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  1. you can't even sell it anymore. DE disabled trading for primed mods that you get through the daily tribute to prevent people creating multiple accounts just to farm and sell them
  2. it's their job to make money and implementing a ruleset so strict that it drives players off is the opposite of good business. fun fact: according to the financial report of leyou (or whatever the name of the company is that owns the majority of DE's stock) DE lost 6 million dollars last year anyway, I'm out of this thread
  3. if it's not DE's job to educate, then why should DE even ban people because they have the wrong opinion? if you don't like what someone says, just block them and you won't have to read what they say. you can live in peace and the "racist" can do so too
  4. the sad thing nowadays is, that many people define racism, sexims and the like by "they disagree with me" do you want to be ostracised from a game you like because you had a disagreement with someone?
  5. counter question: how do you recognize a player supporting racism? I was raised to believe that everyone is equal, I was raised to believe that being against racism is the norm. I grew up in a community where you didn't have to explicitly state that you are against racism because everyone already was. Call me optimistic or naive but I believe that this is still the case for the large of humanity. In germany we have the word "gratismut" (free bravery). It describes "brave" statements that you can give that are essentially free because they are accepted and agreed on by the general public and you don't have to fear any repercussions. Saying you are against racism is gratismut because basically noone disagrees as far as I know
  6. the harmony ribbon was given to players, because the community as a whole donated a large sum of money towards cancer research
  7. to be fair, there have been people trying to stop the riotes, trying to protect businesses that have nothing to do with the whole situation and even protecting police officers
  8. and why do you need digital eye candy to fight racism? the racist won't change just because you put some bling on your frame, and it turns the whole thing into a circus. if you want change go outside, hold up your protest sign and don't start a riot,because rioting invalidates the cause. do it today, do it tomorrow, do it every day until you see the change you want to happen. it won't be as easy as putting on a skin, but racism won't go away if you put on digital armor
  9. If DE Handed out armor for everytime someone was killed for racial reasons we would get a lot of armor in all shapes, sizes and colorations.
  10. I have a friend who did the same thing to one of his friends at a LAN Party. long story short: The PC got too hot and the cardboard box caught fire. be careful
  11. dailys/weeklys always drop at the same time. if you want to know when the new season starts, then no. I guess it comes either with a hotfix or when DE remembers to press the button to activate it
  12. uhhm what? I earned about 200 intrinsics with my lackluster participation in the event
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