you're sticking a beater into a horse and turning into the highest setting possible at this point.


    I feel bad for Mirage players because it is a direct nerf to Mirage. Especially people who like using weapons focused on AOE damage(torrid, tonkor, ogris, etc, etc). Or just all those people that liked having fun with a phalanx of Mirages. And, really, yeah the wet noodle excuse of people's performance tanking is a load. If your PC is that poor it cannot candle those visuals, either turn down some settings or realize you misread the minimum specs for playing Warframe.

    Plus, if you want to talk about crashing games, please remember how Volt's Overload was like when it first came out. I don't think Mirage has been that way since she first came out, and that was only due to her disco ball & slight of hand.


    tl;dr the shiny is nice but I still can see the nerfs and I do not like them. Change it back!

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  12. Just get rid of FE instead of nerfing frames across the board if you're that booty bothered about it. This is awful, and hard to even balance when you're trying to mod frames. I'm still trying to crunch the numbers and trying to balance efficiency and duration for the same power is awful. And, regardless, trying to strike that balance means you're losing another, very necessary mod slot(strength for me).

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  13. Neither choice. Things were fine the way they were, and this is just, again, taking away from the players.


    15k for one key? That's half most people's max rep per day. Especially with how bloated the loot tables are in the void! I could understand if you upped it a little bit, like 5 keys for 10k standing, but really? Hell, make it 5 random keys even. 5 Random keys for 10k standing. I could live with that.


    It also seems very strange that you would shout out to remove keys and they throw up a poll, as if you didn't know what you were going to change before having a knee-jerk reaction.

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