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  1. That's about the general statement I got from that giant block of text. My computer can run warframe and do a lot of things in the game, but Mirage with a bajillion projectiles would tank my performance drastically. This helps alleviate that.

    Also, and I've been saying this since the change. Half of a bajillion miles of coverage is still a massive area. Yes, it is a smaller area, but a large window cut in half is still a large window.


    Nice projection there, I'm on a 6 year old PC made out of scrapped Chinese parts, and I can still run WF well. The only new part is my card, and that's because my old one finally kicked the bucket after 6 years. Turn down some settings, or lower your res-you don't need that much shiny in your game. Also, nice job assuming I'm not poor myself. I know I can't run brand new fancy games, nor some games at max settings, and I accept that. 


    A nerf is still a nerf. I don't believe it was warranted at all. If they were that concerned about performance, maybe they should have extra effects such as explosions and fire toggable. That would have worked much better across the board.

  2. Thank you DE for Totaly destroy My Banshee.. now i can Delete this  She is completly useless...


    What? I'm sorry, but out of all the frames with toggables, Banshee feels the least affected unless you based everything around her Soundquake. Especially since negative duration would be a negative to all her other abilities(Sonar and Silence are boss, especially with their augments). She's one of the few frames a +% on all stats is actually really good-which is probably why I didn't notice this toggable ability change affecting her more then other frames.


    Although, if you want to run her 4 the most, you should be able to, and I'm sorry this patch screwed it for you.


    I almost miss the mod card setup at this point..

  3. The kool aid is people thinking it's okay for a toggable ability to have its' power drain affected by both duration & efficiency-along with the idea that doing so helps create "build diversity". (Next thing you know they'll make it so high range lowers power strength)

    And that another Mag nerf was necessary. I mean really, you're sticking a beater into a horse and turning into the highest setting possible at this point.


    I feel bad for Mirage players because it is a direct nerf to Mirage. Especially people who like using weapons focused on AOE damage(torrid, tonkor, ogris, etc, etc). Or just all those people that liked having fun with a phalanx of Mirages. And, really, yeah the wet noodle excuse of people's performance tanking is a load. If your PC is that poor it cannot candle those visuals, either turn down some settings or realize you misread the minimum specs for playing Warframe.

    Plus, if you want to talk about crashing games, please remember how Volt's Overload was like when it first came out. I don't think Mirage has been that way since she first came out, and that was only due to her disco ball & slight of hand.


    tl;dr the shiny is nice but I still can see the nerfs and I do not like them. Change it back!

  4. Just get rid of FE instead of nerfing frames across the board if you're that booty bothered about it. This is awful, and hard to even balance when you're trying to mod frames. I'm still trying to crunch the numbers and trying to balance efficiency and duration for the same power is awful. And, regardless, trying to strike that balance means you're losing another, very necessary mod slot(strength for me).

  5. The amount of whiny manchildren in this thread is reaching critical mass. Just because you buy plat and support DE does not mean they have to cater to you, nor your whims. You can give suggestions and feedback all you want, but at the end of the day it is their choice to take something of it and make things happen. They have their own Artistic Integrity to uphold, and while donations given to them while their game is in Beta is commendable it does not mean they owe you, the individual, anything beyond what is already here( a working, promising game). Consider how many hours of entertainment you've gotten per dollar you've put in, too.


    Also if you'd check, we are at 75% already, and the event does not end until Noon Tomorrow. There is no doubt the goal is going to be reached before then. Stop whining on the forums about not reaching the goal and hop in and DO something about it.

  6. You fixed Ash's bladestorm too late. A shame since I know a few people who sold him because of that, as well as his teleport being bugged(it worked like Loki's switch where if you could see any part of them, you could use the power, but now you need a near full body line of sight and need to be close enough to teleport or it'll just drain your energy and do nothing. This is completely removes the point of teleport.)

  7. I notice Frost's Avalanche now does 250 instead of 1000 damage.

    EDIT: Disregard this post, I refreshed and there were suddenly 3 pages I've got to read through.

    I do want to ask about peopel who share the same internet connection and play Warframe. Does that cause any connection issues? I mean, I play with my roommate but a lot fo the time when either of us hosts the other gets disconnected unless they join after we've started on our own.

    Also noticing the inability to pick up teammates, no press X or anything popping up. The hearts in Containers are adorable btw. ;)

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