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  1. great now post in in the feedback section because DE still does not read GD
  2. great feedback with a lot of sources in the appropriate section. 10/10 -IGN seriously. read the god damn post that explains how to provide good feedback and post it in the god damn feedback section because DE, unlike general discussion, actually reads the feedback section
  3. the thing is: normal mods do not need nearly as much storage as a riven a normal mod stores its rank and amount in the database plus some otherbit and bobs for example: Serration rank 5 amount 9 so the game knows you have 9 serrations at rank 5 a riven stores : up to 4 stats, percentage of the stats, rolls, rank, polarity (because not every riven has the same polarity) plus some other bits and bobs so a single riven needs a lot more space in the database than a normal mod and where 5 billion normal mods need only one entry in the database 5 rivens need 5. a bigger database means more server side storage, which in turn means longer load times. while longer load times won't affect me due to my 3k$ PC others are not so fortunate and I don't want them to spend an eternety to load into a mission that is over in 2 minutes
  4. the lowest of low end optimization was ported from SWITCH to PC If your PC has worse performance than a switch then you need to upgrade
  5. not everything they show on the stream might be added to the game. maybe they decided against the skin at some point after the stream that guy was if I remember correctly a level gesigner. I think he should focus on the work he is getting paid to do
  6. oh no. Bethesda started to hack Steam
  7. TWW imo is the weakest link in the quest line. seeing it after all those years was nice and it was still a good quest, it was just not as good as Second Dream or Sacrifice
  8. Rowboat Girlyman asking for permission to purge. Vulkan would just do it
  9. sure why not. but then I want my Straight Pride flag too
  10. have you ever encountered code so terrible that you were left wondering how in the actual hell it was able to work?
  11. divers also have their own oxygen tanks and a while ago there was an interview with a police diver who said that you can taste a corpse through your mouth piece if it has been in the water for a while. so having their own air supply is in no way an insurance that you won't smell anything. as for reduced sense of smell: maybe. but there is no canon info on that
  12. wow. thinking about it this is unironically the most terrifying thing I read so far.
  13. too little damage? OP you should stop smoking whatever it is that you are smoking. It's clearly not good for you
  14. given the substances I work with I can tell that even High quality charcoal filters can not get rid of the smell entirely. and those filters are about 1000$ a piece heavy alcohol abuse but it will mess you up in other ways and that's not worth it
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