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  1. I still don't get it. If you're using parkour and mods for speed, why wouldn't you want as much speed as possible? Getting stuck in geometry is understandable, but even bonking into things I end up at extraction a solid minute before everyone else.
  2. Again, why do you hate speed? The faster you can get a mission done the better.
  3. No one can spam speed for more than a handful of times, and by the time they're done they're probably out of ability range from you anyways.
  4. Why do you hate speed, and then at the same time whine about doing something that has no impact on you since you like to go slow in the first place?
  5. I'm gonna ignore the rest of your post just to point out through your ignorance that this has been opt-out for a very long time now. Just like Limbo's banish. All you have to do is a backwards roll.
  6. The bot would ban indiscriminately regardless of "context."
  7. This is a question that I've meant to ask for a couple of years now. Now that we know what Pluto actually looks like now, with high resolution images, will the in-game depiction of Pluto ever be updated?
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