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  1. DE is already open to job applications from non canadians, though the people have to move to canada. why would/should they open a secondary location to work on the same game when they can have all of the important people in one place?
  2. I guess they have to consider low spec machines too. since the articulas are basically scaled down warframes with all the details and such (+ I think cloth physics still applies to them) I guess it can get pretty rough for older machines and consoles. (remember: rebeccas orbiter gave them a headache because she filled it to the brim with noggles)
  3. I would prefer this. I would like to try the Balor fomorian core sabotage event again with all of the skill I gained since it came around
  4. it might burn DE or the players in the long run. I don't know if you were around for the glorious "double resource, increased drop chance weekend". on that weekend I got so many orokin cells, neurodes and neural sensors that I did not have to farm any since. but to be honest 400 orokin cells in a single run was quite overkill
  5. sounds like OP is mad because Saryn "stole" all of his kills
  6. that has been changed quite a while ago in order to prevent players griefing Saryn players All spores on an infected enemy will burst and spread if any of the following conditions are met: Spores' initial target is killed by any source. Players landing the killing blow on any infected enemies. Infected enemies are killed by Molt's explosion damage. Saryn's weapons hitting anywhere on the infected enemies' body while Toxic Lash is active. Infected enemies are killed by any source while sickened by Miasma. Spores do not spread if enemies infected via transmission are killed by Spores' damage per second alone.
  7. not at all you spread the spores for them. more spores means faster damage ramp up and ultimately enemies dying faster a capable Saryn player can deal with the point where enemies don't spawn fast enough to get infected
  8. spored enemies killed by teammates spread the spores
  9. the build needed to crash others was not even remotely useful. apart from the odd troll it was mostly used to crash solar rail conflicts ok so now my clan fights the idiots that have the rail. how do I convince the idiots that fight for the owners and don't realize they won't get any battlepay because the clan vault is empty? why bother reworking it? there is no benefit for a clan to get a rail other than collecting resources that are already available in excess because that's what it boiled down to. I have barely seen a clan other than the shell clans seen attacking the rails why? damned if I know but I guess it's because they used some macro or something ok I was wrong here are you calling DE Rebecca a liar? ok it was not update 14 but update 9 added the 1000 members cap update 9.6 split clans with more than 1000 into alliances of smaller clans I want to play a game and not plan a coup our clan tried a lot of times. a lot of clans tried or else the froum back then wouldn't have been filled with complaints about this stupid system forcing them to end at odd times... against giant alliances probably with members all around the globe.... offering battlepay in excess of 1million credits (deapite the empty vault so that noone gets paid)... there will always be enough people fighting for them and a rather small clan of friends can not compete against that
  10. the issue of excessive taxes still stands (or rather stood) yes. because I liked all 4 clones of mirage shooting, and I liked the Kohm being a projectile weapon (not in that combination but I still liked it) so I stop fighting for battlepay. but what about all the others? should I really hope that every player does the same in the hope of forcing a change of ownership? did we see the same screenshot? because I see the offensive rail at 56% health. it clearly took damage so could I if I tried but at the same time, people lured in by the promise of high battle pay destroyed the attacking rail so PC should have to suffer from a half baked system designed for lower participation rates just because it happend that it worked pretty okay on the much smaller console communities? so the shell takes ownership and the main alliance just spam clicks the attack button and retakes ownership. which lands us back on square one alliances are limited to 3 clans and I won't abandon a clan full of friends to fight a stupid battle over stupid taxation that should not be in the game in the first place before spectres of the rail PC had clans with thousands of members the update implemented a max size of 1000 for clans and clans above that were split up do you think an alliance that originated from the same original clan can be split up easily? how often do I have to say that the shell alliances attacked as soon as the countdown reached 0? how can I attack at odd times if there either is an attack ongoing or I literally can not attack because of the cooldown?
  11. there was a time after the armistice when taxes were still applied it took DE a week or two to realize they screwed up after parts of the forums turned into literal hell from all the flame threads because douchy alliances set the taxes to 100% an error the game could have lived with until it would have been properly fixed if not for the urgency of idiots crashing other peoples games just to keep their rail how is it on me if the holding alliance offers 1 million in battlepay but has no credits in the vault to actually pay and the attacking alliance offers 0 because it's a subdivision of the holding alliance and intent on keeping the main alliance in control? reminder: as a participant you did NOT see the amount of credits in the reserves proof not as easy as you say it. maybe it was on console but on PC it was a nightmare again: how do you take control if a secondary alliance attacks the rail the same moment the countdown reaches 0? how do you know if the offered battlepay is real and not fake? an alliance consisting of 3 very active moon clans has access to near limitless resources. how do you drain an ocean if the water just keeps rising faster than your pumps can remove it?
  12. how would you change the taxes when you had no control of the rail? how would you take control of the rail when the alliance controlling it has created a secondary alliance that just blocks the attack slot all the time to prevent anyone else from attacking?
  13. and how would you ensure that your clan was the first one to challenge the owner? oh right by spam clicking the stupid button as the cooldown ran out taxes to offset the boni.... yikes. maybe you were the exception but I have seen tons of railes taxed at 50, 60 even 80% and no way to recapture them because the owning alliance created a second alliance and kept challenging themselfes. and let's not forget the fun times when the armistice was declared and alliances set taxes to 100% fully knowing that they could not be challenged I was around and solar rail pvp was the worst. remember when Khom was a projectile weapon and all 4 of mirages clones were able to shoot? that was changed because clans used mirage with max multishot and firerate to crash the games of people attacking their rail by joining the attacking team and just shooting into the air. I remember remember when clans promised high payouts for defending the rail but you got nothing because the clan vault was empty? I remember remember clans promising low/no taxes only to set them high as heck and saying "lol git gud. thanks for the free stuff"? I god damn remember this crap. solar rail were DEs worst mistake and I am glad they are gone, hopefully never to return
  14. the last update changed 26 riven dispositions 11 were reduced 16 were increased I don't think you can say they only get worse if literally more than 50% of the changes were buffs
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