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  1. There's a very simple solution to this problem. Don't put an entire Warframe behind an event like this, and definitely don't RELEASE the Warframe onto the market DAYS, if not WEEKS, before it can be farmed in game. All this being said, I understand the problems a lot of people are coming at this with. I'm personally not too upset over it, but I do think it sucks that DE would artificially inflate the progress for this event, or any event for that matter. The fact that they HAVE to artificially inflate it at all is evidence to me that it's not a well thought through event. What kind of game is Warframe if people aren't doing the events, but are still eventually being rewarded for their completion? A waiting game. That's pretty easy, but also pretty boring, and it undermines the efforts of the people who WERE doing the event. I think this whole situation is just a result of DE not properly communicating what exactly the rewards for this event were, and perhaps not putting in enough of an incentive for players to go out and scan the data hashes. Even just a little reward, like 2-3 Diluted Thermia per data hash scanned might have been enough to get people to scan these things more.
  2. ABOUT THE CUTSCENES. Just so everyone knows, Steve already SAID they're fixing the cutscene thing. No point in complaining about it if they've already confirmed that they're working on it, unlike Mesa's Tennogen, where all we've gotten is "We'll turn off the ability to use Prime Details, and make sure we do that for any future Prime Warframes that have issues with Tennogen" and NO mention of a fix, or reassurance that they'll try to be ready to fix/not let this happen again in the future. EDIT: The complaint about the Tennogen here was posted sort of blindly. In this forum thread, we've gotten a yes. The problem still stands, but I'm happy to see this is being acknowledged.
  3. All people want is for you to SAY you're going to fix Mesa's Tennogen. Adding in an "As soon as we can get in to look at it" would be a smart move, too. Fix it, DE. EDIT: And we got a yes. It's not much, but we got a yes. That's really all we needed.
  4. In game chat is broken. Spinny circle of doom and no tabs opening upon log in.
  5. I honestly wish you would have kept in the ability to equip lures to the gear wheel. While the idea of having the lures able to be more easily accessed all from one item is nice, it would have been nicer if it were just an extra option for those people who don't like having a cluttered gear wheel, but now it fully functions the way fishing spears do with bait and chemicals, with lures only being able to be accessed from the tranq gun. With fishing it's understandable because those are more consumables that enhance the act of fishing, and only need to be tapped once to really get the desired effect. Lures are more interactive than that, and need to be equipped in order to find the animal tracks on the map to begin with, as well as used several times in specific ways in order to draw them out. I liked having the lures on my wheel directly because there was utility in being able to go from no hunting equipment directly to a lure that would show me exactly where the tracking points for the animal I was trying to conserve were. The extra step is just an annoyance, and not to mention the fact that there seems to be a bug when switching from tranq gun to lure using this new method, where you can't use the lure at all, nor can you switch out to anything else unless you hit the escape key and come back out of the menu, only adding to the annoyance. Please consider adding back the option to put lures on the gear wheel for those of us who do lots of conservation, and gaining the ability to skip a step at the cost of more things on the gear wheel. Keep the new method too, but I'd like it to be an option rather than the only method.
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