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  1. they drop loot if you kill them with your operator
  2. I don't care how easy conservation is. It's a boring as hell mini game that should have stayed on the side line like it did in fortuna.
  3. wait I can buy the tags reauired to rank up with plat now?
  4. don't force people to do conservation and fishing to rank up Entrati pls
  5. I hate conservation with a burning passion
  6. the quest was "meh" at best. the characters are annoying and deserve to be purged in flames. the Necramech could be ok if someone wouldn't have added stamina bars to them. the overall grind is like a russian nesting doll, where you are forced to do everything even if you don't like it. you have to do bounties AND conservation AND fishing AND mining where in fortuna you were free to farm your standing in any way you wanted and you could hit up ticker to get the few debt bonds you did not get in the bounties.
  7. can you just let me buy the helminth segment with plat? Harvesting season is coming up and I have less and less time to play. And having to play fishing (which I dislike) and conservation (which I seriously dislike) just makes me not wanting to play at all
  8. I don't want to play conservation I don't like it just let me buy the Helminth Segment with plat
  9. can I just buy the Helminth Segment for plat? just let me buy the Helminth segment for plat pls
  10. Anti-Vax-Mom for a zaw Mortally Challenged for a kit gun Trumps Golden Wall for Amp Big S U C C for Vasca kavat + some others I don't remember right now
  11. Saryn Prime because she has loopy shwoopy tentacles
  12. Hungery Boi or something rude that would get me banned from the forums
  13. since the abilities I actually am interested in are not getting changed: yes I am still excited about subsuming
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