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  1. I mean for god sake who has the time to grind in this crappy mode . 95% OF US all doesnt play or bother playing this mode because its legit boring and out of context.This mode been for almost since the game started and nothing ever changed in it , it was the same and it will staythe same. and speaking of active conclave players, what is the percent ? 5% out of 95% of people who play the game lol . Such a disappointing thing to see actually and I am certainly sure nothing will change in this mode and it will stay empty and no one would bother to play it or even bother to grind until you guys do something about it or even remove the whole mode itself and move the rewards syndicate and I bet conclave sweaties surely are busting out of happiness now that you guys agreed with them .
  2. i still haven't received my drop even after watching 2 streamers for almost an hour . Hopefully this get fixed
  3. thats by far the most boring event I've done so far. I bet everyone is doing it for the sake of the rewards then no one gonna touch it ever. I mean instead of putting efforts and work on this wouldnt it be better to focus more on raids, fixing and updating them but oh WELL.
  4. cool stuff . Now can we get some content
  5. I mean the stream was really nice and all but also we were hoping to get the drops aswell but sadly I havent received anything even after finishing the stream , but I believe there is nothing you can do about this
  6. Was hoping for Wukong Deluxe but anyway thanks for the hot fixes
  7. PLEASE PLEASE !! Remove Gild Modular item from Night Wave . Its so dumb and its just waste of resources . Like I literally have every single weapon gilded in my inventory why i am suppose to do that again
  8. I feel you bro i just finished my 172 round and not a single mask its just so depressing because all this farming and grinding for nothing so it feels really bad and frustrating at this point
  9. I mean its just so freaking ridiculous,150 waves and still no mask , like come on for how long someone need to grind for. its not about the grind anymore its just how lucky you are lol
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