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  1. in one of the last devstteam Steve said they have someone working on cross saves/shared progression but railjack threw a wrench in the works because it changed the way profiles are saved or something like that. rest assured, they are working on it but I wouldn't hold my breath for it to come soon. maybe if we are lucky they will announce it at tennocon
  2. It has been how many years since wally first appeared? we don't need spoiler tags for something that old anymore
  3. what did they say about Deadlock Protocol and Scalett Spear? screenshots don't help me
  4. We have 232 mission nodes + 25 railjack missions if you need 10 minutes per mission you are looking at 38 hours nonstop gaming just to complete the start chart thanks but no thanks
  5. "all" stop assuming that you speak for everyone, let alone a majority of players
  6. Feedback belongs into the feedback section of the forums. DE does not read General Discussion to get feedback
  7. you are the first one I see asking for such a thing
  8. he still spawns? haven't seen wally since I got the key for the reliquary drive in my Railjack
  9. Saryn is too powerfull to be of any use in any mission with high mobility and a low enemy count. I have a <100% strength build just to avoid spores killing enemies too fast for missions below level 80
  10. Difficulty is (close to) impossible with the sheer number of weapons, warframes and other equpiment we have. If DE adds "difficult" content someone will find a way to cheese it, which is in turn copied by all the "high skill" meta players. Ironically I have a feeling that those players are also the one that complain about a lack of difficulty the most. if I want difficulty I hit the random button on weapons, warframes and mods and see what RNGsus throws at me
  11. Those "Clips" are actually Magazines People not knowing the difference between a Clip and Magazine offends me
  12. the notification on where it is was added after OP posted this thread
  13. no calories = no ATP = no muscle funtion = you have a chunk of dead, rotting meat hurling a skin sack full of bones and muscles around consumes energy and unless the Orokin found a way to violate the laws of thermodynamics that won't change How many of the enemies Grendel eats are actually digested and how many does he regurgitate? because digestion is essential to the caloric intake also Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson eats like 5000 Calories a day (normal i s 2000-2500) and he certainly is not fat The Rocks diet plan of course DE can just "spacemagics" their way out of an actual explanation if someone (talking about myself here) wants an explanation on why someone is overweight when they do high intensity exercise all day, every day almost 100% of the time.
  14. Warframes, most of the time they are being used, are on a mission (you know running, jumping, beating people to pulp with oversized melee weapons). When not in use they seem to be stored in cryostasis (given that you have to build barracks that contain cryopods in your clan to increase the clan size) Basically Grendel (and all other frames) is either out there burning calories or he is a frozen chunk of meat. Compare that to mythical Ogres. I don't think Polyphemus (usually pictured as a pretty buff dude) was running all day and frozen when he was not hunting travellers. the same goes for other Ogres (including Shrek)
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