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  1. Kuva Liches, Our Personal Nemesis Except not... Don't get me wrong, i like the idea of personal bosses that rival us, but as is it is a little disappointing. Let me paint the scenario: You are a Chroma Prime, Ice element. You run with a crit Zaw Nikana, blood rush and amalgam Daikyu target acquired mod. You pop your 2 and 3 as per usual on a mission, then a kuva larva shows up. You chase it down, and slice it apart like the rest, then activate it into a Kuva lich. Show it shows up on screen, and huh? Fire type? Plasma Flare? Ring of Fire? Plasma eruption? Hol' up. This kuva lich be acting like i'm an Ember that fireballed her to death. It killed my suspense when thats exactly what happened to me, and no doubt many others also gets a nemesis so different that what they expected. Then the lich just decides to sit in one area. TLDR:The Kuva Liches aren't Personal enough. So what can we do about it? It is one to give criticism, another to offer a solution. And I do have one, one that we may or may not already have the code for. So, what do? Instead of basing the element of the lich on the progenitor frame, which then dictates what abilities it has... Have that How we kill the lich determine the abilities it has, and the element it is to have. The first ability is linked to the method of killing. - Did You Kill it with Melee, secondary, primary or Abilities - Or did it die from other means like tossing it off the map, have specters kill it, Umbra or any other summon. The second is more specific to what killed it. More than just ability, the lich may replicate it somehow. - Slice and dice with Heavy blade? - Shot through the head with a Sniper? - Arrow in the Knee with a bow? - Nekro summon? Hammer time? Fireball? Runaway Plague? You get the point. The third is the element that the lich will be, based on what killed it. - That runaway corrosive spore infection? Corrosive Lich. - Rhino Charging head first? Impact. - Weapons? Whichever element was the highest at that time. The forth ability is thus based on the frame that killed it. - Inaros? Oh dear lord that armor. - Titania? Tiny drones everywhere! - Loki? Invisible Lich! Watch your back! Dialogue will reflect on 4 as well. Lets look at the above scenario to see what i mean. In this spoiler box. Other examples here: With all this said, How do we do this? I said before that we may or may not have the code. And I ain't pulling a leg. We got these checks in the name of Nightwave. "Kill 150 with toxic", "Kill 150 with melee". That already exists. Then there are mods, that can tell apart which types of weapons it is. But IDK man, you tell me? how possible would this be? Or are you actually happy with how the lich system works? (Actually i think that the grind for lich is too much, but thats irrelevant for this post.)
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