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  1. you played the game in public? then that's on you. the rng gives and the rng takes. when I did that mission my host had the potatoest of potatoes. Ping between 80 and 500, timer only synchronizing every 20-30 secs, rubberbanding and all those shennanigans and I didn't feel the need to open a topic. why? because I get over it and move on, and that is something you should do too
  2. only the highest tier of the PA comes with the accessories. if OP bought one of the lower two then he did not get the accessories and therefore not the alt helmet
  3. or maybe they give us this uninspired mission because they are busy as hell reworking melee, reworking the alert system, working on the deck 12 event for fortuna, working on railjack, working on the next cinematic quest and working on the next 3 god damn warframes.
  4. here is my thought process about maining a Frame: 1: have I leveled this frame? is the answer is yes skip to step 3 2: If step 1 has been answered no level the frame as fast as possible and get to step 3 3: Play Saryn Prime
  5. The netcode is not made for anything more than 8 players. and 8 players is already straining. so unless you want the worlds most boring battle royale they would have to redo the netcode and that is a whole lot of work. I doubt they will do that just to get some people to play the flavor of the month game mode
  6. not since PoE got introduced. as far as I can remember Cetus has always been there
  7. if you compare the star chart and an actual map, cetus is actually placed somewhere in Kazakhstan/Russia. that's quite far off from North Africa
  8. I think we should let DE design the game the way they want and shouldn't try to force representation for the sake of representation.
  9. I am sure we won't get to choose between two guides, Lotus, Ballas or any other because that will interfere with future quests. I we got to choose between, let's say Lotus and Teshin they would have to come up with motivations/reactions to future quests for each of the characters. Using the same would be pointless because that would essentially turn the new guide into a skin change and might cause some jarring inconsistencies with their personalities. given the way DE tells a story in this game we are bound to go back to square one in order to prevent the storyline to inevitably split up into two different ways, which would only cause DE to double their workload in the future to accommodate for both story paths
  10. if DE decides to copy that terrible flight mechanic I'll find a way to use K-Drives in archwing missions. the Anthem flight was the worst thing I have experienced in a long time and I played counterstrike with a steering wheel once
  11. would you please elaborate? and please don't tell me you didn't have any logging before please don't tell me that moderators didn't have to prove their actions were justified by providing screenshots (or similar) back when I was a mod for a terrible free to play cashgrab I had to take a screenshot of the offence the user commited, I had to take a screenshot of the actual ban command I typed and I had to log it in our database so the others could easily find it. If you didn't add the entry to the database, you were in hot water If you didn't take the required screenshots you were in hot water you didn't want to be in hot water because the community manager, when angry, was terrifiying and I witnessed adult men starting to cry when he shouted at them over teamspeak
  12. you putting spoilers in spoilers in spoilers is as terrible as clickbait titles
  13. the flight system, especially under water, was terrible and essentially felt like my mouse is trying to emulate a joysrick that tries to emulate a mouse.
  14. Loka/Perrin/Veil BTW: if anyone needs something just hit me up. If it's not too expensive I'll give it to you for whatever you think it's worth
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