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  1. Interesting idea, though obviously it would require a lot of testing and balancing. Not to mention implementation. Maybe devs will take a look at it or something along these lines, once they are done with patching/balancing empyrean (which is upcoming) and next big thing, the new war. Or maybe we'll have only a slew of cosmetics, who knows.
  2. Lets be honest here. NASA itself didn't put anyone in orbit for years, they use russian rockets to get their astronauts to ISS. And the private companies, boeing and the other one with musk at the head, had 'technical issues'. As in severe problems that delayed any use of their rockets for a long time. So even if you'd like to go to space, you'd travel to mother russia. Unless you want to be a guinea pig in elon musk's exploding trap for people dreaming of going to space, but in one piece? Bottomline: even if your country is not eligible, it's not a big deal. P.S. And now that I think about it, trump muttered something about space force. Would you really like to be associate with that person and his ideas?
  3. See. Each time you raise this argument when people say that alerts were depriving them of loot, you get absolutely crucified. Yet it's supposed to work for nightwave. Or even this story deprived, cut down version of it. That, by the way, still left a hole in terms of making the game world feel like there's something going on. I said it before, but random developer steve giving me a boring checklist of tasks based on the DE statistic showing that people don't do something often enough for their liking falls way short, in my book, of lotus telling me that my help is required to put out another fire in the system somewhere. Not to mention that with alerts I didn't have to show up to work for a week minimum to get nitain or whatever. I was usually handed goodies in 10 minutes tops. Nightwave is a trainwreck. P.S And with lotus being what she is now, why not give the task handling missions to someone worth it? Can't a man work for darvo? Sheesh.
  4. It amuses me when the argument of 'people wanting alerts back are SOO GREEDY' is used. By people who profess undying love for nightwave, because it gives them more items...So, while getting more items, they call people who want alerts back (which they claim gave less rewards) greedy? How does that work? But that aside. Nighwave isn't just about loot. It changed quite a few things in the way game is played. For once, it removed significant part of world building. We are no longer getting missions from lotus. No. Now it's random dev 3442 telling us, ok guys, you want that loot, so you go kill 10 rats, then ten birds, and I pay you 10 coins for each that you can spend in the store. Some people will not care about this, but the feeling of alive universe, built not only by static quest stories, but by little, and yet dynamic touches like missions given by lotus, asking for help with some crysis popping up, was the reason I kept playing the game. And there's also the issue of changing the format of the game. Alerts gave everyone a mission, that was taking at most 10 minutes. At the end of which there was a reward. A nice, bite sized package of fun. By contast, nighwave, it's boring chore list nature aside, requires people to put in week upon week of playtime for no reward at all. At the end you can select the reward you want, sure. But the game shouldn't be (I hope) only about items you get. It should be also about the fun while playing, and the 14+ days of grind with nothing to show for it isn't exactly motivating. That's why the idea of moving nightwave itself towards more syndicate-like format, while bringing alerts, is appealing to me. It would take some work to do the rewards of both systems right, but if solved, it would fix the problem of not getting the items people need (by offering nightwave way) while at the same time keeping people who prefer smaller chunks of gameplay with reward at the end, happy. And it wouldn't be turning warframe world into ad&d adventure done by really poor gamemaster. (so, um...you guys want loot? Ok, well, kill 10 rats, and the last rat will have all the magic items you want! Cool, eh? What do you mean, story? Where does the rat keep it all? Bag of holding, yeah).
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